Teacher Employment

Teacher Employment covers casual/part-time/relief/substitute teaching, full-time teaching and specialist positions such as consultants, itinerant teachers and counsellors. Teachers can work in government or several non-government systems, including specialist schools.

Advertised positions are found via multiple sources. Major education bodies, e.g. education departments, religious dioceses/groups normally run their own vacancy listings. Individual schools in different groups also run advertisements for their own vacancies. In addition, there are both print [e.g. newspapers] and internet sites [more commonly, a specific area of a larger employment search site, though there are several specific to education]. Examples from many are included below and on the next page.

This page covers specific procedures for transferring recognition of registration/accreditation between Australian states & territories, as well as New Zealand [the term Mutual Recognition is used for this]. It also covers numerous job sites and any special programs.

The First Page covers procedures and programs used in each state & territory.

Recognition of Interstate Registration

Nowadays, there is greater mobility than ever before. With the advent of teacher registration and accreditation it has added another factor to the process. This also applies to teachers moving to Australia from New Zealand or other countries.

Most bodies have some degree of recognition of your registration/accreditation from other states. Information and relevant forms, can be accessed from the relevant institution.

New South Wales is an exception. New South Wales accredits rather than registering teachers.

Links below take you to relevant pages for detail from each state/territory about the registration process covering transferring from one to another [and to/from New Zealand].

If you wish to be registered in more than one jurisdiction clarify the validity with both bodies.

Australian Capital Territory

Professional Registration - ACT Teacher Quality Institute [TQI]
This page directs you to the registration process which is most applicable for you [Recently completed qualification; A teacher who has not been registered in Australia or New Zealand and the one applicable here - a teacher who is ‘registered elsewhere in Australia or New Zealand’. See the following link.

I am Registered elsewhere in Australia or New Zealand
‘If you are currently registered to teach in an Australian state or territory or New Zealand [with Practising Certificate], you can apply for registration at the same level under mutual recognition provisions’. Select this item from the menu. It steps you through the special process which applies. Click the ‘Apply’ button to begin.

New South Wales

Registered teachers from interstate or New Zealand [NESA]
‘If you have current, full registration from another Australian state or territory or New Zealand, you can apply for Mutual Recognition of your registration through the process steps provided’. Note the following special requirements :

Northern Territory

Teachers Registered in Another Jurisdiction
Northern Territory Teacher Registration Board. ‘This information is for teachers who are currently registered in another Australian State or Territory, or in New Zealand, who wish to apply for registration in the Northern Territory’.

‘You must complete Updated !Form B. It is recommended you read the instructions within Form B thoroughly prior to commencing your application process to determine the specific requirements for your circumstances. Your application will only be accepted by the Board if it is complete, and therefore it is also recommended that you familiarise yourself with the requirements for a complete application, found on the Registration Process page.

A range of How to Guides are available on this page. They cover everything from setting up an account to payment of fees.

Registration Decisions
‘Following receipt of your application, the Office of the Board will review your application to ensure it is complete. If complete, your application will be accepted and the assessment process to determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria for registration will commence. This assessment process generally takes 2 weeks, however the assessment of complex applications, such as those from applicants holding qualifications from overseas, may take longer’.


Applying for Teacher Registration Under Mutual Recognition
Fact Sheet. ‘This fact sheet provides an overview of the process of applying for teacher registration under mutual recognition, and information about the documentation required by the Queensland College of Teachers [QCT]’. Includes Steps in the application process; What fees will you need to pay ?; Tracking the Application; What documents will you need to provide ? more.

  • If you hold registration with a teacher regulatory authority in New Zealand, or another Australian state or territory apart from NSW you will need to provide : A certified copy of your current registration card/certificate, or other evidence of current registration. [A copy of the public register is not acceptable for this purpose].
  • If you hold accreditation with the NSW accreditation authority, New South Wales Education Standards Authority [NESA], please provide : [a] A printed copy of your Teacher Summary Report. Please contact NESA if you are unsure of how to obtain this report, and [b] A receipt or accreditation card which evidences currency of accreditation.

Mutual Recognition
Overview of information and links to a Mutual Recognition application. Other information is found on the Applying for Teacher Registration page.

South Australia

Updated !Application for Teacher Registration Under Mutual Recognition Guideline Booklet
Extensive, very clearly presented information which should make the application easy to complete.

Updated !Application for Registration under Mutual Recognition
This link provides the application form [includes Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check Application and Informed Consent Form] plus a documentation checklist.


Applying for teacher registration under Mutual Recognition Provisions - A guide to the process
Note : ‘If you hold current teacher registration [of an equivalent category held in Tasmania - Provisional or Full Registration/ Accreditation] in one of the listed jurisdictions you will be deemed to be registered in Tasmania from the date on which your completed application and payment are received by the Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania’.

Application for Registration as a Teacher in Tasmania under Mutual Recognition [Policy]

TRBOnline. ‘We have an online application process. Go to TRB Online, use Create Login to start an account with us and then you will receive your login details to enable you to use the online application process’.


How to apply for registration through mutual recognition [Video]
Scroll down the page to this video. It takes you through the application process step-by-step. The application is done online. The procedure works through the following pages, then a sequence of steps online using your MyVIT account.

Waiver of Fees [Victorian Institute of Teaching]
‘Applications for waiver of the annual registration fee can be considered on the grounds that a person seeks to continue to hold their registration or be granted registration under the following criteria’. The only 2 options are listed.

VIT’s new teacher registration system
‘The Victorian Institute of Teaching is improving the registration process for both teachers and their employers. We want it to be simple and user-friendly, and we know our current system isn’t meeting this goal. Consequently, we are developing a new teacher registration system. In late 2020, VIT will move to one registration platform for all Victorian teachers and their employers to manage all their registration requirements, including the renewal process’.

Western Australia

Mutual Recognition
This page clarifies the process. Western Australia has mutual recognition with All Australian States and Territories and New Zealand, for teacher registration using this format. For further information on mutual recognition registration refer to the Mutual Recognition Policy document and further information about Registration categories and people who are Australia or New Zealand qualified.

Mutual Recognition Notice
‘This form represents written notice to the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia [TRBWA] seeking teacher registration in accordance with the Mutual Recognition Principle or the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Principle’.

TRBWA - Welcome to our online services
Accessing Teacher Login for the first time may be of assistance.

Information about these is found on this page.

New Zealand

Teaching Council New Zealand
General information for those who may be interested in a teaching position in New Zealand.

Updated !Application Forms
‘To apply for your registration, a practising certificate or Limited Authority to Teach please use the specific form for your situation below. These forms are designed to be filled in on screen’. Scroll down to the list of forms and select the fourth option [EC15].

New !Pre-approved overseas teaching qualifications [NZQA]
‘How it works; Find out if your teaching qualification is pre-approved; Pre-approved overseas teaching qualifications finder tool; If your qualification is pre-approved; If your qualification is not on the pre-approved list; Working in the early learning [ECE] sector’.

New ! Satisfactorily trained to teach
Scroll down to the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement section. Be sure to note the proviso which reads : ‘You will need to provide evidence of your current registration in the relevant category for the Council to verify’. The following section may also be considered if needed.

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Other Information

Position Advertisements

The following normally have listings of education vacancies at all levels. Some are daily, others on a weekly basis.

  • adzuna
    Multiple areas with total positions available for each. Several thousand in total. Another page with individual listings is found here.
  • Careerone - Education
    Select the keywords, category and location using the top section of the site. Get Jobs on Your phone. Free to join but you need to be able to sign in to access information.
  • Indeed
    Enter “education” or related keywords, then location and find job listings.

Online Education Job Sites

  • Class Cover
    ‘Online booking platform for casual relief teachers. Schools save a lot of time when booking through the Class Cover system’. Free trial. Teachers can remain involved for free.
  • Class Professionals
    ‘We place talented and passionate education staff in schools and childcare centres across WA. From graduates to the vastly experienced looking for permanent or relief positions, our supportive team will find your “fit”’.
  • Jobaroo
    Education jobs collated from a number of employment agencies for people coming from overseas.
  • Jobted
    ‘Jobted aggregates job vacancies from all Australian career sites, job boards and recruitment agencies, and organises that information to make it accessible with easy find/search options’. Other information and assistance as well.
  • Kinder Careers
    ‘Brings you the latest childcare jobs in Australia. Whether you’re searching for a childcare position that is more local, or if you’re aiming to take the next step up, we have a range of daycare jobs to suit all levels. To ensure you are kept up to date with all the latest opportunities on Kinder Careers, set yourself up with Job Alerts’.
  • Switch Education.Recruitment
    ‘We are a specialist in our sector – supplying staffing solutions only to the education sector including casual, contract and permanent staff provision’. South Australia.
    Claims the largest range of positions. Australia wide.
  • Teaching Jobs
    Lists jobs in directories or by capital cities.

Tertiary Positions

Other Information

  • AITSL - Migrate to Australia
    ‘The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership provides skills assessment services to teachers who wish to migrate to Australia. A skills assessment determines suitability for school teacher occupations for Australia’s skilled migration program’.
  • AITSL Frequently Asked Questions
    Covid-19 Effect [current only]; Contacting AITSL; Getting Your Application Ready; Applicant Portal; Visa and migration requirements; Criteria and requirements; Teacher occupations; Qualifications; English Proficiency; Supervised teaching practice; Early Childhood teachers; Teacher registration; Receive your assessment; After your assessment.
  • Updated !School Teacher Workforce Data Reports [Department of Education, Skills and Employment]
    ‘This page provides access to national reports on school teacher workforce data and analysis, wholly or partly funded by the Australian Government, which aim to inform teacher workforce issues and planning. These reports include the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey, Staff in Australia’s Schools survey and National Teaching Workforce Dataset’.
  • Teach For Australia
    ‘Designed for outstanding graduates from all degree disciplines. Allows participants to build highly-valued transferable skills and a powerful network, whilst inspiring and motivating students in the most disadvantaged schools in Australia’. Check further information through their Updated !Leadership Development Program section.

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