Teacher Employment

Teacher Employment covers casual/part-time/relief/substitute teaching, full-time teaching and specialist positions such as consultants, itinerant teachers and counsellors. Teachers can work in government or several non-government systems, including specialist schools.

Advertised positions are found through multiple sources, in both print and internet media. Some apply to individual schools at a specific site while others operate across regions or the whole state.

This page covers procedures and programs used in each state & territory.

The Second Page covers specific procedures for transferring recognition of registration/accreditation between states/territories, including New Zealand [Mutual Recognition]. It also covers job sites and any special programs.

States & Territories

Australian Capital Territory

  • ACT Education Directorate
  • Catholic Education Schools
  • Other Sources
  • Registration of Teachers
  • ACT Teacher Quality Institute
    ‘Responsible for : professional registration of teachers; certifying teachers against national professional standards; developing and applying a code of professional practice for teachers; working closely with employers to promote continuous professional learning by teachers’.

New South Wales

  • Sydney Catholic Schools
  • Sydney Catholic Schools - Employment
    ‘Teachers wishing to teach in Sydney Catholic schools need to complete the ‘Registration to Teach’ process before being eligible to apply for a teaching position. For more details, please visit the ‘Registration to Teach’ page. Vacancies within schools are managed by the school itself and posted on the Teachers On Net web site ’. Related pages include :
  • NSW Department of Education
  • Awards & Determinations
  • Casual Teachers
    Teach.NSW. Information, forms, links.
  • Career Pathways
    ‘Whatever your previous work and life experience, there are career opportunities for you in the department’.
  • ClassCover
    For Relief Teachers.
  • Find Teaching Jobs
    ‘Find out how you could get a teaching job in a NSW public school and browse the list of newly advertised temporary and permanent teaching jobs’.
  • Updated ! Graduate Recruitment Program
    A number of conditions apply. Details are found on this page.
  • High Demand Teachers in NSW Public Schools
    ‘Consider becoming a teacher of one of the high-demand subject areas listed below or teaching in a high-demand location. The employment prospects of these teachers is high’.
  • Rural Experience Program
    ‘The Rural Experience Program provides an opportunity for permanent teachers to take part in a short-term placement of 1 to 4 terms in a Rural and Remote school’.
  • Salary and Allowances
    ‘Information on salaries and allowances for department employees’.
  • Staffing Procedures
    Staffing procedures and possible impact on employment prospects. Downloadable documents.
  • Teach.NSW
  • Teachers Handbook
    ‘The Handbook will contain the current conditions of employment for teachers in the Teaching Service, and list their responsibilities. This information is extracted from primary source documents including acts, regulations, determinations, awards, agreements and arrangements’.
  • Other Sources
  • Catholic Education Office
    ‘Employment information for the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn’.
  • Position Vacancies
    Multiple areas and levels, Casual Employment and Collective Agreements.
  • Updated ! Independent Schools Teacher Accreditation Authority
    ‘Teachers can be recognised and, where relevant, remunerated by gaining accreditation through NESA and/or the Independent Schools Teacher Accreditation Authority’.
  • TAFE New South Wales
    Employment is through individual institutes and campuses, found through a link on the home page. Select an institute, go to the website and find the link to staff/jobs.
  • Accreditation of Teachers
  • Guide to Accreditation [NESA]
    Previously part of BOSTES. New applicants must go here to be accredited. This page has multiple sections, including How do I get accredited ?.
    From 1 January 2018, all teachers must be accredited to continue, return to or start teaching in a NSW school. This is a new requirement for pre-2004 teachers.

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Northern Territory

  • Catholic Education Schools
  • NT Department of Education
  • Other Sources
  • Registration of Teachers
  • Teacher Registration Board
    ‘Registering teachers, or granting authorisation to an employer to employ an unregistered person; liaising with providers of teacher education and professional development in the Northern Territory; and developing a code of ethics for Territory teachers’.


  • Catholic Education Schools
  • Queensland Department of Education
  • Current Vacancies [Teach Queensland]
    ‘There are various ways to apply to become a teacher at a Queensland State School. Whether you’re looking to apply for a current teaching job, submitting an application for a future position or you want to be considered for casual teaching roles, here are the steps you should follow’.
  • Salaries
    Queensland Teachers’ Union.
  • Smart Jobs & Careers
    Government jobs portal. Select Teaching from the options listed.
  • Other Sources
  • Registration of Teachers

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South Australia

  • Catholic Education Schools
  • Department for Education
  • Other Sources
  • Registration of Teachers


Note : ‘As of the 1st of January 2017 all Tasmanian teachers and Limited Authority to Teach holders will be required to hold Registration to Work with Vulnerable People [also referred to as Working with Children check] with the Department of Justice, Tasmania’. Details can be found at Department of Justice : Working with Vulnerable People.

  • Catholic Education Schools
  • Department of Education
  • Other Sources
  • Registration of Teachers

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  • Catholic Education Schools
  • Job Search
    Positions within Victoria in the Catholic system. Use the available search options. Employment information direct from Ballarat and Sale Diocesan Education Offices. The others operate through the main site. [The last link in this section.]
  • Salary and Conditions
    Salary and Allowances and Leave plus further information relating to employment.
  • Work in our Schools
    Archdiocese of Melbourne. Covers Job Search, Accreditation, Beginning Teachers, Leadership, Pay and Conditions, Professional Learning and Requirements.
  • Department of Education and Training
  • Other Sources
  • Registration of Teachers

Western Australia

  • Catholic Education Schools
  • Department of Education
  • Other Sources
  • Jobs@Independent Schools
  • TAFE Positions
    Vacancies are advertised through this portal. Select institutes through the “Agency” choices. Some institutes provide access to Application Packs.
  • Registration of Teachers
  • Teacher Registration Board of WA
    ‘Required to maintain an up-to-date register of teachers; develop and publish professional standards for teachers; develop and publish accreditation standards’.

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