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Resources for all areas of English language learning from grammar to writing, spoken language to spelling, covering all levels. They should be matched with resources found for example, on individual pages such as Poetry.

Unless otherwise stated the resources are free.

Remember some sites are not Australian. Check carefully to be sure they conform to Australian requirements before use, e.g. spelling, terminology, guidelines, … .

Australian Sites

Associations, Curriculum Information

Education Departments, Boards, Government bodies, …

  • Cap that ! - Resources
    ‘Promoting the proven benefits of captions for all students, particularly those who are Deaf or hearing impaired, speak English as an Additional Language or Dialect, struggling readers, visual learners and students with learning disabilities’. Select from the several sections listed on this page.
  • English
    NDLRN. ‘Designed to assist teachers to find, use and adapt teaching and learning materials that are aligned to the English subject area of the Australian Curriculum’.
  • English for the Australian Curriculum
    Australian Government bodies. Multiple units for three separate teaching levels. Also check the Supporting resources page for further help.
  • Fun and Educational Websites for Kids
    Listed by a Queensland school. Annotated links to sites for literacy also other subject areas. Levels and specific aspects of language are also provided.
  • FUSE - Department of Education, Victoria
    More than 2 000 links to resources for this area.
  • Learning Potential Resources
    Australian Government. ‘You want to help your child develop their literacy and numeracy skills, but working out how can be tricky. How do you find activities that reinforce and build on the concepts and skills your child will encounter in the classroom ? The answer : this website’. Covers the following : Babies, Toddlers, Preschool, Primary School, Secondary School and more.
  • Literacy and English
    DET, Victoria. ‘Teaching materials, support and professional development to help you improve literacy outcomes in the classroom’.
  • Literacy Videos
    National Numeracy and Literacy Week in NSW. 24 videos [at time of inclusion] on various aspects of numeracy. Also video link about NAPLAN.
  • NSW Centre for Effective Reading
    ‘The resources below cover assessment processes and teaching strategies that support all students, especially those with reading difficulties’.
  • P-10 English Australian Curriculum and Resources
    QCAA. ‘Select a year level to proceed to curriculum, assessment and reporting resources’.
  • Story Box Library
    ‘An online, education resource that has a growing library of Australian children’s book read to camera by well-known Australian identities, e.g. musicians, sport people, comedians, authors, actors etc.’. Fee-based, but very affordable for both families and schools.
  • Teaching AC English
    ESA. ‘This collection of video snapshots - or vignettes - illustrates ideas, approaches and strategies for teaching, learning and assessment’.
  • Woodlands Hub
    Multiple items related to language activities pinned on this Pinterest board.

Other Resources

  • Early Literacy with iPad
    Personalising Learning for the Primary Classroom. Apple. Free. ‘See how one early elementary teacher creates a range of content targeting sight word recognition and early literacy skills accessible to the students via iPad’.
  • English Lesson Plans - Australian Curriculum Lessons
    Select from the Year levels provided on the page to access relevant lesson plans.
  • EnhanceTV - EnglishLinks to more than 2 000 videos relating to the English language and its usage around the world.
  • Hardie Grant - Books
    ‘We excel at making books that capture imaginations and encourage reluctant readers. We are the largest Australian owned children’s publisher, and pride ourselves on publishing first and foremost for kids’.
  • How to make a News Report
    ‘Use this teacher resource to step your students through a program that helps them to create their own 3 minute news story’. ABC Education.
  • Keep Kids Reading
    ‘Very useful for worksheets. They have a particularly good CVC section and it’s all free. Aussie spellings, too !’
  • Kidz Book Hub
    ‘Publishes well know author educators and aims to provide high quality literacy learning materials for teachers, parents and students at the early childhood level and at the beginning reading level in primary schools’. Free trial, then requires subscription to continue access.
  • LiteracyPlanet
    ‘Play educational games and improve spelling, reading, comprehension and grammar. Designed by educators. Aligned to the Australian Curriculum’. Fee-based
  • Pearson Secondary Products
    100+ resources, each clearly described. Fee-based.
  • Phonics Alive !
    ‘The Phonics Alive ! family is a unique concept in structured Phonics education designed for use in the classroom and at home’. Fee-based.
    ‘The Online Printable Worksheet Generator. Create literacy, language, ESL, vocabulary and grammar printables in seconds’. Free and Fee-based subscriptions.
  • Reading
    ‘Reading ! Entertaining english games and videos designed to assist primary students with reading skills. All teaching resources are mapped to the Australian curriculum’.
  • Reading Australia
    ‘Making significant Australian literary works more readily available for teaching in schools and universities. These works are being supplemented with online teacher resources and essays by popular authors about the enduring relevance of the works’.
  • Stella
    ‘Standards for Teachers of English Language and Literacy in Australia provides a detailed picture of accomplished English/Literacy teaching’. Done some time ago but still applicable.
  • Stories
    ‘Stories ! English games, videos and teaching resources on the art of storytelling. Resources are mapped to the Australian Curriculum for primary and secondary students’. ABC Education.
  • TES - English [Primary
    ‘Including spelling words for English tests, grammar games, free interactive whiteboard activities, lesson plans for reading comprehension and many more ideas for you to use with your classes’.
  • TES - English [Secondary]
    ‘Free English teaching activities, including poetry worksheets, Australian literature tests, drama games, media lesson plans and plenty of other ideas for you to use with your students’.
  • The Sound Way to Reading, Writing and Spelling
    ‘Cost effective, revolutionary and proven solution to raising the literacy skills of any age group … through our complete phonic based, multi-sensory video programs’. Fee-based. Fairly expensive on an individual basis.

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International Sites

Alphabet/Pre-Writing Activities

  • Bartleby
    ‘Great Books Online. We are the pre-eminent internet publisher of literature, reference and verse providing students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge’.


  • BBC Bitesize - KS3 English
    Wide range of topics covered from Fiction Texts to Spoken English. Multiple sub-topics within each area. UK.
  • BBC Schools - Literacy
    Links to range of Literacy sites and activities suitable for ages 4 to 11. Now archived and no longer being updated. UK.
  • BBC Teach - KS1 English
    ‘Free teacher classroom resources suitable for use in English lessons with primary school children at Key Stage 1’. Wide range of resources. UK.
  • Clifford’s Interactive Storybooks
    Listen to stories, completion activities, reading games. USA.
  • English Language Arts [Edutopia]
    ‘Explore and share tips, strategies, and resources for helping students develop in English language arts’. There is also a section for English-Language Learners and one on Literacy. USA.
  • English User Guides [David Appleyard]
    ‘Key English learning points and recommended references in easily manageable, interlinked compartments. Part of a network of sites pieced together to present English in its cultural context’. Can also be used for ESL. UK.
  • English Worksheets Land
    Printable worksheets listed by grade level and topics. Aligned to the American English Language Arts Common Core Standards. USA.
  • Get Literacy Resources
    International Literacy Association. ‘Browse the resources to find tools, ideas, and inspiration ! Looking for something more specific ? Scan the site for topics using the search feature’.
  • GiggleIT
    International Association of School Librarianship. ‘Join us as we make new friends, learn about what makes us laugh and read, write and chuckle our way around the world. Your teacher MUST register your class or school’.
  • Grammar Gorillas
    Online game to develop correct grammar skills. UK.
  • Harry Potter Teaching Resources
    Activities, ideas developed to use the phenomena to aid language and reading development and enjoyment. USA.
  • ICDL - International Children’ s Digital Library
    ‘The International Children’ s Digital Library has thousands of free digital books online. Most are picture books. Books in more than 50 languages are available to download through apps for iPads and smartphones’.
  • Language Arts Lesson Plans and Resources
    ‘Lesson plans and resources for teaching reading, spelling, writing, journalism, communication, debate, drama. Resources and lesson plans for poetry as well as children’s and adolescent literature have been relocated to separate sites, but are accessible from the site index’. USA.
  • Learning with English Games [JumpStart]
    ‘ has some fantastic online English games for kids. These curriculum-based games cover important grade and age-specific topics for kids in Preschool to 5th Grade’. USA.
  • Richard Lederer’s Verbivore
    While there are other sections, this opens on the Language Links page. Here there are links to a variety of language areas from grammar and language history to rap glossaries and oxymorons. USA.
  • Songs and Games
    This section covers Children while there is a second section based on Games for Teenagers.

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Language Software

  • CAST Universal Design for Learning Book Builder
    ‘Create, read, share engaging digital books that build reading skills for students’. You need an account, but this appears to be free. USA.
  • Extra Language Resources
    Australian listing.
  • Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy on the App Store
    Apple. Not Free. ‘The immensely popular Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy is now available as an interactive QBook with wonderful narration by David Tennant [Doctor Who]. It also has video narration in 3 sign languages’ including Auslan.
  • The Ultimate List of Reading and Literacy Apps for Children
    ‘The best apps are structured in a way that children are motivated to play, but also learn at the same time, often without even realising they are doing so. Educational apps and games are developed with children in mind and are a far cry from traditional homework or the spelling or mathematics flash card games of days gone by’. The Scots College. Strong for younger students.
  • Learn to Read
    Learn-to-read activities. Matching activities, missing letters, stories, audio files, … . One section of a larger Starfall site, which has several Reading sections. USA.
  • LiteracyCenter.Net
    ‘Safe learning activities for parents and teachers to share with young children. All lessons are free of advertising and free of charge’. USA.
  • Literature Learning Ladders
    ‘Make the connection between theory and practice by exploring online resources related to literacy, themes, literature circles, technology, learning’. Multiple sections, each section worth visiting. No longer being updated. USA.
  • Literacy Reading [Teaching Ideas]
    UK based. Activities, in two main levels to age 11, toys & games, books, other links. UK.
  • Literacy Resources by Topic
    ‘Browse the resources to find tools, ideas, and inspiration! Looking for something more specific? Scan the site for topics using the search feature’. USA.
  • Mingoville
    ‘Sign up today to learn English through Mingoville’s fun, free, colourful e-learning environment with exercises, songs, and games’. Apps for Apple and Android. Fee-based. Denmark [in English].
  • National Council of Teachers of English
    Click on “Resources” to access blogs, books, journals, lesson plans, research, standards, topics of interest, more. USA.
    ‘Designed to be language-based, multi-sensory, structured, sequential, cumulative, cognitive, and flexible. Language elements are taught directly and systematically in a highly structured, incremental system of sequential lessons’. Fee-based. UK.
  • Phonics & Word Study
    Online activities on aspects of language, broken into grade groupings. A Teacher Centre and a Family Centre with further information. UK.

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  • Reading A-Z Program
    Free reading booklets, worksheets, clipart, associated activities. Read the information carefully. Fee-based. USA.
  • Reading and Literacy Resources
    Compiled by a state department of Education in the US. Links are grouped under a series of topic headings.
  • Reading Rockets
    Strategies, Techniques, books, authors, articles, five streaming videos on areas related to reading and literacy. Research based. USA.
  • ReadTheWords
    ‘Web based service that assists people with written material. We do this by using Text To Speech Technology. Users can generate a clear sounding audio file from almost any written material’. Fee-based but reasonable. USA.
  • Read, Write, Think
    ‘Access the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction’. Lessons, standards, web resources, student materials. Section for Summer Activities. USA. Sample pages include :
  • Comic Creator
    Create your own comic style stories.
  • Genre Study : A Collaborative Approach
    ‘Students have the opportunity to expand their models of effective writing while identifying the writer’s craft’. A complete lesson procedure is provided ranging from objectives to assessment.
  • Repeat After Us
    ‘An award-winning online library with the best collection of copyright-free English texts and scripted recordings. Free audio clips provide an excellent resource for students and literature lovers of all ages’. Multiple search options. USA.
  • SightWords
    Dolch and Fry Sight Words, teaching sight words, printable sight words [both lists] in multiple sizes, lesson plans, games, help. USA.
  • Sight Words [Dolch List]
    Online activities; groups from Pre-Primer to Grade 3. Multiple activities, with audio, supportive reactions for correctness, visual cues. Activities use the Dolch words which constitute ‘approximately 50 to 70 percent of any given general, non-technical text’. USA.
  • SpellingCity - Teaching Resources
    ‘Features Language Arts Lessons on popular topics covered from elementary through high school, useful word lists for grades K-12, informative articles on the importance of spelling and the different types of learners, plus a wealth of helpful information for teachers and parents’. Not all is free. USA.

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  • Shakespeare in Bits
    ‘Brings The Bard’s most popular plays to life through magnificently animated re-enactment, full audio and unabridged text’. Multiple purchase options. Ireland.
  • Startwrite
    ‘Startwrite, the Handwriting Worksheet Wizard will help teachers, homeschoolers, and parents create handwriting lessons quickly and easily’. Video tutorial. Includes NSW, Queensland and Victorian writing formats. Fee-based. USA.
  • Story Arts Online
    Storytelling tutorial material, resources. USA.
  • StoryPlace
    The Children’s Digital Library. ‘Spanish & English versions. Listen to interactive children’s stories, play with on-line activities, print out take-home activities, reading list, more’. USA.
  • Storytime Magazines for Schools
    ‘Storytime magazine is the UK’s only story magazine as well as having thousands of readers from all over the world’. While the magazine is fee-based, there are free Teaching Resources available as well as a newsletter.
  • Teaching English
    ‘Free classroom materials to download, from short activities to full lesson plans, for teaching kids and adults. There are also articles on aspects of teaching, and free teacher development and teacher training materials’. UK.
  • Teachit
    ‘A thriving community of teachers contributing resources, discussing ideas and finding inspiration’. Free and fee-based resources. UK.
  • The Literacy Shed
    ‘Aims to provide exciting teaching ideas for the resources we would love to use if only we had the time to find them. A huge array of short films and animations with teaching ideas and resources’. UK.
  • Time4Writing
    ‘Online Primary, Middle and High School Writing Courses. 8 Week Teacher-Led Sentence, Paragraph, Essay Courses’. Fee-based. USA.
  • Vocabulary Building Games
    Use games from the menu on the left or image links in the centre. Covers syllables, analogies, contractions, compound words, more. Israel [in English].
  • Vocabulary Lesson Plans and Activities
    Annotated links to activities for different areas of language. Part of the larger Web English Teacher site. USA.
  • Writer’s Handbook
    Fact sheets that develop writing skills for different purposes. USA.

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