Conferences & Events

conference [n.]

1. an event, sometimes lasting a few days, at which there is a group of talks on a particular subject. 2. a meeting in which especially business matters are discussed formally. 3. a group of sports teams that play each other in organised competitions.
Synonyms include : congress, convention, forum, institute, round-table, seminar, summit, symposium, .…

Cambridge Dictionary

As we enter a new year, conferences are still being affected by the impact of Coronavirus [COVID-19]. Many have changed to either virtual conferences [Online, Zoom, Livestream, ... ], or hybrid formats with a combination of face-to-face and virtual presentations. Difficulties with overseas travel have caused us not to include a number of conferences that may previously have been considered for inclusion. In the current climate, you should also monitor potential selections to ensure they remain viable.

These pages list conferences and related events at regional, state/territory, national and international level. Each listing contains date, title, a brief comment and the venue. They are listed in date order.

Australian conferences/events are given priority but not to the exclusion of relevant conferences, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, but also in other parts of the world.

Information is added as far ahead of actual dates as possible and updated where this is required.

The Past Conference Page lists conferences that have been completed. These are only listed by date and title.
Each monthly listing is only maintained for a period of six months to provide access to papers and reports

Use individual links below to access specific listings for each month.

August 2022
Date Event

New !The Inclusive Classroom - Differentiating for ALL Students

‘This learning experience will provide teachers with practical approaches to support the needs of the varied and diverse learners in their classrooms. This day will enable teachers to strengthen their understanding of the key principles of differentiation including designing learning that stretches each student and builds their confidence and independence as learners’.

Venue : AISNSW, 99 York Street, Sydney, NSW.


New !Townsville Careers Expo

‘The 2022 Townsville Careers Expo is a must for anyone interested in starting, changing or upgrading their career including – high school students and their parents, mature age and post graduate students, career seekers of ALL ages, employers looking for staff training and others. This annual, free, community Townsville Careers Expo offers a wealth of information for visitors’.

Venue : Townsville Stadium, Townsville, Queensland.


Strategies to Support Language & Literacy Development in Early Years

Sanguine Consulting. ‘During early childhood, children’s abilities to understand, to process, and to produce language flourish in an amazing way. Young children experience a language explosion between the ages of 3 and 6. At age 3, their spoken vocabularies consist of roughly 900 words. This workshop will provide you with a variety of strategies and ideas to support children’s language and literacy skills at home or school’.

Venue : Livestream Singapore [Check comparative times for this.].


New !2022 Australian VET Conference

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Rydges World Square, Sydney, NSW.


How to execute a Positive Education Program in your classroom and around the School

‘In the webinar Ash will share with you a variety of ways to execute your wellbeing programs in the classroom, including student-led initiatives, games, activities and tips for classroom set ups. He will also share tips and tricks on how to execute your programs across your whole school’.

Venue : Webinar.

2 and 3

Music and Movement - Musica Viva Australia

‘In this workshop, you will learn a variety of movement activities to engage your students through music and dance. Come dressed in comfortable clothes to move in and be prepared to clap, stomp and sing your way through this interactive session! This workshop is designed for both generalist and specialist music teachers’.

Venue : 2 August - Muswellbrook, NSW; 3 August - Tamworth, NSW.

2-30 *

New !Igniting Leadership Program - Leadership Victoria

‘Explore the essentials of leadership and gain the insights, skills and confidence to raise your own and your team’s performance and successfully deliver organisational goals’. Check the site for details about who should enrol, the themes being covered, program inclusions and outcomes as well as important dates especially regarding variations in costs. 5 Specific dates are 2, 3, 9, 10 and 30 August 2022.

Venue : Graduate House, University of Melbourne, 220 Leicester Street, Carlton, Victoria.


We can’t teach who we don’t know : teaching “other people’s children” in superdiverse schools

‘This webinar draws on a range of research projects undertaken with schools and various refugee and migrant communities over the past 15 years. Much of the research undertaken illustrated that these students and their families as well as their cultural and linguistic repertoires were largely ‘unknown’ to their teachers, or known only through particular lenses. This webinar will present a range of possibilities for ‘getting to know’ these students, which starts from a centring and acknowledgement of the cultural location of the teacher and curriculum’.

Venue : Webinar.


New ! Learning Experience Design Online Conference

‘The Learning Experience Design [LXD] Online Conference takes you on a deeper dive into the many facets of of a more human-centred approach to learning. Join us on August 3 and 4, 2022 to learn more about the technologies and techniques that are reshaping the industry and face of organisational learning and development’.

Venue : Online Conference.


Primary Teachers Network

‘Would you like to be part of a network of primary teachers – teaching science ? Would you like a place to discuss best teaching practice ? Are you wanting new ideas to teach the Science & Technology K-6 Syllabus ? Join your peers in the learning process ! Come along, listen, share and connect with primary teachers across NSW. Meetings are held once a term either in person or online’.

Venue : In person or Online. Check details nearer the date.


Short Course in Applied Positive Psychology [Brisbane]

‘The Short Course in Applied Positive Psychology is an academic course, but it is also a practical course, grounded in the application of research findings to real-world contexts. You will be empowered with a deep knowledge of each of the Elements of Wellbeing identified by Professor Martin Seligman in his PERMA Model of Wellbeing. As well, you will gain a solid understanding of the science of neuroplasticity, the identification of strengths, and the practice of mindfulness. The knowledge and practical strategies embodied in this course (with its accompanying resources) will provide a firm foundation for the positive cultural change you have envisioned for your organisation’.

Venue : The Ship Inn, Cnr Stanley and Sidon Streets, Brisbane, Queensland.


The certainty of uncertainty : IEAA Admissions and Compliance Forum 2022

‘This year’s in-person Admissions and Compliance Forum will feature a series of engaging discussions, debates, presentations and analyses that will challenge points of view, acknowledge operational pain points, explore best practice, and find room for innovation. Participants will have the opportunity to network with colleagues and see some of our brilliant teams showcasing what they do at the conclusion of the first day’.

Venue : TBC, Melbourne, Victoria.


Capacity Building School Libraries Conference [Brisbane]

The National Education Summit. ‘The conference will focus on four major streams : Leading from the Library, Reading for Pleasure, Creating Community Connections and Designing Future-Focused Learning Spaces. This conference is best suited to innovative classroom teachers, teacher librarians, library aides and those on the executive looking to build capacity at a school level or within the individual classroom. Come along to this two day event and take away ideas and strategies to put into practice in your school community’.

Venue : Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre [BCEC], Brisbane, Queensland.


Diverse Learners Symposium [Brisbane]

The National Education Summit. ‘This conference will aim to cover : positive behaviour, inclusive classrooms, the spectrum, ADHD, challenging behaviours, dyslexia and anxiety. The Symposium will bring educators together with the common goal of working towards making classrooms diverse and inclusive for all students. The success and wellbeing for all students through each stage of learning is a priority’.

Venue : Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre [BCEC], Brisbane, Queensland.


Free Expo — The Education Show [Brisbane]

The National Education Summit. ‘The Education Show will showcase cutting edge learning and teaching resources along with programs, support services and technology. Educators will be inspired by the latest developments in the sector that can be implemented in their schools and classrooms’.

Venue : Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre [BCEC], Brisbane, Queensland.


Free Seminars — The National Education Summit

‘Build your knowledge with two days of interactive Free Seminars delivered by experts in teaching and learning. Attend as many of the free seminars as you like and collect valuable PD hours as you go. Register now and secure your seat as places are limited’.

Venue : Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre [BCEC], Brisbane, Queensland.


The National Education Summit [Brisbane]

‘Join principals, school leaders and educators from K-12 at the National Education Summit. Held over two days educators can experience innovative Conferences and interactive Seminars delivered by experts and thought leaders. Educators can also engage with exhibitors showcasing the latest in resources at the The Education Show, an education focused Free Trade Expo’.

Sub-conferences and significant activities are listed separately.

Venue : Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre [BCEC], Brisbane, Queensland.


STEM across the Curriculum [Brisbane]

The National Education Summit. ‘The conference will include sharing of ideas and projects from teachers and students in all subject areas. If you want to create a dynamic, interactive learning space that engages students and provides real world skills, this is the conference for you ! Target Audience - Aimed at classroom practitioners including teachers and leaders such as Directors of STEM, Heads of every Department, Innovation and Curriculum’.

Venue : Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre [BCEC], Brisbane, Queensland.


Wellbeing for Future Focused Schools [Brisbane]

The National Education Summit. ‘This Conference will cover the importance of wellbeing for both academic and social development together with areas of concern and strategies teachers can be equipped with to ensure positive outcomes for their students. Target Audience - those in leadership roles, wellbeing coordinators, learning support, welfare coordinators and classroom teachers’.

Venue : Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre [BCEC], Brisbane, Queensland.


Women’s Conference 2022 - NSW Teachers Federation

‘The conference is open to all women financial members of Federation. Keynote Speaker : Annabel Crabb – author, journalist, broadcaster, podcaster, columnist and social commentator [appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International]. More information about conference content and workshops will be advised in due course’.

Venue : Federation’s Conference Centre, 37 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW.


New !Short Course in Positive Leadership [Brisbane]

‘In the Short Course in Positive Leadership, Robert Ritchie, founder of Positive Difference, shares this science with you in a highly engaging course conducted face-to-face over two full days. In addition, all participants will complete two strengths-identification surveys prior to the course, and these will be debriefed during the course. Specifically, you will become competent in the application of the VIA Institute’s Values-in-Action Character Strengths survey the Centre of Applied Positive Psychology’s Expert Strengths Profile’.

Venue : The Ship Inn, Cnr Stanley and Sidon Streets, Brisbane, Queensland.


CAUDIT Leadership Institute

‘The CAUDIT Leadership Institute is a one-week residential leadership development program that explores in detail the nuances that characterises exemplar leadership for the future leaders of IT within the higher education sector’.

Venue : Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast, Queensland.


New !Surprising Science borrowed ideas leading to unimagined consequences [Event 4]

‘Join us for the fourth event in the Surprising Science series to see how our everyday lives inspired scientific solutions in ways you could not imagine. From carnivorous plants to whale blowholes and even spider webs, the world around us has inspired solutions to problems of all kinds. Join researchers, innovators, industry experts, social scientists and more to be surprised by science in 2022 ! Stay tuned for more information about this event’s specific topic and speakers’.

Venue : Online.


New !Connection; the foundation to learning for vulnerable young people

‘In this session, Maria and David from the Specialised Assistance School for Youth [SASY] in Adelaide, will discuss the theories and give examples on how individual school staff and the whole school can embed a youth centred approach to building trauma informed authentic relationships that promote wellbeing and enable learning for disengaged young people. The session will be centred on how authentic human connections with vulnerable young people is in fact the foundation to learning, as these connections create a sense of safety, community and calm, all of which are the initial steps to a rich and positive learning pathway’.

Venue : Webinar.


New !EduBUILD 2022

‘EduBUILD is Australia’s largest conference and trade show designed for architects, designers and builders to share ideas with education infrastructure developers about building, renovating, maintaining and managing modern learning spaces e.g., school and university buildings, training facilities, educational campuses, playgrounds, sports facilities and library building’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


Updated !EduTECH 2022

‘EduTECH brings together educators and solution providers to exchange and explore ideas, techniques, and technology, with the aim of improving teaching, training and learning and raising the education standards in Australia and the world. It is designed for anyone who works in pre-school, school, TAFE, RTOs, universities, government and DETs, corporate training and development, HR and skill development, as well as architects and builders who create modern learning spaces’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


New !2022 SeGAH

‘The overall objectives of the conference are the discussion and sharing of knowledge, experiences and scientific and technical results, related to state-of-the-art solutions and technologies on serious games and applications for health and healthcare, as well as the demonstration of advanced products and technologies’.

Venue : Now a fully Online Conference.


namuru : workshop for early childhood teachers [MCA Australia]

‘namuru means ‘path’ or ‘compass’ in the language of the Gadigal people, the traditional owners of the land and waters that the MCA is situated upon. namuru is a 1-day program aimed at developing confidence in delivering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content the early childhood education and care setting, responding to current research and information’.

Venue : NCCL : Level 3, Museum of Contemporary Art, The Rocks, Sydney, NSW.


New !Unpacking the Montessori National Curriculum [Montessori Australia]

‘Scott Cromwell, Naomi Whitehead and Mark Powell will lead 6-12 educators through a deep dive into the recently updated Montessori National Curriculum online. We will look at how the MNC maps to the ACARA curriculum and discuss ways of filling the occasional gaps where the MNC does not cover relevant ACARA expectations. Participants will leave with ways of demonstrating the overlap of the MNC with ACARA to school leaders and parents’.

Venue : Online.


STEM in Defence Summit

‘Now in its fourth year, the ADM STEM in Defence Summit is a cornerstone event that brings together Defence, defence industry and education to discuss the future of the Defence workforce. What the Defence Force will look like in the future and how industry, education and Defence work together to achieve this is the core focus of the Summit’.

Venue : The Emporium Hotel, Brisbane, Queensland.


New !Short Course in Positive Leadership [Sydney]

‘In the Short Course in Positive Leadership, Robert Ritchie, founder of Positive Difference, shares this science with you in a highly engaging course conducted face-to-face over two full days. In addition, all participants will complete two strengths-identification surveys prior to the course, and these will be debriefed during the course. Specifically, you will become competent in the application of the VIA Institute’s Values-in-Action Character Strengths survey the Centre of Applied Positive Psychology’s Expert Strengths Profile’.

Venue : Holiday Inn Parramatta, 18-40 Anderson Street, Parramatta, Sydney, NSW.


STEAM : online workshop for teachers 2022 [MCA Australia]

‘Delivered via Zoom, you will learn strategies for teaching science, maths and engineering through the lens of art in your classroom. Find out how art can extend learning and engagement of concepts in Digital Technologies from the Australian curriculum, such as computational and algorithmic thinking. Participants will also receive a digital booklet of creative learning strategies and support material, such as our creative learning manifesto and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Learning Framework’.

Venue : Online.


New !Shaping Education So Students Thrive : the role of curriculum and assessment

‘Martin Westwell, Chief Executive, SACE Board, SA, Australia’. More information coming soon. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Webinar.


New !Christian Education National Developing Leaders & Teaching and Learning Conference

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Novotel, Surfers Paradise, Queensland.


New !Exploring learning through the lens of curriculum, assessment and pedagogy

‘Louise Hayward, Professor, University of Glasgow, Scotland’. Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Webinar.


New !Resilience & Wellbeing Masterclass Brisbane 2022

QELI. ‘Participants will engage in a one-day workshop to develop efficient problem-solving skills, build and maintain interpersonal relationships and realistic goal setting’. 1. Participants will receive their welcome email with workshop details and a professional pre-reading to complete – week commencing 1 Aug 2022. 2. Participants will receive their certificate of completion – week commencing 22 Aug 2022. Both these will be done Online.

Venue : Pullman Hotel, Brisbane, Queensland.


New !The National Nursing Forum 2022 [Australian College of Nursing]

‘The National Nursing Forum is the Australian College of Nursing’s signature annual leadership and educational event bringing together nurses, students and other health professionals from around the country and across the globe. The 2022 NNF theme will be ‘Nursing Leadership Unmasked’ and will be explored in our keynote plenary sessions and throughout the forum. Program due for release May 2022’.

Venue : Darwin Convention Centre, Darwin, Northern Territory.


New !Psychology Teachers Convention 2022

‘Program : Will focus on syllabi. Full details coming soon. Registration : Opening soon’.

Venue : Online.


Short Course in Applied Positive Psychology [Sydney]

‘The Short Course in Applied Positive Psychology is an academic course, but it is also a practical course, grounded in the application of research findings to real-world contexts. You will be empowered with a deep knowledge of each of the Elements of Wellbeing identified by Professor Martin Seligman in his PERMA Model of Wellbeing. As well, you will gain a solid understanding of the science of neuroplasticity, the identification of strengths, and the practice of mindfulness. The knowledge and practical strategies embodied in this course (with its accompanying resources) will provide a firm foundation for the positive cultural change you have envisioned for your organisation’.

Venue : Holiday Inn Parramatta, 18-40 Anderson Street, Parramatta, NSW.


New !Beyond tomorrow – new frontiers : IEAA Learning Abroad Forum 2022

International Education Association of Australia. ‘This year’s theme for the Forum will provide practitioners, academics, faculty and interested partners an opportunity to get together to reflect on the challenges, innovation and transformation we’ve recently experienced within our sector but also focus on rebuilding and re-establishing learning abroad experiences, with less resourcing’.

Venue : The University of Melbourne, Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria.


New !The Impact Cycle Face-to-Face Cohort 2 2022

QELI. ‘Designed around the key themes of Dr Jim Knight’s 2018 book, The Impact Cycle: What Instructional Coaches Should Do to Foster Powerful Improvements in Teaching, this two-day workshop supports educators in establishing coaching cycles that lead to improved teaching, and student learning’. 1. You will receive the welcome email with and pre-work to complete – week commencing 1 Aug 2022. 2. Participants will receive their certificate of completion – week commencing 23 Aug 2022. Both these will be done Online.

Venue : Pullman Hotel, Brisbane, Queensland.


New ! Inquiry Learning : What, Why and How ?

‘Inquiry as an approach to teaching and learning has long been regarded as an effective way not only to engage students in their learning but to challenge them to think deeply and apply skills and understandings to new contexts. Many of us like the idea of an inquiry approach but feel less confident with how to actually use it effectively in the classroom. This workshop is designed for teachers who are newer to inquiry or those who wish to refresh their understanding of the approach and update their pedagogy’.

Venue : Hillstone St Lucia, St Lucia, Queensland.


Research Conference 2022 [ACER]

‘Global leaders in education practice, policy and research come together to explore how to make assessment work for learners and learning in a rapidly changing world. Research Conference 2022 is an online event. Four days, plus add-on masterclasses, fully online. Join us to explore ways to reimagine assessment to improve learning. This year’s theme is Reimagining assessment : making assessment work for learners and learning.’

Venue : Online.


New !Where does Religion fit in public schooling’s commitment to equity ?

‘Panel facilitated by Dylan Chown : In conversation with Emeritus Professor Robert Hattam; Prof Lester Irabinna Rigney and Dr Nadeem Memon, University of South Australia, SA, Australia’. Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Webinar.


New !Curriculum Research : The Phantasmagrams of Desires, Fabrication and the Making Kinds of People

‘I will talk about the infrastructure of the sciences related to curriculum and teaching. Infrastructure directs attention to architecture and mapping produced in the calculations of research. I explore how theories and methods inscribe desires and produce phantasmagrams; that is, comparative images and narratives about the future are taken as real and as the phenomena for effecting school improvement and changing the child [and teacher]’. Tom Popkewitz, Professor Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

Venue : Webinar.


7th International Conference on Communication & Media Studies 2022

‘2022 Special Focus - Democratic Disorder : Disinformation, the Media and Crisis in a Time of Change. Theme 1 : Media Cultures; Theme 2 : Media Theory, Theme 3 : Media Technologies and Processes; Theme 4 : Media Business; and Theme 5 : Media Literacies’. Blended Conference.

Venue : National University of Galway, Galway Ireland AND Online.


New !2022 The Research Society’s Human Insights Conference

‘This will be a hybrid face-to-face/online conference, combining the traditional conference networking experience with a streamed option. The event will be hosted over 2 days, with keynote addresses, paper presentations, technology showcases, trade expo, workshops and more. Join us to celebrate, learn and share with our community that is by its nature full of insightful humans providing human insights that is evidence based and methodologically sound’.

Venue : TBC, Sydney, NSW.


New !Adolescent Success International Conference

Initial information only - including detail of main speakers. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Hybrid Conference - TBC, Gold Coast, Queensland AND Online.


SkillsWest Careers & Employment Expo [Perth]

‘The Expo will host over 100 organisations and employers with career opportunities for all ages. The event is for school students, parents, teachers, graduates, job seekers, people looking for courses and workers seeking new training options. If you are looking for a job, career change, courses or you are a school student looking for a career path, you can’t afford to miss this event’.

Venue : Perth Convention & Exhibition , Perth, Western Australia.


Introduction to academic and university governance in Australian higher education

‘This session is a practical primer on academic and corporate governance in Australian higher education, both at a sector level [TEQSA] and an institutional level, and its operation at the University of Melbourne. The session looks at system governance and regulation, corporate governance and academic governance. Participants will learn about the role of council and academic board, the Higher Education Standards, as well as current issues in higher education governance’.

Venue : Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, Room G01, Elisabeth Murdoch Building [134], Victoria.


Teach Like A Champion [Melbourne]

‘Former teacher, principal and charter-school founder Doug Lemov authored Teach Like a Champion after observing teachers getting exceptional results. He realised by naming and describing successful teacher techniques, coupled with short, focused video clips of the techniques in action, the practices could be easily shared with others. This program, Teach Like a Champion: Systems and Routines, focuses on the techniques that champion teachers use to design, install and maintain systems and routines that students do automatically and with little-to-no teacher prompting, such as ‘strong start’, ‘cold call’ and ‘exit tickets’ or techniques for participating in a discussion’.

Venue : Olsen Hotel, Melbourne, Victoria.


DOHaD World Congress 2022

‘The theme Social and Environmental Disruptions in DOHaD : Successful Interventions for a Healthy Future is highly topical and relevant to global health and well-being. The subthemes capture the breadth of DOHaD from basic science, to clinical research, to social science to policy. Finally, in this pandemic time, we are concurrently planning for the possibility of virtual or hybrid sessions, seeking ways that enhance your involvement and create networking opportunities’.

Venue : Vancouver Convention Centre - East Building, Vancouver, Canada.


New !ISER International Conference on Education and Social Science [CESS] 2022

‘A prestigious event organised with motivation to provide an excellent international platform for academicians, researchers, engineers, industrial participants and budding students around the world to share their research findings with the global experts. We hope the ICESS outcome will lead to significant contributions to the knowledge base in these up-to-date scientific fields in scope’.

Venue : Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre Calgary Airport, Calgary, Canada.


New !Coaching & Mentoring Masterclass

QELI. ‘The Coaching & Mentoring Masterclass is an engaging one-day face-to-face workshop that will build your skills to inspire others to strengthen their capabilities and competencies. Coaching and Mentoring are a one-to-one or perhaps group service designed to bring about more effective, healthier organisations. As people responsive to coaching apply their new found skills and techniques to other people in the organisation, improved interaction cascades down the organisation’.

Venue : Pullman Hotel, Brisbane, Queensland.


New !“Religious Responsivity”, National perspectives : Educator case studies

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Webinar.


New !Curriculum Making

‘In this seminar, I shall explore different conceptions of curriculum and curriculum making. Drawing upon previous conceptualisations of curriculum making, I shall offer an elaborated approach to understanding curriculum making. This is a heuristic rather than a normative framing; it is essentially non-linear, framed around the concept of intertwined sites of activity - supra, macro, meso, micro and nano - with curriculum making framed as types of activity rather than institutional functions. I shall also consider the implications of this understanding’.

Venue : Webinar.


New !Christian Schools Australia National Leaders’ Summit

Initial information only, though it does contain some details about two activity days prior to the main summit. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Pullman International Hotel Cairns, 17 Abbott St, Cairns, Queensland.


New !2022 Planning Institute of Australia Queensland State Conference

‘Mackay’s Conference will look at the way forward through thought provoking discussions, ideas, perspectives and practices. Queensland is full of diverse landscapes and projects within our major regional centres and rural areas and from outside traditional planning roles. We want to hear about all of it. How you have managed competing interests, difficult projects and celebrate the hard-won wins in a rapidly changing world. We encourage you to review the call for abstracts and enter a submission’.

Venue : The Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre, Mackay, Queensland.

Beginning of August 2022

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September 2022
Date Event

New !2022 Australasian Database Conference

‘The Australasian Database Conference series is an annual forum for sharing the latest research progresses and novel applications of database systems, data management, data mining and data analytics for researchers and practitioners in these areas from Australia, New Zealand and in the world. ADC 2022, will be co-located with the 48th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases [VLDB 2022]’.

Venue : TBC, Sydney, NSW.


2022 National Catholic Education Commission Conference

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Wharf, Victoria.


Feedback to Improve Teaching and Learning [Tasmania]

‘Effective feedback practices provide the bridge between assessment and learning. High quality feedback can significantly improve teachers’ impact on student learning and their quality of classroom teaching, as described in the key teaching practices of the Department’s Pedagogical Framework. This two-hour workshop is designed for teachers, especially those in their first two to four years of practice, to understand the role of feedback in learning and to take action to improve the way feedback is used in their classrooms. Participants will have the opportunity to build their knowledge and skills of developing effective feedback strategies that aligns their practice in the Proficient career stage’.

This is a repeat session of the presentation on 23 March 2022.

Venue : Online.


New !Australasian Research Management Society 2022 Virtual Conference

‘Conference Theme : Shaping the Next Normal : New Horizons in Research Management’. There are multiple sub-themes linked to these as well as presentation formats included on the above page. Monitor for further information.

Venue : Virtual Conference.


12th International Conference on Health, Wellness and Society 2022

‘2022 Special Focus - Government and Society Collaborations : Responding to Pandemics. Theme 1 : The Physiology, Kinesiology, and Psychology of Wellness in its Social Context; Theme 2 : Interdisciplinary Health Sciences; Theme 3 : Public Health Policies and Practices; and Theme 4 : Health Promotion and Education’.

Venue : University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa AND Online.


New !2022 AASE National Conference

‘Our Conference theme is “Building bridges: research to practice, practice to progress”. The simple metaphor of “bridges“ reflects the ongoing connection between evidence, practice and progress. Utilising a diverse range of presentation medium, the Conference themes will engage participants in the exploration of practical solutions based on real issues, from a variety of specialised fields. As always, the Conference will provide opportunities for educators, families, community members and key stakeholders to come together to collaborate, share knowledge and learn together’.

Venue : International Convention Centre Sydney, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW.


New !2022 CCA Annual Conference [Community Colleges Australia]

‘The Community Colleges Australia Annual Conference returns to Sydney for an in-person event promising a stimulating, inventive and invigorating two days of domestic and international speakers, expert presenters and adult and community education specialists. This year’s conference theme is Rebuilding Community’.

Venue : The Marriott Hotel, Sydney, NSW.


New !2022 WA HR Leadership Summit [HR Leaders Network]

‘Maintaining employee engagement, wellbeing, collaboration, and learning has never been more important in times of constant disruption. It underlines the significance of human connection, and the decisions HR leaders make today will have a lasting impact as they rise to the challenge. HR leaders will share their most valuable lessons learnt on leading people through change and reflecting upon the way that their businesses have responded to disruptions from the perspectives of people, culture, leadership, employee communication, engagement, wellbeing, collaboration and learning’. Key Discussion Topics are listed on the home page.

Venue : The Westin, Perth, Western Australia.


EAIE International Education Conference 2022

‘Collaborative, diverse and open - the EAIE exhibition is the global meeting place where you can develop partnerships, increase your visibility and reach a diverse group of international higher education professionals’.

Venue : Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain.


FDCA 2022 National Conference

‘Known as Australia’s premier family day care conference, the FDCA National Conference has a proud history of bringing together stakeholders from the family day care and early childhood education and care sector to connect and discuss key issues that are impacting the sector’.

Postponed from 28-30 October 2021. Other details appear the same.

Venue : Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Tasmania.


Digital Innovation in HR & Workplace Management

HR Technology Show Asia 2022. ‘As the HR Technology Show Asia returns as an in-person event, we will bring together the HR community and the latest technology and solutions to evaluate what we have learnt from the past two years and how it will shape the future of work’.

Venue : Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore.


13th International Conference on the Image 2022

‘2022 Special Focus - Here Comes the Metaverse : Designing the Virtual and the Real. Theme 1 : The Form of The Image; Theme 2 : Image Work; and Theme 3 : The Image in Society’.

Venue : The University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA AND Online.


Chemeca 2021

‘The conference’s theme is Greener, Safer, Cleaner - Chemical Engineering for the Next Century and will bring together chemical engineers and scientists from Australia, New Zealand and across the globe to share insights and innovations relevant across the wide range of industries. It will also coincide with celebrating IChemE’s century of chemical engineering achievements’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


2022 MANSW Annual Conference

‘As information is confirmed we will update this page but for now - save the dates and we look forward to welcoming you all to this event in 2022’.

Venue : TBC, Tweed Heads, NSW.


Kodály Australia Conference - Spring into Song : Sustaining the Vision

The conference ‘invites music educators and the broader community to reflect on Kodály-inspired research and practice in the 21st Century. The conference will celebrate our diversity of culture and educational contexts as well as new growth and innovation, reimagining Kodály’s vision and its application in Australia today’.

Venue : Canberra Girls’ Grammar School, Deakin, Canberra, ACT.


World Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Education [WIPCE] 2022

‘WIPCE brings together Indigenous representatives from across the globe to share strategies and developments for Indigenous education and attracts experts, practitioners, scholars, students and communities. As a result, WIPCE is the largest and most diverse Indigenous education forum in the world’.

Postponed from 1-5 November 2021 and becomes the 2022 Conference.

Venue : Hybrid event - Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, South Australia AND Virtual.


International Society on Early Intervention Conference [ISEI]

Integrating Research and Practice in Early Intervention. Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Beginning of September 2022

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October 2022
Date Event
4 ***

Executive Development For Education Leaders 2022 - New Zealand Benchmarking Study Tour

This is only the first day [pre-works] of an involvement covering virtually 1 complete year. For all details check the above site and see whether you would be interested and willing to commit to everything that is involved. The experience would be great if this was the case.

Venue : Note that there is a Free Information Session on Friday 5 May 2022, 8:00am-9:00am. Details from the above site.


New !Early Childhood Australia National Conference 2022

Passion to power : Our future profession. In keeping with the broader theme of reflecting on the past to design the future of the profession, the insights and knowledge shared by keynote speakers from past ECA conferences will serve as inspiration for the 2022 presentations. Now, more than ever, it is important to stay abreast of the changing landscape of early childhood. Join hundreds of others at the ECA National Conference and access the latest learnings and research’.

Venue : National Convention Centre Canberra, Canberra, ACT.


7 Habits of Highly Effective People [Brisbane]

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : TBC, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland.


2022 Conference – Canadian History of Education Association

Initial information only. This mostly covers the theme and other factors relating to the previously planned versions of this postponed conference. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Inn at Laurel Point, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


New !SourceKids Disability Expo Perth 2022 -

‘Over 130 disability product and service providers under one roof for two days in a COVID safe environment: you’ll find information and be able to speak to providers supporting families of children with a range of disabilities including Autism [ASD] and sensory issues such as sensory processing disorder, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy, vision and hearing impairments, and neurodevelopmental disorders such as dyspraxia’.

Venue : Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, Perth, Western Australia.

17 - 24

New !Understanding Behaviour - Functional Behaviour Assessment in Practice [2 part online series]

kuchildrensservices. This ‘aims to build on individual educators’ current knowledge and skills to support the development of individualised behaviour support plans and learning plans for children presenting with challenging behaviours. The program will teach educators the method of functional behaviour assessment and the resources will provide the framework and templates required to complete. It will give participants the tools to explore the function of behaviour and the strategies to develop plans to replace these behaviours with more appropriate behaviours’.

Venue : Online Sessions.


New !Australian International Education Conference

‘The theme Beyond Borders acknowledges the imminent and anticipated return of students to Australia, while at the same time recognising that there is still work to do in breaking down other barriers to making education accessible, equitable and truly borderless for all. Reunited beyond our borders and united by our shared goal to shape the future of international education, join us at AIEC 2022 in October’.

Venue : Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Broadbeach, Queensland.


8th International Nurse Education Conference

From education to impact : Transforming nursing and midwifery education. The NETNEP series of conferences are designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience of nursing, midwifery and healthcare education worldwide. NETNEP 2022 will continue this philosophy by encouraging the sharing of research and practice of nursing, midwifery and healthcare education as it impacts on the learning experience of students and qualified practitioners and the health and social care needs, and safety, of the individuals and communities it serves worldwide’.

Venue : Sitges, Barcelona, Spain.


In Person : Leading with Literacy - PETAA 2022 Conference

‘From babble to Batavia and beyond. Join us in Sydney in 2022 as we enter an exciting longitudinal journey of literacy development from earliest speech and phonemic awareness, through primary schooling to current expectations as students progress to high school’.

Venue : Sydney, NSW.


12th International Conference on Food Studies 2022

‘2022 Special Focus - Imagining the Edible : Food, Creativity, and the Arts. Theme 1 : Food Production and Sustainability; Theme 2 : Food, Nutrition, and Health; and Theme 3 : Food Politics, Policies and Cultures’.

Venue : Marymount Manhattan College, New York, USA AND Online.


13th International Congress on Plant Molecular Biology [IPMB2021]

‘This Congress will bring together over a thousand plant biologists from around the world who are making the latest discoveries on how genes, proteins, metabolism and physiology influence plant growth’.

Postponed from 24-28 October 2021.

Venue : Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns, Queensland.


ACEN Conference 2022 - Beyond 2022 : Creating the Future with WIL

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates. The Welcome Reception will be held in the early evening on 23 October 2022 at the Pilgrim Restaurant.

Venue : Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre, South Wharf, Melbourne, Victoria.


New !Executive Leadership Summit 2022 [Sydney]

‘Learn how to lead with practicality and cultivate high-performing teams. Successfully navigate business strategy implementation and integration. Tune up on the fundamental principles of business success. Understand how the global economy affects your organisation. Lead innovation and navigate change to survive disruption. Competently lead multiple business functions and high-performing teams’.

Venue : Intercontinental Sydney Double Bay, 33 Cross Street, Double Bay, NSW.


International Association of Universities Conference

‘The theme - Relevance and Value of Universities to Future Society - is all the more pertinent in the current context as we continue to tackle the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Conference will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the lessons learnt and advance the role of higher education in achieving a sustainable, fair, healthy and inclusive society’.

Venue : University College, Dublin, Ireland.


ANATS National Conference 2022

‘Providing an opportunity to bring together singers, singing teachers, voice practitioners and those involved in voice research in a collegial and informative environment. Featuring international keynote presenters, papers, presentations, workshops, special interest group discussion and social networking opportunities, it is the peak professional development event on the ANATS calendar’.

Venue : TBC, Adelaide, South Australia.


Acoustics 2022

The Nature of Acoustics. Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates..

Venue : Te Papa Tongarewa Museum, Wellington, New Zealand.

Beginning of October 2022

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November 2022
Date Event

OLC Accelerate 2022

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

There is a separate in-person event being held on 14-18 November 2022. See below.

Venue : Virtual.


New !The Thinking Classroom - Sharing Best Practice in Teaching Philosophy

‘This face-to-face learning experience explores how teachers can stretch the thinking of their students by engaging in philosophical inquiry that challenges them in their thinking to explore alternative viewpoints, recognise faulty reasoning, give and accept reasons, and test hypotheses. There will be a focus on how teachers can design learning that enables students to be divergent thinkers who can make reasoned judgements and have the ability to see and respect alternate points of views. The learning experience will also provide participants with practical teaching strategies to deepen learning and apply creative approaches to assessment and embedding authentic philosophical inquiry in your classroom’.

Venue : AISNSW, 99 York Street, Sydney, NSW.


NSJLE – National Symposium on Japanese Language Education

‘The theme of the National Symposium on Japanese Language Education 2022 is Be Inspired Be Inspiring. We have convened presenters lead by our keynote speakers to inspire educators to become leaders in their field or context to ensure that students and the wider school community connect with and highly value Japanese language and become aware of the pathways available for those with Japanese language skills as well as providing innovative, stimulating and relevant classes’.

Postponed from 5-6 November 2021. Other details appear the same.

Venue : State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria.


New !2022 Celebrating Teaching and Learning Event [AISACT]

‘The 2022 AISACT Celebrating Teaching and Learning event provides an opportunity to showcase the extensive range of teaching and learning projects and programs happening across AISACT Member Schools. This event provides an opportunity for staff from AISACT Member Schools to come together to hear about and celebrate successes enjoyed, challenges met and lessons learnt. Parallel streams of 12 minute presentations, including Q&A opportunities, will provide attendees with the opportunity to share, reflect and network’.

Venue : TBC, ACT.


OLC Accelerate 2022

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

There is a separate Virtual event being held on 1-3 November 2022. See above.

Venue : Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida, USA.


New !Indigenous Leadership Summit 2022 [Sydney]

‘The Indigenous Leadership Summit aims to change the leadership dynamic of Australian organisations for First Nations People. This event is a forum where Australia’s top leaders can have brave, not safe, conversations and openly discuss tangible action to change the landscape of Indigenous careers, progression and integration. As we transform employment outcomes and socio-economic statuses of Indigenous people, we impact education, health and social outcomes across the board’.

Venue : Intercontinental Sydney Double Bay, 33 Cross Street, Double Bay, NSW.


New !Asia Pacific Annual Conference [AACSB]

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.


New ! 2022 ACHPER Victoria HPE Conference [22HPECON]

‘Back to a LIVE EVENT … Click HERE to receive updates and notifications on registration opening and elective choices. Venue and costings will be communicated as soon as possible’.

Venue : TBC, Victoria.


The Asia-Pacific Quality Network Academic Conference

Strengthening Asia-Pacific Region Higher Education Quality Assurance Organisations. Bringing together Higher Education Institutions [HEIs], Quality Assurance Agencies [QAAs], government regulators and organisations working in the field of quality assurance to discuss and advance quality assurance in higher education. This conference will focus on the discussions of the future of quality assurance for higher education in the era of technological advances, particularly, the need for Schools to adopt better workflow by automating business processes’.

Venue : TBC, Singapore.


2022 ALANZ-ALAA-ALTAANZ Conference

‘This year’s theme : Applied linguistics in the Asia-Pacific region. We will be bringing an exciting program of applied linguists from New Zealand, Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, and the rest of the world here, in what’s been christened the coolest little capital city in the world. Explore the website, register early, and start making plans to join us in November 2022’.

Venue : Rutherford House, Wellington City, New Zealand.


AARE Conference 2022

Initial information covering dates and venue only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Adelaide, South Australia.

Beginning of November 2022

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December 2022
Date Event

New !MAV Annual Conference 2022

‘The theme for MAV22 Annual Conference is Valuing Mathematics in a Changing World and will focus on valuing mathematics across our education system and society. MAV22 will be an in-person conference with ten concurrent rooms broadcasting on each day. Each broadcast room is allocated to the following levels – Foundation to Year 8 [four rooms], Year 7 to Year 12 [four rooms] and Misc. Levels [two rooms]. Keynote presentations will be from 9.15am in five broadcasting rooms followed by sessions in 10 concurrent broadcasting rooms on each day’.

Venue : Virtual Conference.


New !45th National Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia 2022

‘The 2022 MSA conference will be held online and welcomes papers on any topic of music research. We note that it will take place concurrently with the 1st Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Indigenous Music and Dance and the 21st NRPIPA Symposium on Indigenous Music and Dance [see Call for Papers]. It also coincides with the International Day of People with Disabilities on 3 December 2022’.

Venue : Online.


New !School Climate & Culture Forum

‘This event highlights practical, real-world initiatives that are successfully transforming the quality, character and personality of schools. It showcases programs, assessments and tools proven to improve school culture and climate. Evidence-based and research-based interventions will be introduced, while the forum also highlights high-potential efforts currently being implemented in the laboratory of everyday school life’. One of a series in several different parts of the US - the Innovative Schools Summit.

Venue : San Antonio, Texas, USA.


New !ASCILITE 2022

‘The importance of relationships in higher education has never been more pronounced. Relationships between teachers and students, students and students, professional and academic staff and even between staff and technology play a key role in student success. In 2022, we’ll be gathering in person and online at the University of Sydney to share our stories of reconnecting relationships through technology’.

Venue : University of Sydney, Ultimo, Sydney, NSW.


ISPIM Connects Osaka Conference

‘Will bring together over 250 innovation professionals [from research, industry, consulting and the public sector] from 20+ countries. Connect with top international innovation managers, researchers, and thought leaders. Gain global insights by contributing to local innovation challenges. Experience innovation in action by engaging in interactive site visits. Share your research or practical experience in innovation’.

It is our intention to run the Osaka conference as a hybrid event so delegates will be given the option to attend virtually or in-person.

Venue : Hybrid Conference.


New ! Video and Visuals for Learning Online Conference 2022

‘Video and visuals done poorly can sometimes detract from the learning experience altogether. So how do you do it right ? What tools and skills do you need to succeed ? Our Video and Visuals for Learning Online Conference will dive into what works with video and visuals. It will also show tools, tips and resources you can use to enhance your visual skills and ways you can create a video that will make more of an impact’.

Venue : Online.


DATTArc Biennial International Design and Technology Teacher’s Association Research Conference

The theme of the conference is ‘Technology Education : Across the Boundaries. Scope covers Technology, design, and STEM across the boundaries of : Early years to year 12 learner development; Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, industry training and university Research and practice; Science, Engineering, Art, Maths, Music, language development, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Cognitive sciences and more’.

Venue : Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour Education Campus, Coffs Harbour, NSW.


The Australian Institute of Physics - AIP Congress 2022

‘The AIP runs biennial Congresses to bring the Australian Physics community together. A new host is chosen each time and the program committee draws heavily on input from the topical groups’. Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, South Australia.


2022 International Conference on Technologies in STEM ‘Live’

‘ICTSTEM 2022, organised by East Asia Research and supported by Australia’s Curtin University, will be a hybrid conference happening in Singapore. Learn from the masters of STEM education at the premier conference for the global Educator community. The conference aims to further the application of technology education within STEM and specific learning areas’.

Venue : Hybrid Event - Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, Singapore and Online.

Beginning of December 2022

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Date Event

THETA 2023

‘THETA is a biennial conference to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology and provide an opportunity for professionals in the industry to network and gain value from in-person interactions and experiences’.

Venue : Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland.


International Conference on Thinking [ICOT] 2023

The future begins today ! is the theme for ICOT 2023. ICOT is a gathering of practitioners, researchers, academics and theorists intended to share and also, challenge, reflect, learn, discuss and introduce different modes of thinking and the ways in which they can be applied to forming new ideas, provoking action, and solving problems, from those in our everyday lives to global challenges’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria AND Online.

Beginning of 2023

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