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Welcome. This section will be used to bring to your attention new schemes, plans and other information you may not necessarily have come into contact with. As someone once said - “Just the facts”. Use the information if you feel the items are of specific interest to you or you simply want to know more about some of the things currently happening within Australian education.

A reminder. ‘In 2022, the NYSF will deliver a 12-day program from 10-25 January via a combination of in-person and digital STEM experiences. 2022 participants will experience everything the NYSF is famous for, including keynote speakers, lectures, hands-on workshops, debates, expos and enriching social activities’. To apply and secure your place in one of Australia’s top STEM outreach programs, click on the link provided here.
Applications close 2 July 2021.

‘Thinking about life beyond school ? Not sure what’s next with work and study ? Want to give your school leaver the resources they need ? These two documents may help you and your family. The School Leavers Information Kit [SLIK] from the National Careers Institute, provides downloadable resources and information to explore education, training and work options for young people. The national and local information in this Kit helps young people make decisions about their post-school education, training and work pathways. The Parents and Guardians Guide for School Leavers outlines the resources and information available in the Kit, to help parents support their children in exploring their options beyond school. Good quality information at no cost ! In addition to these two kits, the National Careers Institute also encourages school leavers to call the School Leavers Information Service [SLIS] on 1800 CAREER [1800 227 337] for tailored careers advice and guidance’. Don’t leave it to the last minute to make a start in this area.

Books about education rarely get reviewed and brought to people’s attention. This does not mean either there are none written or those that have been are not worth reading. Two books have recently come to attention in local reviews. Leading School Renewal is the first and was written by Australian authors. As the reviewer indicates ‘Every now and then a really good book on educational leadership appears, and I was fortunate to be able to preview this outstanding book that is aimed at all school leaders – experienced, newly appointed and aspirant’. Using the link provided, why not read what else he had to say ?

The second book is quite different. Cases on Active Blended Learning in Higher Education sounds pretty heavy. It does, however, as the article indicates “provides evidence of the growing interest in both active learning and blended learning across the global higher education sector”. Find the article here, while you can find more specific information from the publisher on this page. Open access will allow you to read four chapters for free. If interested in this area, why not consider at least the free contents ?

There are currently a number of opportunities for people to provide feedback on specific educational matters. You may, or may not, be interested in doing so. For those interested, basic details for giving feedback are provided below.

Have Your Say : Education Engagement Strategy [Northern Territory]. ‘The focus for consultation is the following proposition : We want to know what schools, early years programs and the department can do to engage all children and young people in learning. The Have Your Say website is an opportunity for you to email a submission, complete the online submission form or share your story – by uploading a video or picture. There are a range of other ways you can provide feedback to inform the strategy, including public meetings and workshops in your region’. Workshop venue details and times are provided as are other submission details. Be aware, submissions must be made by Thursday 8 July 2021.

‘The Australian Government is undertaking major reforms to the Adult Migrant English Program [AMEP]. Stakeholder feedback will be crucial to ensure that the implementation of these reforms achieves the best possible outcomes for students. Those interested in providing feedback are encouraged to read the Reform of the Adult Migrant English Program​ Discussion Paper and provide a written submission through the online form. Submissions close on 9 July 2021’.

Skills Reform. The Government ‘wants to hear from you about reforms to the VET system. During the consultation period, there will be a range of ways you can provide input to help shape the reforms. Try the Get Involved page for further details’. Closing date for submissions is 30 June 2021.

If you would like to provide input about various changes that have been proposed to the Australian Curriculum for Foundation – Year 10 [F–10], there is still an opportunity to do so. Use the ‘The Australian Curriculum - Consultation website until 8 July 2021’.

Queensland State Archives 2986 A School of the Air primary student in regional Queensland takes class via two way radio c 1960

A ‘Primary student in regional Queensland takes class via two way radio, c 1960. In the 1950s, a pioneering form of distance education in Australia emerged with School of the Air’.

‘For the first time, schoolchildren from remote parts of Australia had access to education by communicating with teachers on a daily basis via the radio. More recently, the development of the internet has revolutionised access to education for children in remote areas’.

[Premier’s Department, State Public Relations Bureau, Photographic Unit, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

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