Physical Education Resources

Resources for all areas of Physical Education from fitness to body image & self-esteem, P.E. portals to sports measurement, games to playground fun. Some material has been transposed from the previous Sports page.

We have tried to ensure resources are free to use wherever possible.

You should also check the Physical Education page. This contains state and territory information, a much larger listing of associations and other sport related bodies and links to specific areas. A number of resource links from that page have been moved to this page. Those still valid have also remained on the Physical Education page for the time being.

Remember some sites are not Australian. Check carefully to be sure they conform to Australian requirements before use, e.g. spelling, terminology, guidelines, … .

Australian Sites

Associations, Curriculum

    Resources for activities as well as professional learning. Most are fee-based though some are free downloads. .
  • Australian Curriculum - Health and Physical Education [R.I.C. Publications]
    ‘Offers educational resources to support the Australian Health and Physical Education curriculum while promoting understanding and application of positive lifestyle habits in students’. Use the filters on the left to find the appropriate year, age, format, product type, series and price range.
  • Gymnastics for All Resources
    Gymnastics Australia. Multiple options including down to KinderGym. Fee-based.
  • Play by the Rules
    South Australia. ‘Here you can find a wide range of free downloadable resources for you to use in your organisation. Simply click on the resource area that interests you. Templates; Articles; Magazine; Interactive Scenarios; Audio Files; ebooks; Infographics; General posters and post cards; Safe, fair and inclusive case studies’.
  • Playing for Life - Sport Australia
    ‘Fun and active games to develop children’s skills, confidence and lifelong interest in sport’.
  • Resources - Sport Australia
    ‘We have a range of tools and information that are designed to help sporting organisations create great sporting environments for children. Browse the Sport Australia website or view some of the featured resources below’.
  • School Courses
    ‘The listed courses are offered by SASMA for school students’. Fee-based. For further details about courses and cost check here.
  • School Sport Australia
    Education through school sport. ‘Our purpose is to provide a strong and connected representative school sport system that is educative, inclusive, collaborative, dynamic and sustainable’. Championship Calendar, Sports, International Tours, News and much more.
  • Sport Integrity Australia - Secondary Schools Resource Kit
    ‘This document contains free resources for teachers, coaches, students and parents that cover key sport integrity and anti-doping topics’.

Education Departments, Boards, Universities, …

  • Health and Physical Education
    Education and Training Victoria. ‘Materials and approaches to teach health and physical education in schools’.
  • Health and Physical Education - Scootle
    ‘Aligned with the Australian Curriculum : Health and Physical Education. Use the filters to refine the curriculum results shown by year level, strand, general capability or cross curriculum priority’.
  • PE Pulse - Resources
    ACT. ‘Click through our list of resources to find quality programs and useful information that can help educators to plan and implement physical education and sport in schools’. Healthy Kids to Curriculum and Government links, Kids at Play to Sports Rules for Primary Teachers.
  • Physical activity and health
    Education Queensland. Introduction followed by four health and activity sections at the bottom geared to different age groups. Click on each for access to collection of links to a wide range of resources and other support..
  • Physical Education and Sport Resources
    Education and Training, Victoria. Select your particular area of interest and find a wide range of appropriate resources
  • Physical Education Resources
    NSW Dept. of Education. Annotated links to a range of resources. NSW teachers can also access further physical literacy information and resources by using their staff only access. The School Sports Unit also provides access to multiple resources.
  • UniSport Australia
    ‘UniSport Australia [UniSport] is the peak governing body of university sport in Australia. We promote and foster the importance of university sport as an integral part of university life at 43 member universities, who collectively represent more than one million students nationwide’.

Government Bodies

  • Australian Sporting Commission
    Information on Australian sports, Institute of Sport, supporting sport, participating in sport, research, sports news, more. A number of specific links from this body are included in other sections of this page.
  • Fun Moves - Teaching fundamental movement skills in the early years
    ‘These Fun Moves videos were developed by the Central Coast Local Health District Health Promotion Service to support early childhood educators teach preschool children the 13 fundamental movement skills’. Includes Manual, Fact Sheets, Videos, Music, Posters, Storybooks and a Family Information Session Package.
  • Healthy Eating Active Living - Teaching resources
    Health NSW. ‘A guide to syllabus and other resources provides teachers with some support materials for physical education and physical activity within the school’. Also check the links in the menu at the top, left.
  • Kids’ health - healthdirect
    There is a range of topics covered under this heading. Some you will just find interesting for other reasons, but there are a number relating to physical health such as Safe exercise for children, Benefits of physical activity for children and Developing life skills through sports to name a few. There are also links to further articles on the same topics. You can also search for other sections related to this through the “Health topics A-Z” link in the top menu.
  • Sporting Schools
    ‘Sport Australia, in partnership with key supporting organisations, has developed resources to help schools and sports deliver high quality, modified sporting games and activities. Choose from the options below to view some of the resources available’. Also check their Resource Hub.
  • Safe and Inclusive Sport
    ‘Building the capacity and capability of sport to provide safe, ethical and inclusive sporting environments’. Multiple sections covered.
  • Munch & Move
    Lessons, lesson ideas, professional development, more. Replacement option for previous Healthy Kids website.
  • Safety Guidelines for Children and Young People in Sport and Recreation
    Sports Medicine Australia. ‘The Australian Government has moved to make sport safer for young Australians with the launch of new national guidelines to promote safety in sport and a national sport injury prevention program’.

Other Resources

  • AcePE
    Don’t be fooled. There is a great collection of links to physical education resources covering multiple areas available through this site. They include adapted physical activities. Worth a visit.
  • Australian Curriculum Lessons - Health and PE
    Select options from a range of lessons linked to the Australian Curriculum for this area.
  • Australian Screen, Sport and Health
    The clips available range from Body Image to History of Australian Sport, Human Growth and Development to The Olympic Games, covering a spectrum of 13 topics.
  • Clearinghouse For Sport
    ‘Connecting people in sport to a world of ideas, experience and knowledge’. Knowledge base and Resources.
  • Gorgeous
    Looks at body image and self-esteem. Activities, information, teacher resources. Based on an Australian book of the same name. Video, teacher’s notes available at no charge.
  • Gymnastics Resources for Primary Schools [Gymnastics 4 Hire]
    Site includes Teaching Tips, Resources including Lesson Plans and related material, articles on gymnastics, Links, even equipment hire.
  • Health and Physical Education : An introduction for teachers
    Short video from ACARA. ‘Listen to members of the Health and Physical Education Advisory Group and critical friends discuss the features of the curriculum’. [6.25min.]
  • Online Classroom - Physical Education
    12 books covering the AHPES Physical Education series, the Life Fit Books, PE Activities, PE Games books and Teaching Skills for Ball games.
  • PE Games for Primary School
    TES Australia. ‘A selection of popular games for the PE lesson’.
  • Physical Education Resources
    A significant range of resources from TES Australia. Most are fee-based but generally are less than $10. Those that are free are clearly marked.
  • Primary School Teaching Resources
    ‘Explore the many factors that influence health, wellbeing, physical activity and sporting performance with VEA’s videos’. Curriculum aligned.
  • Teach Starter - Physical Education Teaching Resources
    ‘Physical education teaching resources for primary school students and teachers. This large selection of educational resources includes posters, borders and banners to decorate your classroom, as well as comprehensive learning activities such as comprehension pieces, worksheets, activities and inquiry tasks to immerse your students in learning about physical education. Within the Physical education category, you will also find resources for teaching and playing different types of sports’. Fee-based but reasonable.
  • Teacher Superstore - Health & Physical Education Resources and Supplies
    450+ products at time of updating. Use filters to narrow the selection - Year Level, Publisher [if known], Product Type and Price Range. You can also narrow the choice using the area links at the top of the products.
  • The PE Geek
    ‘I am a Physical Education Teacher from country Victoria, Australia. As I am also Information Technology trained I delight in aiming to engage students in my classes using Web 2.0 tools. The purpose of my blog is to detail the different ways I am trialling these technologies in my classes’.

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International Sites

  • Ace Fitness
    American Council on Exercise. ‘our ACE Fit® Exercise Library offers a variety of movements to choose from. Browse through total-body exercises or movements that target more specific areas of the body. Each comes with a detailed description and photos to help ensure proper form’. USA.
  • Approaches to physical activity in the primary years - Scotland
    ‘These films [and other information] highlight a range of approaches which have been used in different settings to embed daily physical activity into the life of the school’. Scotland.
  • Child Nutrition Resources
    Child Nutrition Sharing Site. While US-based, there are sections of value. Resource Hub and Programs. USA. Includes the ‘Healthy Meals Resource System’ previously listed separately.
  • Elite soccer drills for Kids
    ‘If the child enjoys playing football and wants to improve then this article is for you with some elite soccer drills for kids that can be practised at home without the need for team mates’. Suitable for children from 6 to 14. Annual fee for access. UK.
  • Field Day Activities
    Running a PE Field [curriculum] Day ? PE activities successfully used for this. Each done in detail, so adopt or adapt as needed. USA.
  • Fit for Life : Online Resources for Encouraging Physical Fitness
    Education World. ‘Jog to the Web when you need fitness facts and ideas that will get your students up and moving !’ An Archive page still has a number of active links to lesson plans. USA.
  • Free Physical Education Worksheets [Teachers Pay Teachers]
    More than 300 available at time of update. Wide range of material. Note that dollars are US not Australian. USA.
  • Getting Healthy is Fun
    ‘Lesson Plans, Recipes, Activities and games to teacher Healthy Living’. Dole. USA.
  • Healthy Living Resources
    ‘Healthy Living, Active Living and Healthy Eating Resources, including Eat Smart Meet Smart’. Each of the three sections has multiple listings of activities and/or information. Canada.
  • Kids in Motion [PBS LearningMedia]
    Physical Education/HealthFrom Public Broadcasting Service in America. Along with their other Health And Physical Education resources you have access to documents, a significant number of videos on specific topics and much more, all of high quality. USA.
  • Lesson Plans
    Lesson plans - Pre-School, Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-12. Each has briefly annotated links providing title, grade level and a brief description. Links to other curriculum areas from the menu on the left. USA.
    US Dept. of Agriculture. ‘Eat Healthy; Life Stages [includes Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kids, Teens, … ]; Resources [Tools, Print Materials, Graphics, Videos]; Professionals [Toolkits]; MyPlate Kitchen’.
  • Ophea Teaching Tools
    Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities. ‘Login and browse by topic or grade to find ready-to-go resources to help you implement physical activity and Health & Physical Education [H&PE] and build healthy active schools and communities’. Canada.
  • PE Office
    ‘The new PE Office VLE is a knowledge bank of unique and essential resources for PE departments, coaches, sports leaders and any one involved in Sport’. PE Lesson Plans, Schemes of Work, Interactive PE, Primary PE, Secondary PE, more. Registration required. Fee-based. UK.
  • PE Scholar
    ‘Access hundreds of high-quality teaching resources, saving you hours of planning time and helping you to create outstanding lessons that inspire and motivate students’.
  • PE Teacher’s Websites - [Teachphysed]
    ‘If you are looking for some great information and tools to use in your class, you need to check out some of these teacher’ s websites. There is enough here to keep you learning for hours’. Includes websites, blogs and YouTube presentations. USA.
    ‘Click a category for great P.E. games !’ Options include grade levels to Grade 8 and a number of sports and activities. They even include a section on Covid Games. USA.
  • Physical and Health Education K
    British Columbia. ‘Background Information, Core Competencies, Big Ideas, Curricular Competency, Content and Change Grade [to find different levels, e.g. Y4]’. Canada.
  • Physical Education
    Extensive selection of annotated links for Physical Education. USA.
  • Physical Education Central [PECentral]
    Links to all aspects of Physical Education. Major sections include the following. USA.
  • Physical Education Guide
    Extensive list of annotated links to PE resources and activities including Games, Nutritional activities, exercises, activities and more. Interesting sources for some inclusions. USA.
  • Physical Education Links, Resources and Activities
    Internet4Classrooms. ‘The portal is used by teachers, parents and students of all ages on six of the seven continents [there are not many classrooms in Antarctica] and is available to anyone with an Internet connection’. USA.
  • Physical Education Practitioner Research Network
    ‘The aim of this website is to bring together physical education teachers, coaches, physical activity leaders, volunteers and university practitioners from around the world to talk about practice, young peoples’ experiences of physical activity, and research’. UK.
  • Physical Education Printables, Lessons & References Collections of links related to PE and other curriculum areas. US-oriented, but many are still suitable. USA.
  • Physical Education Update
    ‘PE Update’s condensed, illustrated article format, videos and super-fast article abstracts allow you to learn what you need’.
    You need to be a member to access the materials. Membership is not free, but is quite cheap. However, there are hundreds of free articles available from the home page. Canada/USA.
  • Preschool Physical Education [PE Central]
    ‘Information that should be helpful to those who are responsible for providing movement programs for young children’. Instructional Videos, Lesson Ideas, Homemade Pre-K Equipment, Research Articles/Resources, FAQs, Web Sites, Books and Products. USA.
  • Primary Resources
    Warm-up Activities, Dance & Gymnastics, a range of games, Fitness & Athletics, more. UK.
  • Saskatchewan Physical Education Curriculum
    This opens to the Kindergarten level. Select other levels using the Browse by Grade link at the top, or the grades in the menu across the top of the main section. Curriculum Document, Outcomes and Indicators, Resources. You can also download a PDF version of the Curriculum for each level, including Outcomes and Indicators. Canada.
  • Sports Coaching Made Easy
    ‘Search 1 000’s of ideas; Build & Share Training Plans; Get Expert Advice; Ask a Question; Select your Sport and more’. Includes a School section. Also has some videos. UK.
  • Staying Healthy and Avoiding Injuries in Sports
    Contains multiple sections covering areas such as Sprains and Strains, Knee Injuries, Fractures and more. Each has general information and advice plus links to further information on specific areas of these.
  • TeachPE
    Major areas covered include Coaching, Anatomy &Physiology, Sports Psychology, Fitness & Training, Biomechanics and Quizzes. ‘TeachPE draws on the expertise and experience of many talented people in specific areas including specialist teachers and coaches’. UK.
  • The PE Shed
    ‘The PE Shed aims to provide PE resources which are easy for education teachers to understand and teach. All of the resources can be downloaded as a PDF document’. Video Channel, Shop, PE Resources, PE Game Ides, Sport Themed Ideas, Blog and more. UK.
  • The Physical Educator
    ‘Rethinking what can be done in Physical Education’. Sections include Learn, Resources and a Shop. Their Visuals are an interesting concept. Canada.

Physical Education Media and Software

  • 15 Physical Education Youtube Channels To Follow in 2021
    A fascinating collection even including Australian and New Zealand videos. They range from Adaptive PE [2 channels] to professional learning. India.
  • Best PE Apps and Online Resources to Keep Kids Moving At Home
    2021. ‘With so many PE apps, videos and online resources available, it’s easier than ever to incorporate P.E. into your daily learning plan. This list will have you and your students sweating in no time !’ Quite a list ranging from Just Dance to 7-Minute Workout for Kids App. Selected by an experienced high school teacher they cover all levels and a variety of skills. USA.
  • FitStats Education
    ‘The most powerful web-based fitness assessment, physical activity tracking, survey and health promotion software available today for K-12 Schools. It can be extensively customised in order to use any custom measurement, … ’. If you are looking for technology to achieve this, then this might be for you. USA.
  • muve Dance-along Video blog
    Something a little different but still linked to fitness. Developed in Hawaii and used by young people and adults alike. Could easily be used as something different to still achieve a given aim.
  • PE Central Videos
    ‘In this section we feature a number of PE and Health related video clips. We want to thank our friends at for hosting our videos’. USA.
  • PE Teacher’ s Websites - Teachphysed
    In addition to websites and blogs, this site links to a range of YouTube presentations, many covering specific PE aspects. USA.
  • Physical Education Teaching Playlist
    Select from the extensive range of videos available. Everything from TEDx talks to Team Teaching in PE, 12 Fun Physical Education Games to Effective Warm-up Routines and much more. Select only what you find useful.
  • 22 Best Physical Education/Tech Integration ideas
    22 “Pins” that range from Match Minis - Videos for Teachers to Adapted Physical Education and Assistive Technology.
  • Sports Media’s Best Practice P.E. Videos
    There are multiple channels for these videos. In total, there are hundreds of actual videos. Simply select the specific topic, then the individual video you want to use.
  • #ThisIsPE – Supporting Parents to Teach PE at Home
    Association for Physical Education. ‘Short two-minute videos have been created that show parents [and teachers] free, fun and easy to follow PE activities for the whole family to enjoy together. The videos, delivered by PE teachers, will help children and young people to continue their skill development in PE during this period when we are having to stay at home, to save lives’. UK.
  • We Have the Moves ! Physical Activity Resource
    Sesame Street - PBS Learning Media. ‘Inside We Have the Moves, child care providers can find fun-filled activities to help incorporate physical activity into everyday moments’. USA.

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