If we create a culture where everyone is a learner and we all work to continuously improve, not because we aren’t good enough but because we can be even better, there is no limit to what we can achieve together.

— Dylan Wiliam

Welcome. This section will be used to bring to your attention new schemes, plans and other information you may not necessarily have come into contact with. As someone once said - “Just the facts”. Use the information if you feel the items are of specific interest to you or you simply want to know more about some of the things currently happening within Australian education.

The National Youth Science Forums have been exceptionally popular in recent years. ‘In 2022, the NYSF will deliver a 12-day program from 10-25 January via a combination of in-person and digital STEM experiences. 2022 participants will experience everything the NYSF is famous for, including keynote speakers, lectures, hands-on workshops, debates, expos and enriching social activities’.

‘This option also means the NYSF experience is still accessible and stimulating should there be a COVID-19 hotspot emerge or lockdown called at a hub location. The NYSF Year 12 Program provides exclusive opportunities for students who are passionate about STEM education and careers. To apply and secure your place in one of Australia’s top STEM outreach programs, click on the link below. Applications close 2 July 2021’.

Skills Reform - Get Involved. We want to hear from you about reforms to the VET system. During the consultation periods, there will be a range of ways you can provide input to help shape the reforms. Understand the key issues and context for the reforms before participating in consultation activities’. Access papers and submission from the page above.

Contribute - ‘We want to hear from you about reforms to the VET system. During the consultation periods, there will be a range of ways you can provide input to help shape the reforms’. One way is by Sharing good practice stories. Good practice stories can be submitted up until 30 June 2021, 5pm AEST. If you are interested why not jump right in ?

For those with a connection to the Early Childhood sector - whether your are working in it or have a connection through a child attending an early childhood centre, don’t forget Early learning Matters Week. You can bring it to the attention of others in many ways. If not sure of what things you can do to raise awareness of the week, why not gain help from Early Childhood Australia through their Early Learning Matters link. They will undoubtedly be able to assist you.

Ever had difficulty “interpreting” what different groups of peoples and interests have been saying ? This not really surprising. Most industries, corporate bodies, etc., have gradually developed their own way of saying things. AERO [Australian Education Research Organisation] has again proceeded to assist via ‘AERO’s explanations of key concepts related to education evidence and research’. Easy to read and understand. If in doubt about what something means, don’t hesitate. Go here first.

VET [Vocational Education] sometimes seems to be the forgotten area of skill development and other learning. If the report released in March 2021 from David Gonski and Peter Shergold [commissioned by the NSW Government] is any indicator, this may change. In the same sentence : Bringing Higher and vocational education together has a number of major proposals with all five recommendations already accepted by the government. You can access the report via the above link and also get the Government’s media release here. It really is interesting reading.

Just announced. ‘Proposed revisions to the Australian Curriculum for Foundation – Year 10 [F–10] have today [29 April] been released for public comment’. If you would like to provide input about the various changes that have been proposed then this is your opportunity. ‘Public feedback will be sought via the new consultation website The Australian Curriculum - Consultation from 29 April 2021 until 8 July 2021.The updated version of the F–10 Australian Curriculum, once approved by Ministers, will be made available on a new Australian Curriculum website at the start of 2022’.

2001-1133 Toodyay Consolodated School 1920

A ‘horse-drawn covered carriage, outside the old Toodyay State School building [WA]. This is the school bus, started by Fred Green in September 1920, bringing children from the West Toodyay area and travelling 16 miles per day. The School was WA’s first Consolidated School, officially opened on 20 November 1920’. Not exactly the bus we would expect today

[Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

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