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There is a continuous supply of documents produced about all aspects of education both here and overseas.

It is often difficult to select only a few each month when so many, on so many aspects, are new and available [‘Life wasn’t meant to be easy’].

Wherever possible we have chosen Australian generated articles though not to the exclusion of quality articles from other parts of the world. We have also tried to include articles on all aspects and levels of education.

In addition to including a new selection each month, we have retained links to the articles from previous months [without the previous comments]. These will continue to be added monthly until the end of the current year.

Hopefully you will find them both interesting and enlightening. The choice is yours.

An Apprenticeship Model for the modern economy

‘Apprenticeships and traineeships, in one form or another, are used the world over to train new entrants to the workforce in skilled jobs. The key features of learning by doing, underpinned by formal theory training whilst in paid employment, are widely supported and often expanded into non-traditional industries and jobs. But there are problems with the apprenticeship model. If apprenticeships are truly valued, how can they be made more attractive to young people ? How can more companies be encouraged to offer opportunities, especially during a recession ? And if apprenticeships will not meet Australia’s skills needs, how else can they be met ?’

A Vocational Education response to the pandemic

‘This paper proposes the development of a Diploma of Professional Studies in the high priority areas identified by government. Diploma students would also be eligible for a stipend that is equivalent to the Youth Allowance if they study full time. Research shows that studying full time provides students with the best chance of successfully completing their studies. The diploma would use the existing VET curriculum and package it in a way that allows students to exit the course at different stages with an employable qualification. It is becoming increasingly clear that due to the pandemic even low-skilled jobs are going to be hotly contested’. Is this a potential answer ?

Promoting equity is one thing, achieving it is another

‘Good intentions won’t solve the problem of Australia’s increasingly segregated school system’. In quite a short presentation, Chris Bonnor lays out the situation. He also refers to another document included in the last series of articles. As he says - “Changing what we have won’t be easy”. More importantly, he concludes with “Unless we change direction, our national goals for schooling, elegantly reshaped every decade, will continue to reveal what we have failed to do rather than where we want to be”.

Stepping Up : Securing the future of quality preschool in Australia

The report’s authors indicate ‘We need a consistent, national framework for two years of preschool education for every Australian child and a stable and simple funding arrangement to make it happen [and] the rationale for government investment in preschool is startlingly clear’. There is a wealth of data, both in text and tables, cogent presentation and content which combine to provide the case the authors are making. Read, consider, then see what you feel about the proposal and how it could be implemented.

The three threats to Australian universities and the ten most exposed

This is a two-for one presentation. The initial article is relatively short and summarises a longer working report for which there is a link toward the bottom of the original page. While the initial page is interesting, poses a range of questions, indicates some potential vulnerabilities and looks at three possible scenarios, if you are interested in the area, then you should go on to the working paper. It will undoubtedly give far greater detail and consideration of the various aspects.

The Tipping Point for Digitisation of Education Campuses

‘Vector Consulting was commissioned by Cisco and Optus to understand how universities and TAFEs are re-imagining teaching, research, administration and campus design. The study involved desktop research, targeted interviews, an international higher education round table and a comprehensive online survey that captured responses’. They ask and answer ‘How are universities and TAFEs re-imagining teaching, research, administration and campus design in a more digital world and post COVID ? The report’s authors, Vector Consulting, suggest that there will be profound and transformative changes’.

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