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Tertiary Education

Tertiary Education covers all formal education after the completion of secondary education. It is more commonly perceived as university or college study, rather than Vocational Education at a TAFE or institute, though this is changing as they begin to award degrees. A common perception involves gaining a degree [Bachelor to PhD], certificate or diploma as a result of studies.

Information is provided about Australian universities. Some international information is also available.

Australia information covers entry options, the ATAR [Australian Tertiary Admission Rank], special entry, Admission Centres, assistance including Scholarships, HELP funding, academic assistance, disability assistance, Free Textbooks and postgraduate information. International information includes the world’s best universities various exchange experiences.

Links are provided for Open Days, Vocational Education, Study Skills and Online Education. Several archived pages are still available but will no longer be maintained. The links were accurate at the date on the bottom of each page.

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