Financial Support

The Commonwealth and all states & territories have programs to provide financial support for students and their families. These vary but include items like Education Tax Refunds, concession transport cards, specialised transport for students with disabilities, bursaries, scholarships, accommodation assistance, textbook allowances, more.

This page provides information for as many of those about which we are aware.

Australian Capital Territory

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New South Wales

Subsidies, Grants & Allowances

  • Assisted School Travel Program
    ‘Transport to and/or from school for some students with disabilities, behaviour disorders and learning difficulties, when parents or caregivers responsible for transport are unable to do so’.
  • Course Fees & Fee Support Information
    TAFE NSW. ‘A range of criteria apply for course fees, with government subsidies, loans, payment by instalment and fee support available to eligible students’.
  • Rural and Distance Education
    This area includes the following :

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Northern Territory

  • Conveyance Subsidy;
  • Correspondence Materials Delivery Allowance;
  • Delivery Assistance;
  • Isolated Students Education Allowance;
  • MidTerm Travel Scheme;
  • Remote Area Travel Allowance;
  • School of the Air Student Functions;
  • Student Assistance [includes Proof of Residency];
  • Student Travel Scheme;
  • Tertiary Fare Re-imbursement ;

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Education Queensland

  • Grants and Appropriations
    ‘Each of the profiles of the appropriations and allowances shows purpose, eligibility, calculation, payment processes and data requirements’. See below for some of these.
  • Investing for Success
    ‘In 2014, the Queensland Government commenced a four-year funding initiative to improve student outcomes and school performance’. This is extended into 2019.
  • Living Away from Home Allowance
  • Parents and Students - Financial Allowances
    State & Commonwealth assistance.
  • School Transport
    Department of Transport and Main Roads. School Transport Assistance Scheme, statements, Code of Conduct, behaviour, even bus replacement options. Also check the School Tickets and Fares site at TRANSLink.
  • Student Hostels Assistance
  • Targeted Funding
    ‘Targeted funds are allocated to certain schools in recognition that, to achieve desired educational outcomes or to provide appropriate educational experiences, these schools require enhanced funding levels’.
  • Textbook and Resource Allowance
    ‘Assistance to parents of secondary school age students attending state and approved non-state schools to contribute towards the cost of textbooks and learning resources’.

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South Australia

  • Payments and Financial Support Schemes
    Includes Aboriginal families, students in remote and isolated areas, young people at school, training or in an apprenticeship.
  • School Card
    ‘Provides financial assistance towards the educational expenses incurred by families at government and non-government schools and who meet the eligibility criteria’.
  • Travel Concession and Allowances
    Student Concession Cards, students with disabilities, Fares allowance, Allowance for geographically isolated students, other forms of assistance, more.
  • Concession Card [SA]
    Adelaide Metro. Information below the card graphics.

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Western Australia

  • Details about items listed below. More can be found by checking the Western Australia Education Department’s document covering Student Grants and Allowances. Includes latest guidelines.
  • Agricultural College Special Subsidy
    Part of the Boarding Away from Home Allowance.
  • Boarding Away from Home Allowance
    Eligibility restrictions apply.
  • Secondary Assistance Scheme
    Clothing and Educational Program Allowances.

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Primary & Secondary

In addition to the information supplied above, you should also check information regarding scholarships/allowances/assistance by going to the Scholarships pages.

Check regarding scholarships/allowances/assistance from individual institutions. These are often found in major daily papers in each state at appropriate times of the year. Most non-government schools advertise in February & March for scholarships applicable in the following year.

The following links apply to all states & territories. Most are Commonwealth Government funding programs.

Other Sources

  • Saver Plus
    Brotherhood of St Laurence. ‘Participants make regular deposits towards a savings goal over a 10 month period and attend workshops to build their financial management skills. When participants reach their savings goal, ANZ matches the amount - up to $500 - towards education costs’.

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In addition to the information supplied below, you should also check the Scholarships pages for information regarding scholarships/allowances/assistance from individual universities. Similarly, a number of colleges also have scholarships/allowances/assistance. Information can be found through individual College sites, and in some cases the Scholarships link noted above.

Australian Government Sites

  • Austudy
    Provides income support to eligible students over the age of 25.
  • Defence Force Jobs
    As well as providing general information about all aspects of defence force jobs, this looks at positions at ADFA [Defence Forces Academy, check under Education] and the help that is available. You do have to sign up for a minimum period of service wherever they send you.

HECS & HELP Assistance

    ‘A loan given to eligible fee-paying students to help pay part or all of their tuition fees. You can borrow up to the amount of the tuition fee being charged by your provider for your unit of study’. Now found through Study Assist.
    What it was/is, eligibility, repayments, booklet, other information, more. Now found through Study Assist.
  • Paying back Your Loan
    Directs you to a number of links to find precise information about this process.
  • OS-HELP loans and Study Overseas
    ‘If you are enrolled in a course of study with an approved Australian higher education provider [provider] and you wish to undertake part of your study overseas, you may be eligible to access a HELP loan for the portion of your overseas exchange’.
  • Study and Training Support Loans
    Australian Taxation Office. Includes HECS-HELP and Student Financial Supplement Scheme information. Also check the Overview page for more information.
  • VET Student Loans
    Study Assist. ‘VET Student Loans commenced on 1 January 2017, replacing the VET FEE-HELP scheme, which ceased for new students on 31 December 2016’.

Post Graduate Assistance

  • Research Training Program
    ‘Applications for RTP Scholarships need to be made directly to participating universities. Each university has its own application and selection process’. One example is University of New England. Previously listed as the Australian Postgraduate Awards.
  • See details for FEE-HELP above.

General Sites

  • FastWeb
    If you are looking to study at an American university, this could be the site for you. It helps find free scholarships and information about colleges.
  • Student Discounts
    One of several online sources where students [and teachers] can legitimately buy quality software from known brands at “academic prices” as well as related materials.
  • Student VIP
    You need to join StudentVIP to access all areas. A portal including numerous money saving processes including Textbookexchange, ‘Australia’s largest second hand textbook site. Save heaps off new text book prices’.

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