The most powerful method of improving education is to invest in the improvement of teaching and the status of great teachers.

— Sir Ken Robinson

Welcome. This section will be used to bring to your attention new schemes, plans and other information you may not necessarily have come into contact with. As someone once said - “Just the facts”. Use the information if items are of specific interest to you or you simply want to know more about some of the things currently happening within Australian education.

The National Early Language and Literacy Strategy [NELLS] is a proposed strategy, developed over the last three years, which is designed to provide a strong foundation in these two important areas. You can access downloads for both a full description or a two-page summary from the site. There is also further information about both the concept and steps taken so far.

As those involved indicate on their How you can help page - ‘The Proposed National Early Language and Literacy Strategy is just that – a proposal. Please add your voice to ours and help make the ambitious goals described in the proposed strategy a reality’.

Vocational Education often seems regarded as the “forgotten education sector”. However, one event will soon highlight the fact this is not the case. The 2021 Australian Training Awards to be held on 18 November 2021 will highlight the quality and scope of what is being achieved by people in the vocational sector. As they say - ‘This has led to Australia-wide awareness and respect for skill-based careers and skills excellence’. Why not take the opportunity to experience why they believe this to be the case. You may well find yourself amazed at what level is being achieved.

While we are talking about vocational education, NCVER is running their Customer Survey. ‘It’s been three years since we last asked you about your experiences with our products, services and communications. We are keen to know what might have changed for you since then. Your responses help us to explore the right opportunities to improve the way we meet your information needs. Remember … your say matters ! Click here to complete the 15-minute survey. Don’t waste time as the survey closes on Sunday 17 October 2021. Feedback will be published in January 2022’.

AITSL regularly puts out Spotlights, looking at specific topics of interest. One of the latest is The impact of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators. The potential of this group to make a significant impact on both Indigenous and non-Indigenous schools and students has recently become a topic of interest. The Spotlight addresses a range of aspects related to this. It makes for interesting and often enlightening reading, covering aspects you may not have considered before. Well worth a piece of your time.

Information about Independent Schools Scholarships and Bursaries is now available for a wide range of independent schools in NSW. Scholarship and bursary opportunities exist across a number of disciplines including but not limited to academic, character, music, sport, boarding and foundation. Entry levels range from as early as Year 4 and go all the way to Year 12, depending on the school. Scholarships may be full or partial awards towards the cost of tuition. Bursaries are given to help with boarding costs. If this is of interest, visit the website here, or their Facebook page using this link, for all the information you need.

There are still many education “conferences” of different kinds being run over the next several months. However, we ran our final check of those listed in the last week of September and it was surprising how many have postponed, changed presentation format or in a number of cases simply removed the event from the web. If you find an event you would like to attend, be sure to check carefully. It could have changed - perhaps not for the first [or last] time. This particularly applies to events showing a face-to-face format. We will try to keep up with changes but regrettably this is not always possible.

As we did at the end of 2020, we will again be doing a full review of the Competition pages. Covid has affected a number of competitions this year with some clearly indicating this. With others, details are sometimes just impossible to find. As a result, those which give no clear indication of running in 2022 will be removed. However, do not despair, we have a number of replacement competitions which have recently come to our notice and these will be added.

As previously, if you are aware of other suitable competitions or challenges, we would appreciate you taking a few moments if you can, to let us know so they can be considered for inclusion. Between us, we will hopefully end up with similar numbers to the current collection. More importantly, all of them should actually be available for any who wish to make use of them.

Maningrida welfare settlement Pre-school children 1968. Library and Archives NT

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[Pre-school children. [1968]. Retrieved September 15, 2021, from].

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