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What is a teacher librarian ? A qualified teacher librarian is defined as a person who holds recognised teaching qualifications and qualifications in librarianship, defined as eligibility for professional membership for the Australian Library and Information Association.
Within the broad fields of education and librarianship, teacher librarians are uniquely qualified. This is valuable because curriculum knowledge and pedagogy are combined with library and information management knowledge and skills.
Teacher librarians support and implement the vision of their school communities through advocating and building effective library and information services and programs that contribute to the development of lifelong learners.
Teacher librarians have three major roles : Teacher librarians as curriculum leaders; Teacher Librarians as information specialists; Teacher librarians as information services managers’
. 1

This page looks at the role of teacher librarians in all states and territories, research and reports, associations, resources and more.

To access further resources in addition to any listed, visit the School Library Association links provided and links in the Other Information section.

States & Territories

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


  • School Library Support
    Home page for information about school libraries and librarians. Linked pages include :

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South Australia

  • Careers
    For Teacher Librarians, Teachers and Library staff. Includes courses and more.
  • For Library Staff
    Access multiple documents relating to School Libraries.
  • Role Statement
    ‘When fulfilling all aspects of the role, the qualified teacher librarian is operating at a leadership level’. PDF and Word available.



Western Australia

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Other Information

Associations and Groups



For all educational journals, see the Education Journals page.

  • Connections
    ‘A quarterly newsletter produced by the Schools Catalogue Information Service’
  • School Library Journal®
    USA. Reviews, articles, technology information, links to blogs, newsletters, supplements, more.

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Other Information


  • Brave New World
    Tania Sheko. ‘Reflection, sharing of ideas and information, and social networking’.
  • Bright Ideas
    ‘Aim is to encourage teacher librarians and educators to actively engage with ICT, to share tools and experiences, to network on a global scale, and to embrace dynamic teaching and learning opportunities’.
  • Linking for Learning
    ‘School library & elearning from an Australian perspective’. This now includes the previous Edubeacon material.
  • Fiction is like a box of chocolates …
    ‘My aim was to present information about fiction in an informal way, providing hyperlinks to further information, but without cramming it into a half-hour talk’.
  • Flicking on the Book
    ‘A blog which focuses on children’s books that can be linked to the sustainability strand in the Australia curriculum. With each blog post I link in activities for teachers and parent’.
  • Lucacept - Intercepting the Web
    Jenny Luca. Concentrating on libraries and technology being used together.
  • Rhondda’s Reflections - Wandering Around the Web
    ‘This site was set up for me to take the time to reflect on what I have learnt about the web and what I have learnt about what is working with students’.
  • The Hub
    ‘Campaign for Quality School Libraries in Australia’.

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Reports and Research


  • New ! Adding Value : Principals’ Perceptions of the Role of the Teacher-Librarian
    2016; Mandy Lupton. ‘This paper reports on a study into principals’ perceptions of the role of the teacher-librarian. Nine principals in Australia were interviewed about the role of the teacher-librarian and library in their schools. It also identified a number of personal qualities valued by principals’.
  • New ! A happy compromise : ...
    2015; Hilary Hughes, Derek Bland, Jill Willis, Raylee Elliott Burns. ‘Designing a school library is a complex, costly and demanding process with important educational and social implications for the whole school community. Drawing upon recent research, this paper presents contrasting snapshots of two school libraries to demonstrate the impacts of greater and lesser collaboration in the designing process’.
  • New ! And the winner is ... ? :
    Thinking about Australian book awards in the library. 2012; Erica Hately. ‘Among their many duties, librarians occupy and must negotiate a space between the dreamed-of library and the all-too-real culture industries. This paper considers the possibilities and problematics of Australian book awards in libraries and librarianship’.
  • New ! Learning Information Literacy
    2014; Rae-Anne Diehm, Mandy Lutpon. ‘This paper reports on university students’ experiences of learning information literacy. The study reveals that students experience learning information literacy in six ways’.
  • New ! Portrayal of librarians in Australian creative writing
    2011; Michael Middleton. ‘An exploration is made of the ways in which librarians have been depicted in Australian creative writing. Reference is made to characters in novels, short stories, drama and poetry’.
  • New ! School libraries, teacher-librarians and student outcomes : ...
    Presenting and using the evidence. 2014; Hilary Hughes, Hossein Bozorgian, Cherie Allan. ‘This review, which arises from recent Australian research [Hughes, 2013], collates international and Australian research about the impacts of school libraries and teacher librarians. It strengthens the evidence base, and recommends how this evidence can be best used to advance school libraries and teacher-librarians and enhance student learning’.
  • New ! Social media and Web 2.0 : Teacher-librarians, risk and inequity
    2013; Mandy Lupton. ‘In this article I examine the perceptions of social media and Web 2.0 that influence the pedagogical practices of teacher-librarians. I argue that for many teacher-librarians, use of social media is seen as risky’.
  • New ! Teacher librarians as cultural change agents
    2011; SCIS. ‘The very essence of the work of teacher librarians - improving teaching and learning - requires that they work within the culture of the school and that they also work to change the culture of the school’.
  • New ! Three in One : teacher, information specialist, leader
    2013; Alinda Sheerman, ‘The teacher librarian holds an important yet rarely understood role in the school community’.


  • New ! How to Create Social Media Guidelines for Your School
    2012; Edutopia. ‘I have seen many approaches that work well, and some that don’t. That said, there is no silver bullet for administrators; every school, district, and state has a different set of circumstances. With that in mind, here are some steps that will help you determine the best approach for your own community’. USA.
  • New ! Managing relationships between libraries and publishers for greater impact
    2016; Ann Rossiter. ‘Explores how academic libraries and publishers can work together more effectively to deliver on our shared core mission – to foster access to the world’s knowledge across disciplinary, institutional and national boundaries for researchers, students and academics alike’. UK.
  • New ! Performance-Based Evaluation and School Librarians
    2015; Audrey P Church. ‘This three-year study describes the implementation of performance-based evaluations for school librarians in Virginia’. USA.
  • New ! Personalising the Classroom Experience -
    Teachers, Librarians and Administrators Connect the Dots with Digital Learning. 2012; Project Tomorrow. ‘We are providing new insights into how to personalise the classroom experience by first examining how today’s teachers, librarians and administrators are using technology themselves for professional tasks and then how those experiences are driving new plans and policies for technology use in our schools’. USA.
  • New ! Voice from the Field ...
    Libro + Biblioteca = Libertad. 2016; Rodrigo Joseph Rodriguez. ‘Lisa M López-Williamson is the teacher-librarian and literacy activist and advocate at William “Guillermo” C Herrera Elementary School in the El Paso Independent School District. She is a celebrated teacher-librarian who cares about family literacy’. USA.
  • New ! When Worlds Collide : Recent Developments in Children’s Literature
    2017; Debbie Reese. ‘This article provides a glimpse of significant developments that demonstrates how social media is being used to create new understandings among writers, editors, reviewers, teachers, professors, librarians, and parents’.

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1. “ASLA - What is a teacher librarian ?” ASLA - Australian School Library Association. Web. 25 July 2014.

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