Mathematics Resources

Resources for all areas of Mathematics from algebra to trigonometry, lessons to Maths portals, interactive activities to games & puzzles. Some material has been transposed from the original Mathematics page.

We have tried to ensure resources are free to use wherever possible.

Remember some sites are not Australian. Check carefully to be sure they conform to Australian requirements before use, e.g. procedures, spelling, terminology, guidelines, … .

Check for Mathematics competitions and challenges on the Competitions page.

Australian Sites


Education Departments, Boards, Other Bodies, Curriculum, …

  • Australian Maths Trust - Resources
    ‘We publish a range of books, past papers and merchandise to support our mission to develop a nation of creative problem solvers. Some of these resources you can purchase in our online store and we have many free resources available too !’ They also run a number of Competitions & Programs.
  • F-10 Australian Curriculum Mathematics [QCAA]
    Providing an Overview; The Australian Curriculum [Rationale, Aims, Key Ideas, Structure Documents]; Teaching and learning [includes Resources]; Assessment.
  • Learning Potential Resources
    Australian Government. ‘You want to help your child develop their literacy and numeracy skills, but working out how can be tricky. How do you find activities that reinforce and build on the concepts and skills your child will encounter in the classroom ? The answer : this website’. Covers the following : Babies, Toddlers, Preschool, Primary School, Secondary School and more.
  • Links to Mathematical Sample Units K-10
    New South Wales. Find an extensive listing of sample units covering a myriad of topics by clicking on Mathematics K–10 [2012]. There is also a range of STEM Support material, including Mathematics, covering all six Stages.
  • Mathematics
    NDLRN. ‘Designed to assist teachers to find, use and adapt teaching and learning materials that are aligned to the mathematics subject area of the Australian Curriculum’.
  • Mathematics - Australian Curriculum SA Teachers & Leaders Resource
    A selection of presentations - print/video/audio/interactive resources, … . These range from a presentations titled from Maths Expert to The Randomiser Tool.
  • Mathematics Lessons Archives [Australian Curriculum Lessons]
    Click on Mathematics in the top menu to select the relevant educational level from Foundation to Year 10.
  • National Numeracy and Literacy Learning Progressions
    ‘Successful teaching and learning to address student needs in relation to [literacy and] numeracy requires the teacher to have an understanding of where the student is now and where the student needs to go next in their [literacy and] numeracy development’.
  • Scootle
    ‘Scootle resources are currently aligned with the Australian Curriculum : Mathematics. Use the filters [below] to refine the curriculum results shown by year level, strand, general capability or cross curriculum priority’.
  • STARportal [Mathematics]
    Office of the Australian Chief Scientist. Enter Mathematics in the search box. There were 68 activities at the time of updating.
  • STEM Professionals in Schools
    CSIRO. ‘A national volunteer program that facilitates partnerships between schools and industry to bring real STEM into the classroom’. This replaces the previous Mathematicians in Schools.
  • Victorian Curriculum : Mathematics - Resources
    ‘A range of resources to assist with implementing the Victorian Curriculum F – 10 are available. Please visit the following websites to access these resources [links open in a new window] : Victorian Curriculum F – 10 Resources and Support and Curriculum Planning Resource. The Mathematics - Resources page also links to groups of resources’.

Other Sites

  • A Maths Dictionary for Kids
    Extensive mathematics dictionary for all levels. Descriptor, graphic for each word/phrase selected. From Abacus to Zero.
  • AMT Competitions and Programs for Students
    Summaries of these with links to find further information [AAMT].
  • Calculate [AMSI]
    ‘Calculate supports teachers with free mathematics materials, classroom resources and online professional learning for teachers from Foundation to Year 12 and is an effective way for teachers to support and enhance their existing maths program’.
  • Dr Paul Swan Maths - Resources & Downloads
    Resource Packs; Booklets and Samplers; Bonus Extras [These free downloads tie in with Dr Paul Swan products]; Printables and Fact Sheets [These free downloads tie in with Dr Paul Swan products]; More Resources [Videos, Interactive materials, Class planning, PL Materials/Topics.
  • Getting Ready in Numeracy [GRIN®] Intervention Program [Monash Education]
    ‘The GRIN Intervention Program is a professional learning program for primary and secondary mathematics teachers and tutors. It aims to address difficulties that students experience when learning mathematics. This program is currently being delivered in primary and secondary schools across Victoria, with positive feedback from numeracy leaders, school principals and students’.
  • Great Graphing Resources Grades 1-8
    ‘Graphs are a part of maths in almost every grade. The biggest advantage of learning how to use graphs is that it makes it easy to display information. Graphs are like pictures that speak a thousand words !’ Information, links to other resources.
  • IM²C - Supporting resources
    ‘From this page, you may access a range of support materials related to mathematical modelling. The resources are designed to meet at least two purposes : To support students, parents and team supervisors as they prepare for the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge [IM²C] and to encourage and support the greater use of mathematical modelling more generally as part of mathematics teaching and learning in schools’.
  • Interactive Mathematics
    ‘Learn maths while you play with it ! Interactive Mathematics uses LiveMath, Flash and Scientific Notebook to enhance mathematics lessons. Topics range from grade 8 Algebra to college-level Laplace Transformations’.
    ‘Students completing their final years of high school can download these free maths exams and trial exams produced by’. Other resources available from the menu at the top, left.
  • IXL Maths
    ‘Completely aligned to the Australian national curriculum, providing comprehensive coverage of each learning objective’. Fee-based but very reasonable.
  • Let’s Count Program - The Smith Family
    ‘Let’s Count supports early years educators and parents to develop the mathematics skills of children in their care by noticing, exploring and talking about mathematics in their daily lives’.
  • Living Maths Book List
    ‘A collection of living maths books and stories that can be used to teach and/or reinforce various mathematical skills. Divided into categories based on the mathematical skill addressed in the book’.
  • Make It Count : Maths and Indigenous Learners
    ‘Make It Count is for educators working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners in mathematics education. It is a teaching and learning resource and a professional learning tool. It offers pathways, possibilities and ideas for schools and professional learning communities to make their own inroads and innovations into improving mathematics and numeracy learning outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners’.
  • Mathematics - Australian Teaching Resources
    Twinkl. Use the menu on the left to select specific areas and the menu at the top to access the appropriate educational level [EYLF to Year 10]. Free and Fee-based options.
  • Mathematics - Teacher Superstore
    ‘Australian Curriculum Maths teacher resources and student workbooks to help you meet curriculum requirements. 470 Products Found [at time of last update]’. Use the filters on the left to direct specific searches/
  • Mathletics
    ‘Welcome to Mathletics ! Supporting mathematics learning for students across Australia, both in the classroom and at home, through interactive activities, games and challenges’. Fee-based. Home Subscription Pricing can be found here.
  • Maths300
    ‘Online resource, offering over 200 lesson ideas for mathematics teachers from 0-12’. Free sample tour, but full access is through subscription. This provides full access. Costs appear reasonable. Designed for teachers rather than families.
  • Maths by You
    ABC Education. ‘Maths by You is a mathematics topic containing maths concepts explained in fun videos by Splash users’. Each topic has appropriate level[s] shown. A second site from the ABC is Primary and Secondary Teaching Resources. Select Maths on the top menu, then the relevant Year from the next and finally the type of resource from the third.
  • Maths is Everywhere — Early Childhood Australia Learning Hub
    ‘In this module, we explore how educators can support children’s maths and numeracy learning in day-to-day practice, play and outdoor programs. We look at intentional teaching and child-led learning, and highlight the importance of educators modelling how to think and talk mathematically. Suitable for educators at all stages of their professional development’.
  • MathsLinks Network - Resources for Maths Teachers
    ‘MathsLinks is a directory of 1 836 [and counting] useful links found on the web for teaching Maths, with a focus on the Australian curriculum. This site aims to not only collate the best maths activities on the web, but present them in a meaningful way’. Major areas cover Links, Faculty, Starters and Kit. There are also Mini-sites. While this is geared to the teachers there is also a Maths at Home section covering resources for learning Maths at home.
  • Maths Online
    ‘A high quality, independent online maths tutoring program based on Australian state curricula for Years 7 - 12. Developed by experienced Australian teachers. Features hundreds of fully animated and narrated maths lessons with over 15 000 exam-style questions to test a student’s mastery of maths’. Fee-based, but reasonable and a Free Trial is available.
  • Mathspace
    ‘Mathspace is an all-in-one learning resource, wherever you are. We bring all of your learning tools together in one place, from video lessons, textbooks, to adaptive practice. Encourage your students to become self-directed learners’.
  • MathsRepublic
    ‘Provides problem-solving pathways to higher achievement for students in Years 5 to 10’. Available for schools, teachers and students. Fee-based, but reasonable.
    ‘MATHTRAK has identified over a thousand essential skills [called Key Concepts] for Years 5 to Year 10. Each of these Key Concepts has an interactive lesson that teaches the skills involved in the Key Concept and a unique quiz question that tests if the learner has mastered that Key Concept’. Fee-based but some free sample quizzes and lessons.
  • Math-U-See Australia
    ‘At Maths Australia, we base all numeracy instruction - from Pre-school to Year 12 - on multi-sensory, student-paced learning’. Information for Parents, Schools and Tutors. There are also Resources under a separate heading.
  • ORIGO Education - Mathematics Educational Resources
    ‘Our instructional approach builds on students’ natural ability to develop understanding and number sense. It helps students avoid misconceptions and promotes confidence with efficient thinking strategies. Games and practical applications help to cement the concepts and skills. Options also available for both free and paid professional learning opportunities’.
  • OTRNet - The Online Teachers’ Resource Network
    ‘We offer quality, innovative education resources that will assist students from K to 12 learn mathematics. Our aim is to “Connect classrooms to the curriculum”. The materials available through OTRNet have been prepared by people with classroom teaching experience and have been trialled and developed with students and in classrooms’.
  • Secondary Mathematics - Oxford University Press
    ‘Everything you need for teaching Junior and Senior Mathematics, with focus on all curricula. Here you’ll find a range of print, digital and blended resources’. Their Primary Mathematics Resources for all curricula can be found via this page. Material is normally fee-based.
  • Primary Maths
    ABCSplash. Videos, topics, games, more. Secondary Maths up to Year 10 is also found via this page.
  • PR1ME AUS - Scholastic Australia
    ‘The PR1ME Australian Edition is a synthesis of the effective pedagogy used in PR1ME Mathematics International Edition for the Australian Curriculum. It provides teachers with explicit models of HOW to teach mathematical concepts, strategies and problem solving’. Free webinar available. Other details available via the site.
  • QuickSmart
    ‘QuickSmart Numeracy focuses on understanding and recall of basic number facts, performance of elementary calculations, acquisition of appropriate mathematics language, and problem-solving skills. The primary aim of QuickSmart is for the students to develop automaticity’. An Information Pack is available here while information on how to implement QuickSmart Numeracy at your school can be accessed here. SiMERR, University of New England.
  • reSolve - Promoting a Spirit of Inquiry
    ‘reSolve : Maths by Inquiry is the flagship mathematics education program from the Australian Academy of Science. reSolve provides curriculum-aligned teaching teaching resources and professional learning materials to support teachers to promote a spirit of inquiry in school mathematics, from Foundation to Year 10’.
  • Resources for Mathematics Teachers [AAMT]
    A listing of the major resources available from this group with links to each.
  • Smash Maths - Interactive Learning for the Australian Mathematics Curriculum
    ‘Learning objects to consolidate mathematics in our classrooms [and at home] are categorised by topic and ordered according to year level’. Number & Algebra and Statistics && Probability sections are Subscriber only while the Measurement & Geometry area has free access.
  • Sumdog
    ‘Sumdog is aligned to the Australian National Curriculum, for Years 1-7, so you can easily evaluate progress against your own teaching. The games fit into planned lessons to reinforce learning or offer extra support at school or home for areas that need improvement’.
  • TES - Mathematics [AU]
    Filter selections using a range of options from options on the left. Thousands of resources at varying prices.
  • Top Drawer Teachers
    AAMT. ‘Resources for teachers of Mathematics’. Grouped under sections for Fractions, Geometric Reasoning, Mental Computation, Patterns, Reasoning and Statistics.


  • Australian Mathematics Curriculum Videos
    A wide range of short videos on specific topics and aspects of Mathematics.
  • Australian Maths Videos
    A collection of videos, from Eddie Woo to Mini Maths Movies and more.
  • HSC Hub - Mathematics
    Select a course, then follow up with videos on specific topics by Eddie Woo, e.g. Year 11 Mathematics Standard - Applications of Measurement - A set of 55 YouTube videos presented by Eddie Woo on applications of measurement.
  • Mathologer
    Video. Links to related Mathematical videos. More suited to secondary students and higher. Author is a Maths professor at an Australian university.
  • Maths by You
    ABC Education. ‘Maths by You is a mathematics topic containing maths concepts explained in fun videos by Splash users’.
  • Maths Videos Australia
    Choose your state, then Choose your Subject & Unit. Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia are listed. The Senior Maths Curriculum for South Australia, Tasmania, ACT and Northern Territory are also covered in a combined section.
  • Wootube
    ‘Browse the main channel, connect with me on Twitter & Facebook, read the blog, download worksheets & resources, or select a playlist’. A second site is at Eddie Woo - YouTube.
  • Year 9 & 10 Maths Video Tutorials for the Australian Curriculum ‘Over 2.5 hours of video tutorials to help prepare them for Year 12 Methods’. Scroll down for the full listing including How to Prepare for Year 11.

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International Sites

  • 50 Math Lesson Plans and Resources for all Ages
    Always Discovering. ‘Even students may enjoy using online resources to tackle tough math concepts and further their education. Here are fifty excellent resources for Pre-K to college level students’.
  • AAA Maths
    ‘AAA Maths features a comprehensive set of thousands of interactive arithmetic lessons’. USA.
  • BBC Bitesize - Maths
    ‘Maths learning resources and online courses’ from early years to tertiary level. UK.
  • Classroom Resources [NTCM]
    ‘Activities with Rigour and Coherence; Resource Libraries; Reasoning and Sense Making Task Library; Student Explorations in Mathematics; Illuminations; Problems of the Week’ more. You might also like to consider their Tips for Teachers. USA.
  • Computer-Based
    ‘Building a completely new math curriculum with computer-based computation at its heart’. Check the Materials page for a range of resources. USA.
  • Cool Math Games for Kids [Math Blaster]
    ‘Browse through hundreds of math worksheets, high quality printables, and a whole repository of resources for students, homeschoolers, teachers, and parents’. USA.
  • Cornell Maths Gateway
    Secondary resources available through annotated links. USA.
  • Dreambox Learning Teacher Tools
    ‘At DreamBox we’re dedicated to bringing math to life for all students. So we’ve created these free Teacher Tools - virtual manipulatives that can be used in large- or small-group instructional settings’. USA.
  • Early Years Maths Resources For Schools & Nurseries
    ‘Support the key early years learning goals such as counting, mathematical language and pattern recognition with this wide range of maths preschool resources’. Fee-based. UK.
  • Easy Math
    Free advice and information on a number of mathematics topics appropriate to middle and secondary school. USA.
  • Erikson Institute Early Math Collaborative - Online Learning
    ‘Professional learning modules; Series : We organise the resources in our Idea Library into series so that you can browse curated collections according to your interests; Bulletin board : Browse a collection of our favourite and regularly updated blogs, newsletters, and Twitter feeds with the best ideas regarding early mathematics’, more. USA.
  • European Mathematical Information Service [EMIS]
    ‘EMIS was founded in 1995 as the central portal for electronic maths resources in Europe. Since then, with the support of the European Mathematical Society and many publishers, FIZ Karlsruhe has developed the largest open access electronic library in mathematics ELibM as the core of EMIS, as well as many more useful resources’. Teacher rather than student resources. Europe.
  • Free Online Maths Course [Open Culture]
    ‘Get free Maths courses online from the world’s leading universities. You can download these audio & video courses straight to your computer or mp3 player’. Part of a larger 1 700 listing of university online courses. USA
  • Free Printable Tests and Worksheets
    ‘Assess student understanding of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry concepts with these math worksheets for K-12 students’. There are also links to similar material for other subject areas [menu on the left]. As well, this group offer to their Test Maker™ where you can ‘create your own quizzes, tests, and worksheets for free’. A subscription allows for use of some marked material. USA.
  • How to Make Maths Fun : Ideas and Resources for Teachers
    ‘Sometimes all it takes is a little thinking outside the box to find non-traditional ways to make maths fun and get students excited about learning. Here are five tips and five of our favourite online maths resources to help your class learn to love maths’. USA.
  • How to Make Math Learning Fun with Microsoft Office
    ‘Here are the math related templates in the most popular applications included in MS Office. You can download and adapt them to your needs’.
  • IB Maths Resources from Intermathematics
    ‘Maths IA – Maths Exploration Topics. Find over 300 examples of maths IA exploration topics and ideas for IB mathematics students doing their internal assessment [IA] coursework. Topics include Algebra and Number [proof], Geometry, Calculus, Statistics and Probability, Physics and links with other subjects’. UK.
  • Just Math Tutorials [Patrick]
    ‘Making free and hopefully useful maths videos for the world !’. Videos on individual matters grouped under headings of Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Trigonometry and Miscellaneous. USA.
  • K5 Learning
    ‘Online reading and maths enrichment program for kids’. Includes Free worksheets, Maths Videos, Free Preschool and Kindergarten Numbers & Counting Worksheets [Printable] and even a Free Ebook : How to Help Your Kids Succeed in School. Canada.
  • Khan Academy
    Select Maths from the Courses menu [top, left], then the specific topic you need for the level required for your child[ren]. Resources are free though you have the opportunity to make a contribution if you are able. Two sections - Pre-K/8th Grade and also High School/College levels. One example of their work is the Early Maths section.
  • Kids Maths Games Online
    ‘FREE maths games, interactive learning activities and fun educational resources that will engage students while they learn mathematics. Find cool maths games, interesting facts, printable worksheets, quizzes, videos and so much more !’ USA.
  • LTP - Math
    ‘Mathematics Sites for Educators’. Links under headings. Interactive Web Pages, Resources, Fractal Resources, Macintosh Software. USA.
  • Math Blaster
    ‘Mom Meets Math[s], Cool Maths Tips, Cool Maths Skills, Latest Maths Mobile games, Related Maths Resources, Cool Maths Worksheets, Activities, Games, EWorksheets, Lesson Plans, Resources, Curriculum and Maths Practice’. USA.
  • Math [Edutopia]
    ‘Explore and share tips, strategies, and resources for helping students develop in mathematics. Create your free Edutopia account today for a personalised experience. Every week you’ll get practical classroom strategies - for the grades you choose - delivered to your inbox’. USA.
  • Math Central
    ‘An internet service for mathematics students and teachers. Resource Room, Quandaries & Queries, Mathematics with a Human Face, Teachers Bulletin Board’, more. Canada.
  • Mathematics [Cambridge University Press]
    ‘A solid foundation of research from leading educational thinkers, expert authors and mathematics teachers around the world underpins the resources we publish. Find out more and download a sample of any of our maths resources’. Many items are fee-based. Some of the other sites listed are also included on this page. UK.
  • Mathematics Resources for Teachers
    ‘Focus on various mathematical themes, such as geometry, algebra, probability and statistics, money, measurement, and more ! Incorporating other subjects - such as art, reading, and science - into your math lessons will help hold your students’ interest in the subject. You’ll find resources here that are appropriate for whichever grade level you teach’. USA.
  • Math Games
    ‘Fun math games are the trick for making a difficult subject become second nature for kids. Try our free math games for kids to build skills in counting, number recognition, shapes, addition, and subtraction’. Also has Printable Worksheets, Guided lessons, Lesson Plans and More. USA.
  • MathGameTime
    ‘Math Game Time offers a wide selection of free and fun games designed to help children build their basic counting and shape recognition skills. Children will sing along with our fun counting videos and laugh along with some of their favourite characters as they count together. These free Pre-Kindergarten math games and worksheets will also help kids build their basic skills in a way that seems more like play than work’. USA.
  • Math Planet
    ‘The aim of Mathplanet is to spread mathematical knowledge all over the world, completely free of charge. We offer courses in high school math such as Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry. The educational material is focused on US high school maths. However, since maths is the same all over the world, we welcome everybody to study maths with us, for free’. Includes video material. Sweden [in English].
  • Maths4Everyone
    ‘Access hundreds of quizzes and other interactive activities that will help you enjoy and improve your maths whether you are at school or at home. There are thousands of carefully designed questions to improve maths knowledge and help develop fluency in important maths skills’. UK.
  • Maths for Kids
    ‘Children can choose from ten levels and different kind of exercises : additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, problems, numbers and measuring exercises. Online competitions, exercises and maths games’. France [but material is in English].
  • Math is Fun
    ‘The idea behind the site is to offer mathematics as well as some fun bits and to combine the two wherever possible. The main content of the site is aimed at Kinder to Year 12. Hopefully there should be something for everybody’. USA.
  • Math Nook
    Maths games. A wide range of Maths games, clearly annotated with skills involved. There are also sections covering Fun Stuff, Videos, Worksheets, Worksheet Generators, Teaching Tools, Tutorials, more. USA.

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  • Math Salamanders - Math Worksheets Education
    ‘We have a huge bank of free math resources, puzzles and games for you to use and enjoy’. Includes material for both the UK and also Australia. UK.
  • MathSphere
    ‘Mathsphere’s aim is to help your children with their maths, both at school and at home. Teachers already use our software in over 15 000 schools worldwide !’ Fee-based and free resources on the site. UK.
  • Maths Subject Centre [Education World]
    ‘Your one-stop shop for free math teaching materials. Be sure to check out the sidebar on this page for links to math lesson plans, printable work sheets, other tools and resources. Click links below to read articles of practical interest to math educators across the grades’.
  • Maths Worksheets
    ‘Over 2 000 free maths printables that range in skill from grades K-12’. Listed in topic area directories [40 at time of update] plus 10 more of NEW Worksheets. USA.
  • Mathematics World Cup
    ‘Online mathematics competition for children’. Multiple levels and activities suited to children ages 6 to 11. There is even a Maths World Cup for parents.
  • Math Worksheets Land
    ‘The Largest Selection of Math Worksheets on the Internet ! We Now Have Over 64 000 Printable Pages’ [at time of update]. USA.
  • Mothmatic Math Games
    ‘Interactive online learning games suitable for both classroom study and for learning at home. Arithmetic subjects include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. We are also a multilingual website [see language list at the top of the screen]’.
  • Multiplication Games ‘As the name implies, here you can learn all the multiplication tables no matter what grade you’re in. We have tables for all levels. The exercises on this site are provided in the form of multiplication games. Not only is this a lot of fun, you’ll learn maths to boot. The most popular multiplication games are listed [below]. Look for a fun task, try to solve all the multiplication equations and keep beating your record’.
  • MYP Mathematics Resources [Oxford University Press]
    ‘Ensure strong results from age 11 right through to 18, with dedicated support for the IB and Cambridge curricula’. Fee-based. UK.
  • Nrich
    ‘NRICH provides thousands of free online mathematics resources for ages 3 to 18, covering all stages of early years, primary and secondary school education - completely free and available to all. It is an innovative collaboration between the Faculties of Mathematics and Education at the University of Cambridge which focuses on problem solving and on creating opportunities for students to learn mathematics through exploration and discussion’. UK.
  • Numbernut
    ‘This site offers an introduction to mathematics and its variety of topics. It’s not just for kids, it’s for everyone [even if you aren’t a number nut]. Try our site map, that will show you all of the topics we cover’. USA.
  • Projects for Maths Fairs
    ‘Maths Projects for Science Fairs [MPSF] offers a list of ideas for math-based science projects for middle- and high-school students to use at their local, regional, or national science fairs.’. CMS Canada.
    Access a range of basic mathematics quizzes on the four operations [scroll down], or make your own in the same areas. You can grade the quizzes and even show the correct answers. USA.
  • Songs for Teaching
    ‘Multiplication and Division Songs [and Raps]; Music for Teaching Multiplication Tables, Skip Counting and Division’. USA.
  • Statistics Resources for Businesses and Educators
    Statistics resources listed under several headings including Statistics for Beginners, Educational Resources, Online Textbooks and Quizzes. USA.
  • TeachMathematics
    ‘Rich, engaging classroom activities that promote mathematical thinking. An emphasis on inquiry, discovery, technology, critical thinking, hands on and fun. Read our Site Guide or take a video tour of the site’. Trials available but fee-based to continue. Europe.
  • Tech Powered Math
    ‘The site has news and information on a variety of maths education technologies. Specifically, it focuses a lot on graphing calculators and has free video tutorials for the TI-84 and TI-Nspire graphing calculators’. Blog format. USA.
  • The Mathematics Shed
    Select from the extensive menu list on the left of the screen for the shed that has the category you wish to work with. A variety of formats within the categories. UK.
  • Top IB Math Resources Websites [2021 Official Rankings]
    ‘A student-led initiative to list and rank the Top IB Maths Resources & Websites online for International Baccalaureate [IB]. With the growing accessibility of digital resources, IB students can better develop understanding and broaden their knowledge outside of their classroom. Reviewed by 47 000+ IB Students Worldwide’.
  • Transum
    ‘Free mathematical activities, puzzles, problems, visual aids, investigations and lots more’. Created by a practising teacher. UK/Asia.
  • Trigonometry
    ‘Dave’s Short Trig Course’.. Table of Contents covers 18 sections. USA.
  • Underground Mathematics
    ‘Rich resources for teaching A level mathematics. Enabling all students to explore the connections that underpin mathematics. Quick Links to an Overview, How-to Guide, Underground hub and Your Mathematical Classroom’. Linked to the University of Cambridge and Cambridge Mathematics. UK
  • Uniform Polyhedra
    Information about polyhedra; animated presentations of each. Suitable for use by students. ‘An expanded version of these Web pages can also be found in the Mathematica notebook from the Illustrated Mathematics CD-ROM’. Switzerland.
  • Wolfram MathsWorld
    Encyclopaedia of information suitable for teachers, students, parents. Interactive wherever possible. USA.
  • Worldwide Centre of Mathematics
    ‘Learn mathematics with Center of Math high-quality, free and affordable math textbooks and resources. Studying from home ? We’ve made our entire calculus video series available free of charge’. Suited best for tertiary or senior secondary levels. USA

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  • 7 Best Maths Software for Windows, Mac
    ‘Here is the list of the top 7 math softwares available online that you can either use for yourself or for your kids to brush up on their mathematics skills’.
  • Best Freeware Download - Mathematics Freeware
    Four pages of freeware links. Annotated and with ratings.
  • Cluefinders Series
    Primary students
  • List of open-source software for Mathematics
    Computer Algebra Systems; Geometry; Numerical Analysis; Statistics; Multipurpose Mathematics software; Theorem provers; References.
  • Mac Maths and Arithmetic Software
    ‘The comprehensive list’. Primarily freeware and shareware [even a donationware inclusion].
  • Math Assistant [Microsoft Store]
    ‘The Math assistant was build to help students, parents and teachers automatically generate simple equations for students to solve using a random number generator selection method. All four operations are supported with a total of 4 equations per operation and an option to regenerate equations. Three difficulty levels are available to choose from. More equation options and more graphics are on the way’.
  • Mathiversity
    Three specific products - Math Editor, Math Processor and Spirograph. Descriptor of each plus links for each of the first two with the Spirograph available as an online product.
  • MathsPOWER
    Program offered in sections related to school levels. Information for parents, free online assessments, FAQs, sample lessons, more. Online or software. Some Free games.
  • ORMS - Classification
    A collection of software, grouped under Category headings, that is primarily suited to the tertiary level. Europe.
  • PC WIN - Mathematics Software
    Extensive listing [26 pages at time of update] of freeware and shareware for many aspects of mathematics. Shareware is fee-based but usually significantly less than commercial prices.
  • Superkids Maths Worksheet Creator
    ‘Have you ever wondered where to find math drill worksheets ? Make your own here at SuperKids for free ! Simply select the type of problem, the maximum and minimum numbers to be used in the problems, then click on the button. A worksheet will be created to your specifications, ready to be printed for use’. USA.
  • Top 12 Free Mathematics Software of 2021
    ‘Whether you are a high school student or a college one, you will find this software quite interesting and helpful in all types of math problems’.


  • 100 Maths Youtube Channels With Videos & Tutorials to Teach and Learn Mathematics
    Compiled by Feedspot.
  • BBC - The Story of Maths, The Language of the Universe
    ‘A documentary with subtitles. Episode 01 - Acquainted with the fundamental mathematics in our lives, Marcus du Sauto explores the mathematics of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece’. [56.25min.] Episode 2 is The Story of Maths. The Genius of the East which includes areas such as China and India. [53.5min.]
  • Educational Video Library - Mathematics
    18 videos including a number of “How to … ” topics.
  • How to use math tools in Office 365
    Brief introduction. [1.5min.]
  • Math Antics
    Basic Math Videos and Worksheets. ‘Please watch the video … Then visit our Information page for answers to more questions. Check out the Samples of our Printable Materials. Check out our Video Lessons. They’re all free to watch. most of the topics we currently teach are typically covered between 3rd and 8th grade’. A minimal subscription allows full access to everything. You can also access their videos on Mathantics [YouTube]. USA
  • Learn Mathematics from START to FINISH
    ‘This video shows how anyone can start learning mathematics, and progress through the subject in a logical order. There really is no finishing point but this will get you through all of the basic undergraduate mathematics from start to “finish”. I also included some graduate topics’.
  • Mashup Math - Free Math Videos for Kids [Grades 1-12]
    ‘Our video lessons are made using animation software and are created to meet the specific needs of visual learners. You can access our complete library over 100 K-12 math video lessons on YouTube’.
  • Mathematics Lessons - TED-Ed
    Based around 5 major Mathematical areas. Worth considering as they require thinking as well as practical mathematics. Video formats.
  • Mathematics Videos - School
    An extensive collection of videos on all aspects of Mathematics of varying lengths. They range from presentations to animations. It includes some from other recommendations in this group.
  • Math Videos : How To Learn Basic Arithmetic Fast [Online Tutorial Lessons]
    ‘This online math video tutorial/lecture shows you how to learn basic arithmetic fast and easily. It contains plenty of examples and practice problems including drill quizzes to help you boost your maths skills to the next level. Whether you’re high school, college or an adult who wants to learn math, this video is for you’.
  • Solving Linear Equations - Guess and Check [Animated]
    Educational Video Library. ‘An animated, very entertaining math cartoon for elementary students about solving linear equations using the guess and check method’. [7.25min.] 63 videos at time of update.
  • TeacherTube - Mathematics
    Has both Videos and Audio resources. Selection from these and then from the results. USA.
  • The Organic Chemistry Tutor
    ‘This channel focuses on providing tutorial videos on organic chemistry, general chemistry, physics, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, and calculus’. There are about 30 videos for Mathematics at tertiary and senior secondary level. USA.
  • WatchKnowLearn
    Mathematics. There are 5 175 [at time of update] videos freely available for your use.

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