Beginning Teachers

Beginning teachers can face anticipation, uncertainty, stress, concern, even fear when first taking up a teaching position. They have to implement all they have learned in the most effective way, create relationships with students, other staff and parents, become part of a system, a school and a staff with all this implies, match the desirable with the possible and finally, cope with the physical demands of teaching full-time.

While this can prove rewarding, and hopefully does for new teachers, it makes for interesting times until the final moment when you know you made the right decision.

This page gives access to procedures and programs used in each state & territory, special reviews, reports and surveys, resources & tools, books, even Survival Guides. It looks at induction, mentoring and other special programs.

For related information, visit — the Professional Development pages.

States & Territories

Australian Capital Territory

  • Updated ! Support for New Educators
    ‘New educators are supported during the early years of their career through a variety of programs’. Specifics can be found on the Updated ! Professional Learning page.
  • New ! Recruitment
    Registration information, How to Apply to Teach in ACT public schools, advice relating to this process.
  • New ! Supporting Staff
    ‘The wellbeing of staff is core business for the ACT Education Directorate’.
  • New ! Teach in the ACT [ACT Teacher Quality Institute]
    Four different aspects relating to registration are covered.
  • New ! Work In Canberra
    ‘What we offer and other employment information’. ACT Government sites covering all areas of employment including aspects such as ACT information through to Employee tool kits.
  • New ! Working with Us
    Looks at teaching in the Education Directorate system. Check sections in the menu at the left.

New South Wales

  • Beginning Teacher Conferences
    ‘Beginning Teacher Conferences are open to all new [beginning] teachers who are : employed as full time, temporary or casual teachers by the DET in the schools sector and located within a reasonable travelling distance of the conference’. NSWTF. They also have a Graduate Survival Kit.
  • Beginning Teachers Support Funding Policy
    ‘States the department’s policy for the provision of funding support to schools for eligible permanent and temporary beginning teachers’.
  • Casual and Temporary Teaching
    ‘The majority of teachers commence their careers in the NSW public education system as casual or temporary teachers. Whether employed on a day-to-day basis or in blocks, they carry out a vital role in public schools throughout NSW’.
  • Further support for in-school mentors
    ‘These resources support in-school mentors and provide effective practice focused support to beginning teachers ’.
  • Quality induction with Strong start, great teachers
    ‘Quality induction gives beginning teachers a strong start. It supports them to become capable and confident teachers, intent on maximising the learning outcomes of their students’.
  • Support for the development of beginning teachers’ key practices
    ‘The following table identifies some of these areas of practice, the Standard Descriptors and where to find support to develop the practice’.
  • Teacher induction and Probation
    ‘During your first year of a career in teaching, induction plays a critical role in supporting your development as a capable and confident professional.
  • Teachers Handbook
    ‘The Handbook will contain the current conditions of employment for teachers in the Teaching Service, and list their responsibilities’.
  • Teaching at a new school
    ‘Your first appointment at a new school as a permanent, temporary or casual teacher will provide you with some special opportunities and challenges’.
  • The Department’s 5C model of school-based induction
    ‘Quality induction customises support to needs. It connects teachers according to these needs and focuses on context, curriculum and the classroom. The 5C model is centred on these key components’.

Northern Territory

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South Australia


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  • Effective Mentoring Program​
    ‘The Effective Mentoring Program is a joint initiative run in partnership between the Department of Education and Training and the Victorian Institute of Teaching’. Victorian Institute of Teachingsite for this program is found at this link. A Reflective Guide to Mentoring is found here.
  • Guide for Beginning Teachers
    The document includes information from your welcome, Orientation Day through to mentoring and professional learning.
  • Initial Teacher Education
    ‘The single most important thing we can do to improve student outcomes is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in every classroom. Teachers play a pivotal role in building the Education State and are at the core of workplace reform’.
  • Induction
    Select one of the two options for either teacher or principals. Select the appropriate section on this page. Use the internal link or download the Guide for beginning Teachers.
  • Principals Induction Guide for New Teachers
    ‘Principals can support the induction of new teachers in their school by being explicit about the values and expectations that inform and reflect the behaviours and practices of staff within their school. Effective induction of beginning teachers in schools is primarily the responsibility of principals’.
  • Strengthening Induction Practices and Mentoring Programs
  • Supporting Provisionally Registered Teachers
    ‘Newly qualified teachers with provisional registration can access information and resources required to apply for full registration’.
  • Teaching Academies of Professional Practice
    ‘The cross-sectoral Teaching Academies of Professional Practice, for example, involve clusters of schools partnering with higher education institutions to deliver an immersive preparation experience for pre-service teachers and strengthen the links between theory, research and practice to enhance course effectiveness’.
  • The Pedagogical Model
    ‘The Pedagogical Model is a reference point for school leaders and teachers to develop a deeper understanding of what constitutes high quality teacher practice in the classroom’.

Western Australia

  • Aspiring Teachers
    ‘Has a range of information that will acclimatise you with the internal structure and functions of the Department of Education and Training and teaching with them’.
  • Benefits and Support
    ‘You have access to a variety of employee benefits and support services’.
  • New & Graduate Teachers
    Information on the Graduate Teacher Induction Program, In-class Coaching Program and Teacher Registration Board programs.
  • Staff Induction Policy
    Download or read online.
  • LEAP Program
    Links to information.

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Other Information

Books & Other Publications

  • Beginning Teacher’s Handbook
    ‘takes you through the challenges you will face in joining a school community, establishing positive relationships with parents from day one, and engaging the students you are given’. Fee-based.
  • New Teacher’s Kit
    ‘The New Teacher’s Kit is a complete set of downloadable, printable resources and classroom strategies’.
  • New-Teacher Toolbox
    US, but still applicable. Available through Amazon. Partly available through Google Books.

General Sites

  • Updated ! 6 Ways Awesome Administrators Help New Teachers Face the First Year with a Smile
    ‘There’s an enormous gap between what you learned about teaching and what teaching is really like. Having a great administrator that first year can be a lifeline’. USA.
  • Beginning Teacher Myths
    ‘Here is a short list of misconceptions that new teachers often bring to the classroom’. NSW Teachers Federation.
  • Beginning Teacher Resources
    ‘On this page you will be able to find a number of links, suggestions, and ideas to help make your first year of teaching just a little bit less overwhelming’. USA.
  • Great Expectations …
    “Good News for Beginning Teachers”. Article full of advice from Dr Jane Bluestein.
  • The New Teacher Induction Program
    Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada. ‘Supports the growth and professional development of new teachers. A step in a continuum of professional learning for teachers to support effective teaching, learning, and assessment practices. Provides another full year of professional support so that new teachers can continue to develop’.
  • Updated ! Teacher Induction : Supporting the Supporters of Novice Teachers in Europe
    ‘To develop a five-day intensive programme for “mentors”, this definition included teachers in schools who had the task of inducting new teachers’. Article describing this process.

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Research, Reports & Surveys


  • New ! Mentoring Beginning Teachers and Goal Setting
    2016; Peter Hudson, Sue Hudson. ‘Australia has delineated a new direction for teacher education by embedding mentoring programs for teachers who support early-careers teachers as a system approach. This case study investigated how mentors after involvement in a mentoring, professional learning program focused on goal setting with beginning teachers in their schools’.
  • Mentoring beginning teachers in Catholic schools in Western Australia
    2017; John Topliss [Thesis]. ‘The study identified and explored the mentoring experiences in the transition from graduate to Early Career Teacher in selected Catholic primary and secondary schools in Western Australia. The research addressed a significant deficit, as presently the lack of a system-wide framework for the mentoring of ECTs, the cessation of the current ECT program and the limited training of mentors, has resulted in less than ideal mentoring experiences for ECTs. The study examined the perceptions of ECTs in the transition from graduate to Beginning Teacher and involved three distinct yet inter-related phases that explored the mentoring experience’.
  • Updated ! Teacher Attrition and Retention Research in Australia : Towards a New Theoretical Framework
    2015; Shannon Mason, Cristina Poyatos Matas. ‘This article yields significant insights into the history and potential future of the teacher attrition research field. Using a thematic content analysis methodology, a study of the Australian literature reveals that the field in this country is still in its infancy, and is dominated by small-scale, qualitative exploratory studies. Furthermore, it shows the lack of consistency amongst studies discussing teacher attrition’.
  • The workplace experiences of beginning teachers in three countries : ...
    A message for initial teacher education from the field. 2017; Anna Du Plessis, Eva Sunde. ‘This transnational qualitative study, completed in Norway, South Africa and Australia, adopted a Vygotskian social constructivist theoretical stance. Gadamer’s hermeneutic philosophy was applied to offer an in-depth understanding of the effects of classroom experiences on beginning teachers’ professional identities and feelings of ‘belonging’ and ‘at homeness’ in their positions. The results of this study highlight the school leaders’ perceptions of how well graduate teachers are prepared to meet the demands of the workforce’.
  • Valuing Early Career Teachers : Putting the Brakes on the Exodus
    2018; Marion Shields, Peter W. Kilgour. ‘The attrition of early career teachers has been identified as an international issue. This paper reports on an Australian study that sought to identify the lived experiences of beginning teachers in one independent school system in their first three years. Areas such as the teacher’s job satisfaction and impacting factors were addressed’.


  • Updated ! An Evaluation of the New Teacher Induction Program in Turkey through the Eyes of Beginning Teachers
    2017; Sükrü Hangül. ‘Aim of this study was to explore and compare beginning teachers’ experiences and evaluations about the new teacher induction program put into practice by the Turkish Ministry of Education. The core components of the induction program included a] classroom practices, b] school practices, c] non-school practices to be completed by the second week of June, 2016. Thus, the focus of this study is on the content of the first 14 weeks of the program’. Turkey.
  • New ! Coaching Them through It : How San Antonio Supports First-Year Teachers
    2018; Jennifer Dubin. ‘A joint effort of the school district and the local union, the San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel, the program was created three years ago to improve teacher recruitment and retention. It is modelled on Peer Assistance and Review programs in other places, where successful teachers leave the classroom for a few years to work full time as one-on-one mentors with new teachers [as well as with veterans who need support]’. USA.
  • New Teachers Face Three Common Challenges [Research Says]
    2012; Bryan Goodwin. ASCD. ‘Surveys and case studies offer compelling insights into the areas in which new teachers commonly struggle. By effectively addressing these areas, schools can help new teachers improve their skills more quickly, thereby keeping them in the profession and raising student achievement’. USA.
  • The Impact of Induction and Mentoring Programs for Beginning Teachers : ...
    A Critical Review of the Research. 2011; Richard Ingersoll, Michael Strong. ‘This review critically examines 15 empirical studies, conducted since the mid 1980s, on the effects of support, guidance, and orientation programs - collectively known as induction - for beginning teachers. Most of the studies reviewed provide empirical support for the claim that support and assistance for beginning teachers have a positive impact on three sets of outcomes: teacher commitment and retention, teacher classroom instructional practices, and student achievement’. USA.
  • New ! The Good Mentor
    1999; James B Rowley. ‘As formal mentoring programs gain popularity, the need for identifying and preparing good mentors grows. As a result of my experiences, I have identified six basic but essential qualities of the good mentor and the implications the qualities have for entry-year program design and mentor teacher training’. Still valid. USA.

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  • Building the right foundation : Improving teacher induction in Australian schools
    ‘This report was developed to provide a meta-analysis of the key research in the area of new teacher induction’. Contains three major sections.
  • Graduate to Proficient
    Australian guidelines for teacher induction into the profession. ‘The guidelines for teacher induction into the profession, frame support for beginning teachers to make the transition from the Graduate to the Proficient Career Stage, based on the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers’.
  • Initial Teacher Education : Data Report 2016 [AITSL]
    ‘This report brings together the available data on initial teacher education [ITE] in Australia. It includes information on ITE students and graduates, as well as ITE institutions and programs’. PDF download available.
  • New ! My Induction App
    ‘The My Induction app brings together resources and activities to support your development in the first few years of teaching. It also provides advice and strategies for maintaining your personal wellbeing while transitioning to life as a working teacher’. Available in both Apple and Android formats.
  • Prepare for Practice
    ‘Whether you’re a pre-service teacher or a recent graduate, these resources are designed to help you prepare for your teaching practice’.
  • Reflect on your Leadership
    ‘Reflecting on where you are now and how to move forward can help you improve your leadership practice. Our self-assessment and reflection tools allow you to explore your leadership and plan your pathway towards improvement’.
  • Research on Induction Best Practice
    Annotated Bibliography, Induction environment scan, case studies, videos, more.
  • School Leadership eCollection - Induction
    A small series of reports, interviews, articles about induction processes for new staff. This page has been archived.
  • Start your Career
    ‘Your first years as a teacher can be as challenging as they are rewarding, so it's important that you receive the right support and guidance to develop your skills. Our resources can help you get used to the classroom and improve your practice as you transition to the Proficient career stage’.
  • Support New Teachers
    ‘Providing quality induction and support is critical to improving learner outcomes and developing the teacher's skills at the start of their career’. Includes video, case studies and more.
  • Mentoring the Beginning Teacher
    Article for this program. Alberta Teachers’ Association. Canada.
  • National Induction Programme for Teachers
    ‘Aims to support the induction of newly qualified teachers into the teaching profession in primary schools in Ireland’. A very detailed example of what occurs in other countries.
  • Resources Toolkit for New Teachers
    Edutopia. ‘From classroom management to working with parents, lesson planning to learning environments, this compilation of blogs, videos, and other resources provides an array of tips and advice for teachers just starting out’.
  • The New Teacher Centre
    ‘A national resource focused on teacher and administrator induction’. US-based. Articles, resources and sample programs may prove useful in an Australian setting.

Survival Guides

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