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There is a continuous supply of documents produced about all aspects of education both here and overseas.

It is often difficult to select only a few each month when so many, on so many aspects, are new and available [‘Life wasn’t meant to be easy’].

Wherever possible we have chosen Australian generated articles though not to the exclusion of quality articles from other parts of the world. We have also tried to include articles on all aspects and levels of education.

In addition to including a new selection each month, we have retained links to the articles from previous months [without the previous comments]. These will continue to be added monthly until the end of the current year.

Hopefully you will find them both interesting and enlightening. The choice is yours.

Growing Up Digital Australia

‘Growing Up Digital Australia builds on the research methodology that has been developed by Harvard Medical School and the University of Alberta. In this Australian study, we seek to answer questions around how digital technologies are being used, the benefits and distractions they pose to students and whether they are bridging the divide of equity, or widening it’. Multiple sections expand to provide a wealth of information relating to aspects of the study down to the Stage 2 Report. Read all the information, or simply those sections that hold specific interest for you.

In the same sentence : Bringing higher and vocational education together

Professor Peter Shergold AC and Mr David Gonski AC were commissioned to lead a Review on the NSW vocational education and training sector. They were asked to identify opportunities to ensure NSW remains nationally and internationally competitive, and that VET is regarded as a genuine and desirable option for school leavers. They were also asked to look at how to integrate secondary, vocational and higher education learning opportunities better as well as how to re-imagine industry engagement and how to improve career advice to support lifelong learning. Read the NSW Government response and its proposed plan based on the report findings.

Putting Students First : …

Moving on from NAPLAN to a new educational assessment system ‘In this present report we start by outlining a new set of aims for Australia’s national educational assessment system, that is oriented to student, teacher, parent and system needs and utilises contemporary understanding of assessment. This contrasts with the education reform perspectives of the early 2000’s, when NAPLAN was conceived, which prioritised system monitoring and accountability at the cost of other aims and outcomes. The needs of all stakeholders, not just those of administration, are central to the new aims’. Rachel Wilson, Adrian Piccoli, Andy Hargreaves, Pak Tee Ng, Pasi Sahlberg.

The Australian student voice on the soft skills needed for the future

And how universities can integrate these skills into their teaching. ‘In a fast-evolving 21st century, it is becoming increasingly important for students to develop their soft skill competencies alongside the technical skills required for their career. This paper reviews the findings from a survey of Australian higher education students on which of these skills they believe to be the most important for future career success. It also consults eight academic experts on the importance of these skills, and how universities can integrate them into their courses and teaching. There are many different approaches which can be taken to integrate soft skill development into teaching. It is recommended that whichever approach is chosen, the teaching of soft skills is embedded throughout all university courses so that students gain trust in their own learning behaviours and develop the confidence needed to employ these skills after graduation’.

The Next Steps for Apprenticeship

‘This publication provides insights from 16 papers by researchers from Europe, Australia and the United States. Evidence and analysis in these papers will help inform political decisions shaping the future of apprenticeship’. Technological, societal and demographic changes are all affecting the concept of what an apprenticeship is, what value it holds and the risks it faces. They indicate a number of key messages emerged from the symposium held in 2019 about ‘how countries can respond to the opportunities and challenges presented to apprenticeships in the years ahead’. Australia will undoubtedly face these along with many other countries. It is worth knowing what they are and what potential options are available to us.

Top Teachers : Sharing Expertise to Improve Teaching

‘As the performance of Australian students is falling in international tests in reading, science and especially maths, we are failing to use our best teachers to improve teaching across all schools. Our report calls for two new roles for Australia’s top teachers, giving them dedicated ‘day jobs’ to improve teaching across all schools. Master Teachers [the top 1 per cent of the profession] would have no formal classroom load but would be the overall pedagogical leaders in their subjects, working across a network of schools in their region. They would help identify teacher needs and coordinate training. They would guide Instructional Specialists [limited to 8 per cent of the workforce], who would split their time between classroom teaching and instructional leadership’. A different approach and one worth consideration.

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