“Education is not to reform students or amuse them or to make them expert technicians. It is to unsettle their minds, widen their horizons, inflame their intellects, teach them to think straight, if possible”

Robert M. Hutchins

Welcome back to a new year. Hopefully, it will be less disruptive than the last few years and all education sectors will benefit from several activities planned for the year ahead. Of course, not all involved are happy with some of the delays, as they wish to see faster progress toward achieving what is believed to be essential. Only time will tell if the length of the wait is going to prove more valuable than having multiple evaluations occur at the same time for different sectors.

If you work in education, no matter what your role is, we hope you have both enjoyed and benefited from the recent break. With the new education year about to begin for 2023 [some sectors have already begun], your mind may well already be looking ahead as to what is going to be needed and how you are going to achieve the things you see as essential.

Early childhood, schools, vocational education and universities will all be affected by the changes that are coming. Be in no doubt changes will occur. They will vary across the education spectrum in both quantity and variety. One can only hope the level of quality will be at the highest level across all sectors. Of all the possible impacts, let quality be the most important. Unless this is the case, then much of the work will prove of little value to both teachers and learners. It will be interesting to see what paths they use and what they finally come up with as a recommended final product.

This will take time to be completed. In the meantime schools, for example, might consider where else they can find methods and procedures that will help in the present or near future. Some schools are further along this path than others. Some universities, TAFEs and childcare centres will be the same. It may be worthwhile to speak with schools [universities, childcare centers, and so on] that have similar, or better, policies and procedures and who may be willing to share the process they followed.

I am sure there are many who would be willing to share if the approach was done in the best possible way. It might be worth considering as even a brief presentation could lay a foundation that helps you save time and effort for what you plan to achieve. One example of a school getting ahead of the problem is included in the new headlines listed on the current page.

Keeping track of the steps taken and the end result for each sector’s process will be essential.

May whatever eventuates be the best possible option for everyone involved in the education process.

A couple of things to consider. If you are involved or just interested in the Jobs and Skills sector, the option to make a submission about the Jobs and Skills discussion paper is still possible but limited. The closing date for a submission is 5pm AEDT, Friday 10 February 2023. Other details are available from the link above. If you want to make a submission, now is the time.

A new final note : we have tried to get a significant amount of work done with the site from adjusting the format of most of the pages and updating content for all needing this. We were partially successful, but will be working hard to have the rest achieved in the next month or so. All pages which have been formatted now work well irrespective of the screen size [down to 360p width]. We plan to spend a fair amount of time converting others to the same format during the next month. You will, however, notice some pages will retain the existing format [Calendar, Competitions, Conferences, Ed. Theories, Uni. Open Days]. We will also be adding further links to a number of pages as well. We hope you find all works well when you visit the site.

Moonan Brook Public School, circa 1880

“Moonan Brook Public School in the Hunter Valley of NSW, c.1880”.
Available at :, History of NSW government schools, Department of Education. [accessed 17 January 2023].

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