Professional Development

Professional development [n.]

Professional development may be used in reference to a wide variety of specialised training, formal education, or advanced professional learning intended to help administrators, teachers, and other educators improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness.
The Glossary of Education Reform

Professional Development is an integral component of teacher development. At best, it is a process that works individually with the strengths and needs of a specific teacher to create higher capability and understanding. Continuing or Continuous Professional Development, Staff Development and Mentoring are other common terms used in this area.

For many years, professional development was carried out face-to-face - in the workplace, through activities provided/required by employers, as part of the activities of a range of associations and/or professional bodies and in some cases through further, individual study [e.g. additional degree].

Involvement with overseas groups and activities was reasonably limited. This has undergone significant change. Particularly with the increasing availability and use of technology and also because of the impact of circumstances as are occurring at present.

Instead of meetings, workshops conferences - we now need to consider Live Streamed Webinars, Virtual Events, Zoom Workshops, Online Summits, Digital Seminars, Asynchronous Events, On Demand Programs, . . .

You can take part in professional development from virtually anywhere on the planet without leaving home or place of work. You can also access presentations from educators who previously you would only know by name or research. The breadth of what is available is almost limitless.

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the Standard for Principals provide a basis for much of the formal professional development requirement in all states and territories.

This page looks at nationally available Australian PD sources. It also has sections on International sources, Leadership Development and On-demand Programs.

The First Page looks at Professional Development information from all Australian states & territories.

The following pages also include links to this area Conferences and Beginning Teachers.

Australian PD

Check State/Territory listings for specific locally based programs.

  • ACER
    ‘Postgraduate courses; Accredited courses; Product training; Workshops; Conferences’. Part of the ACER Institute.
  • Updated !AITD
    ‘AITD offers a wide range of professional development for members and non-members, including an annual national conference, courses, webinars, online learning as well as a mentoring program and local events’. Use the Professional Development and Events links in the top menu.
  • Updated !ALEA- Professional Learning
    ‘View events by date, state/territory, ALEA supported events’ and more.
  • ALIA Training
    Australian Library and Information Association. ‘Professional development resources you may find useful include Conferences, Summits, Symposiums, Conference resources, Group events, Journals and ebooks for members and Leadership & Innovation Forums’.You do NOT need to be a member of the ALIA PD Scheme to participate in ALIA Training courses.
  • Apple Teacher
    ‘Apple Teacher is a free, professional learning program designed to support and celebrate educators using Apple products for teaching and learning. As an educator you can build skills on iPad and Mac that directly apply to activities with your students, earn recognition for the new things you learn, and be rewarded for the great work you do every day’.
  • Asia EdNet
    ‘AEF delivers informative resources, national and international professional learning, innovative programs and rich networks that connect Australian schools with 23 countries across Asia-Pacific’.
  • Australian Gifted Support Centre - Teacher Professional Learning Programs
    ‘Full day , part day and staff meeting training sessions can be designed to suit the professional learning needs of your school personnel’.
  • Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership [AITSL]
    ‘Provides national leadership for the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments in promoting excellence in the profession of teaching and school leadership’.
  • Australian Online Courses
    ‘Australian Online Courses offers hundreds of online courses for your professional development and our dedicated student support team is there to help you every step of the way’. Courses cover a wide range of professions but includes Education and Teaching, Psychology and Counselling, Personal Development and others which may prove of value in this sector.
  • Australia ECEProfessional Development Options
    Overview, Summary of State Voices of Authority, links to Organisations Offering ECE Professional Development in Australia.
  • Australian Montessori Teacher Education Foundation
    ‘All training centres are staffed by highly qualified AMI teacher trainers supported by a pedagogical team of experienced advisors to ensure that the objectives of Maria Montessori’s pedagogical principles are upheld. Diploma Courses are examined by external examiners appointed by AMI, who serve to maintain the high standard and integrity of AMI course programs’.
  • Be You
    ‘Be You provides educators with knowledge, resources and strategies for helping children and young people achieve their best possible mental health’. Professional Learning, Handbooks, Fact Sheets, Tools and Guides, Events and more.
  • Big Picture Education Australia
    ‘A not-for-profit network of educators implementing a distinctive design for schools in a range of different community settings. Our purpose is to influence vital changes in education’. Provides events, workshops and online courses
  • Updated !Catch Up®
    ‘Learn how to deliver Catch Up Literacy or Catch Up Numeracy to struggling learners’. Australian branch of an English based group.
  • Community Early Learning Australia
    ‘Providing the highest level of professional development and training through our Registered Training Organisation, in-house and customised on-site sessions, courses and webinars’. Covers ‘Australia’s early and middle childhood education sector’.
  • Cornerstone Teacher Learning
    ‘We focus on teaching and learning. Many of our courses are cross-curricular, because we’re focused on pedagogy’. Course, online courses, webinars, more.
  • Critical Agendas - Professional Development for Teachers
    ‘Critical Agendas has curated an engaging form of PD for teachers through high quality presenters across a variety of topics. Our wide network allows us to source specific areas of PD should your school require this. We can provide training in school or at any of our venues across Australia’.
  • CSER Digital Technologies Education, University of Adelaide
    ‘They have developed a number of open, online courses designed to assist teachers in addressing the new Digital Technologies learning area. While explicitly connected with the Australian Curriculum, these courses are open to anyone who wishes to learn more about how they could teach Computational Thinking at these levels’.
  • Dhinawun Consultancy
    ‘This website serves as a portal for the services and activities conducted by Dhinawun Consultancy for schools and community groups’.
  • Dynamic Learning Group
    Seminars. ‘Simply scroll down to view our exciting range of topics, dates and locations. You can also download a printable flyer for each seminar’. Listed under specific topics and also under states in which they are presented. Topics from Behaviour Management and Inquiry Learning to Teacher Wellbeing.
  • Early Childhood Australia Learning Hub
    Professional Learning - ‘Online Professional Learning Guide, Modules, Webinars, Customised professional learning and consultancy, Communities of practice and other resources’.

Education Services Australia

  • Curriculum Leadership
    ‘Electronic journal for leaders in education’. Now discontinued [last issue 2015] but with over 400 editions still available to access online.
  • Digital Technologies Hub
    ‘This section contains advice around professional development and professional learning’. Multiple webinars and Online courses and communities are just two sub-sections of this.
  • Student Wellbeing Hub - Professional Learning Modules
    ‘The Hub’s free courses provide high quality professional learning to help schools engage positively with current and future challenges. All courses are aligned to the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework and to the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership professional standards at the Proficient level’.
  • New !EduInfluencers
    ‘We provide professional development programs, workshops, coaching and strategic consulting for educators, teams, schools and school leaders’.
  • English Australia - Professional Development
    ‘One of English Australia’s key strategic goals is to provide leadership in raising educational and professional standards in member colleges’. Conference, PD Events, Webinars, Guides, Resources, more.
  • eSafety Commissioner - Training for Professionals
    ‘eSafety offers a range of online safety training programs free of charge’. Multiple sections targetting groups from pre-service teachers to university staff. One example is the New ! Professional learning program for teachers.
  • Goethe-Institut Australien - Professional Learning for Teachers of German
    ‘Professional Learning in Australia, in Germany and Online’.
  • inclusionED
    ‘An online professional learning community, co-designed with educators, for educators. It provides free evidence-based and research-informed teaching practices and tools to support diverse learners in inclusive classrooms’.
  • Intuyu Consulting
    ‘We deliver extensive personalised professional learning programs to Teachers and Schools, this page will give you a sense of where we can work with you. As we are constantly adapting and developing our professional learning capabilities we suggest to get in touch with us to talk about your specific requirements’.

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  • Learning Connections - Teacher Professional Development Programs
    ‘An integrated classroom movement program that boosts children’s ability to learn – and children love it. This is professional development that offers real benefits in the classroom’.
  • Lexis Education
    ‘Teaching ESL students in mainstream classrooms : Language in learning across the curriculum is an innovative and rigorous professional development course for all teachers working with students aged between 8 and 18 years who are learning through a language that is not their primary language’.
  • Literacy Solutions
    ‘Offering a range of professional learning topics tailored to the needs of educators. Choose the mode of delivery that suits you best. Workshops [Live & face-to-face]; Webinars [Live & online]; Video Presentations [Anytime, anywhere]’.
  • Monash University - Professional and Continuing Education
    ‘We offer a range of professional development programs suitable for educators, school leaders, support staff and the wider community’. 9 major areas.
  • National Museum of Australia - Professional Development
    ‘professional development programs for new and established teachers. These hands-on sessions explore pedagogical approaches and practical techniques to engage students with historical content and develop their skills. We now offer professional learning courses online as well’.
  • Updated !Open Parachute
    ‘Our Online Wellbeing Programs are designed to support the mental health of students, parents, and teachers with separate programs for school Years 5 through 12’.
  • ORIGO Professional Learning
    Instructional videos; ORIGO One videos; Webinars.
  • Pearson Academy
    ‘Product-linked learning; Workshops; Conferences; Accreditation Courses; and Private Courses’. Upcoming Courses are linked from this page
  • Positive Difference : Positive Psychology and Positive Leadership Courses and Training
    ‘Grounded in research from the fields of positive psychology, positive education, neuroscience, positive organisational practices, mindfulness, and positive leadership, our training provides participants with comprehensive coverage of the key theories, concepts and strategies embraced by the most engaged and resilient individuals, the most positive and productive teams, and the most sustainably purposeful organisations’.
  • New !Positive Partnerships - Workshops and Online Learning
    ‘We offer free workshops around Australia to provide information and strategies to support your child’s learning. We also provide programs and workshops to help teachers, school leaders and other education professionals create an autism-friendly school culture. Find out more about the options we offer from the links below’.
  • Powerful Partnerships
    Online and Face-to-Face programs [also custom designed programs to meet the individual needs of your school] covering ‘Early Career Teaching; Effective Pedagogy; Leadership; Coaching/Mentoring; From Conflict to Collaboration’.
  • PETAA - Register and find Courses
    ‘High quality, practical professional learning courses in English and literacy teaching for primary school teachers’.
  • Professional Development Training [PDT]
    ‘Our purpose is to help your organisation provide training and development to your people that is on target, fun, retained and above all helps them achieve their goals. Complete Training Courses Delivered - Live Online; Bite Size Learning - Live Online or MicroLearning Videos; Resources; more’.
  • Professional Learning [HBE]
    Previously listed under Solution Tree Australia. ‘Australasia’s leading provider of educational resources, events and professional development services. Since 1985, we have empowered F–12 teachers and educational professionals with the tools and skills they need to improve classrooms and raise student achievement’.
  • Updated !Reimagine Australia
    ‘Working with the National Quality Framework and best practice in early childhood intervention our Inclusion e-learning program provides all early childhood practitioners the knowledge and tools to create best support children and their families’.
  • Robokids - Teacher Professional Learning
    ‘Our Teacher Professional Learning workshops are developed to your needs, we offer full & half day services as well as 2 hour after school options. All of our TPL workshops are aligned to Australian DT and specific state curriculums’.
  • Teacher Professional Development Services
    Workshops, in-service and consultancy. Now with an expanded online presence designed to help ‘all education professionals. Online modules contain the same learning material as our popular workshops, with the flexibility and convenience of learning at your own pace from work or home on any device’.
  • Teaching & Learning Toolkits
    ‘summarises the global evidence base on 35 different approaches to lift learning outcomes in schools. You can view all approaches, see approaches relevant to primary or secondary schools or look at approaches by school management area’.
  • Teaching Teachers for the Future
    ‘Aimed at enabling all pre-service teachers at early, middle and senior levels to become proficient in the use of ICT in education’.
  • The Shepherd Centre - Professional Development Courses
    ‘The Shepherd Centre is offering a series of live interactive online professional development opportunities. All courses are accredited by the NSW Education Standards Authority [NESA], the ACT Teacher Quality Institute [TQI]’.
  • The Australian Society for Evidence Based Teaching
    ‘Here, you will find practical advice on how you can be even more effective in your role – advice about evidence based teaching that is grounded in hard research’. membership is free.
  • Teacher Training Australia [TTA]
    ‘TTA provides high quality professional development courses for classroom teachers. Our presenters are either practicing teachers or experts from industry. All our courses and presenters are vetted by our team of curriculum experts to ensure the quality and relevance of the material presented’.
  • VDC
    ‘VDC specialises in providing continuing professional learning for the Vocational Education and Training workforce for all VET providers in Australia. VDC has an extensive range of one hour webinars, half and full day workshops and special events such as VET Thought Leader Forums, conferences and other functions. VDC can provide tailored professional learning activities to meet your organisation’s needs’.
  • Velg Training
    ‘Conferences; Webinars; PD Your Way; Velg2Go. Australia’s leading provider of Vocational Education and Training professional development and consulting services’. Either Online or face-to-face.



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Leadership Development

Check State/Territory listings for specific leadership development programs. The following are all Australian unless otherwise indicated.

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

  • Updated !Lead and Develop at AITSL
    ‘Understand the Principal Standard; Develop yourself as a leader; Develop others; and Build leadership in Australian schools’. Some specific aspects are provided below, others available from the main site :
  • Be inspired by Great Principals
    ‘These stories reveal what it’s like to be a principal. They are the experiences of real principals from a range of school settings and include some great advice for those on the leadership journey’.
  • Improve Leadership with the Principal Standard
    ‘The Australian Professional Standard for Principals provides a framework for what you should know, understand and do to succeed as a principal or school leader’.
  • Leadership Profiles
    ‘The Leadership Profiles are a set of statements that describe the Principal Standard in more detail. They’re based on real insights from practising school leaders, and show how effective principals act as they progress professionally. As a school leader, you can use the Profiles as a guide to becoming a better leader’.
  • 360° Reflection Tool
    ‘Understand your strengths and explore opportunities to improve your effectiveness as a school leader’.
  • Connected Principals
    ‘The shared thoughts of school administrators that want to share best practices in education. All of the authors have different experiences in education but all have the same goal; what is best for students’. Canada/USA.
  • Early Childhood Australia Leadership Program
    ‘Founded on solid expert research and five years of sector consultation, this essential leadership framework has been designed by early childhood experts and quality assured by early childhood practising leaders. Our Leadership Program was specifically created as a strengths-based, self-directed, short-term program for both current and aspiring early childhood leaders in diverse settings’.
  • Educational Leaders
    New Zealand Ministry of Education. ‘Wherever you are in your leadership career, you should find information and ideas that help you to solve day-to-day problems and support your professional learning’s website for school leadership. Find materials, tools, resources, news, and discussions’.
  • Educational Leadership
    An exceptional quality magazine from ASCD. Fee-based, though some issues [e.g. Summer 2020, digital version] are available free. Worth the cost. USA.
  • Updated ! Leadership and Management Essentials [UniSA]
    ‘Designed to cultivate crucial leadership knowledge, tools and skills, preparing participants to effectively lead and manage within a dynamic business environment. The program will enable participants to be more effective managers and leaders, better able to engage, align and empower staff, set and achieve operational goals and raise capability from an operational focus to a broader strategic perspective’. Previously listed as Leadership Development Program.
  • Leadership and Management in Education [University of Newcastle, Australia]
    ‘The Leadership and Management in Education Professional Certificate program will develop your skills in leading, supporting, and positively transforming learning organisations. You will acquire skills in leadership techniques; coaching; communication; change management; conflict resolution; and stakeholder engagement’.
  • Leadership Development
    ‘Intensive leadership courses will develop your leadership skills, teach you how to develop leaders around you and how to build aligned, inspired and passionate teams that consistently deliver results’. They also have Leadership Programs for Schools [students and staff].
  • Leadership Development Program
    Lutheran Education Australia. ‘A nation-wide strategic program of the schools, principals, regional and national offices of Lutheran Education Australia to provide leadership for the growing network of Lutheran schools. LIP aims to ensure that Lutheran schools have the leaders required to operate effective schools for the future’.
  • Leadership Development Training - PD Training
    ‘A practical course that provides participants with an impactful learning journey that develops insight and skills to develop as a leader, and teaches functional management skills that are core competencies needed by people in leadership roles’.
  • Leadership Directions
    ‘Our mission is to help emerging and frontline managers achieve positive, long-term behavioural change for themselves and their teams. We achieve this through practical high-quality leadership programs, self-directed action planning and embedded learning support’.
  • Leadership Management Australia
    Provider of courses in a range of development areas including leadership.
  • Updated !New Horizons - Leadership and Development Training
    ‘Our Leadership and Professional Development courses focus on the practical expertise and competencies that you need to further develop yourself and your organisation, enhancing your proficiency in key areas’. USA/Australia.
  • The Leadership Institute
    ‘With access to the right people, the right training, in the right format, we will empower you to become a leader of tomorrow; the leader who drives success through ethics, innovation, equality and strategy’. Summits, conferences, Training Courses; Specific topics.
  • Women and Leadership Australia
    ‘Operating in all states and territories, the LA initiative comprises a range of high quality professional development courses, advisory services, networking channels, and on-going research’.

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On-Demand Programs


  • Child Australia
    ‘Inservice Workshop Packages - This professional development provides training solutions tailored to your service’s individual requirements; PD 4 U Packages; Archived Webinars; Online Learning Centre Subscriptions; Service Consultations Packages’.
  • Cool Australia - Online Professional Development Courses
    ‘You can access the course anytime and from anywhere. You will set your own pace to participate in short activities that include watching videos, reading case studies, exploring resources and reflecting on your teaching. All lessons are for private study. You’ll get a course handout that summarises key content and your course teacher is there to help’.
  • Early Childhood Australia Learning Hub - Webinars
    ‘The ECA Learning Hub offers on-demand studio-quality webinars, presented by a range of experts in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector. Perfect for group training, each webinar can be watched at a time that suits you. Pause, rewind, make notes and discuss, our interactive platform allows you to take control of your professional development’.
  • Resource Call - Professional Development Shop
    Multiple categories; Multiple formats; Multiple Providers; Option to select only free option; Note that some are restricted to members of specific provider groups. Very much for the Vocational Education sector.
  • Teacher Professional Development Services
    ow with an expanded online presence designed to help ‘all education professionals, with the flexibility and convenience of learning at your own pace from work or home on any device’.
  • Teacher Resource Centre [Texas Instruments]
    ‘Classroom resources to save you time; professional development on-line, on-demand or in person; school rewards and opportunities, you’ll find it all here in our Teacher Centre’. Australia.


  • Updated !ASCD Webinars - Free Professional Development
    ‘Watch effective, research-based practices in action. Listen to advice from skilled practitioners. Accelerate your learning journey on your time and your path’.
  • Bergman Professional Learning
    Find the full range of resources covering all curriculum areas and education in general.
  • Education On Air [Google]
    ‘Education On Air offers a global curriculum of webinars and digital events to help you get the most out of Google for Education tools and solutions. Whether you are a teacher, IT administrator or superintendent, our Google for Education experts, partners and your peers are here to share their knowledge to help you bring transformative tools to your classrooms’.
  • Heinemann On-Demand Courses
    Online Professional Development. ‘Heinemann On-Demand Courses are written and presented by our expert authors on topics that matter to teaching and learning today. High quality author-delivered video combined with practical application and reflection offer participants a job-embedded online PD experience that truly changes practice’.
  • On-Demand Video - Smekens Education
    ‘With on-demand access to more than 200 professional learning videos, subscribers are equipped with the strategies they need to improve instruction, address emerging needs, and bolster achievement. And when the entire staff is included in the subscription, every educator in your building can learn to execute expert instruction all year long’.
  • Sanford Inspire : Free Teacher Professional Development
    ‘Sanford Inspire celebrates and develops inspirational educators through free on-demand courses and resources designed to support social emotional learning and inspirational instruction in the Pre-K to 12 classroom’. Webinars are also available.

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International PD

  • Updated !21st Century Schools Online Courses
    ‘Allows you the flexibility to study and complete your coursework at the time that is best for you’. [USA]
  • ASCD Professional Learning Solutions for Educators
    ‘ We have the most innovative on-site, online, and blended solutions that are customisation, aligned, and differentiated to meet the needs and goals of your educators. ASCD is the global leader in developing and delivering innovative programs that empower educators to support the success of each learner’. USA.
  • REACH Education Consultancy
    Yes we know it is from New Zealand ! ‘An agency created specifically to support schools in working successfully with gifted learners’. Of most interest might be their Updated !Online Course [Certificate in Effective Practice in Gifted Education], a valued professional development course. Schools might also consider New !A Gifted Intensive or the planned online New !Professional Learning & Development.
  • EDtalks
    ‘Interviews, discussions, and presentations from thought leaders, innovative educators, and inspirational learners’. Videos, Channels, Playlists, Speakers.
  • Ideas about Education
    ‘How do we reinvent education ? These TED Talks explore the latest thinking — from teachers, parents, kids — on how to build a better school’. 200+ talks listed at time of entry. Talk givers include people well known in Australia, plus others you may come to regard highly.
  • Instructional Resources #teachingtechniques
    University of Hawaii. ‘These resources should support you in considering how you approach teaching, support student learning, maintain best-practices, and work toward work-life balance’. Designed primarily for the tertiary level, but could be applied at other levels.
  • Intel® Teach Elements
    ‘Intel® Teach Elements are free, just-in-time professional development courses that you can experience now, anytime, anywhere. This series of compelling courses provides deeper exploration of 21st century learning concepts’. Also check their Tools for Student-Centred Learning, “Created by educators, for educators”.
  • Online Learning Consortium - Enhancing Online Education
    ‘From our institutional offerings to our advisory services, our focus is on driving best practices for Quality Online Learning. Our platform is based on the Five Pillars of Quality Online Education – Learning Effectiveness, Faculty Satisfaction, Student Satisfaction, Scale and Access. A collaborative community of higher education leaders and innovators, dedicated to advancing quality digital teaching and learning experiences designed to reach and engage the modern learner’.
  • Research Resources
    ASCD. ‘Are you looking for research that will inform your work ? ;Let us help ! If you’re not sure where to start, try using ASCD’s New !ASCD’s Research a Topic web page’. 37 topic areas [e.g. Brain and learning, School culture and climate, Classroom management] at time of listing
  • Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook
    ‘Teacher PD Sourcebook Directory is the most complete interactive, online professional development resource for K-12 educators’. Much is applicable worldwide. Their Collection of free and premium virtual broadcasts, including upcoming and on-demand webinars. ‘All webinars are accessible for a limited time after the original live streaming date’.
  • TeachersFirst Professional Learning
    ‘Includes tutorials for creating technology projects [such as wikis or blogs], classroom activities, and assessment. Find information about our free virtual workshops and Twitter chats. TeachersFirst Professional Learning pages are created by experienced teachers who know everyday classroom realities. Sign Up [Free]’.
  • The Mind Tools Career Excellence Toolkit
    ‘Mind Tools provides access to 2,400+ resources, including articles, podcasts, videos, infographics, quizzes, Book Insights, Expert Interviews, and more’. Covers areas diverse as Leadership Skills, Stress management, Strategy Tools and Creativity Tools.


  • 21st Century Education
  • 7 Habits Of Highly Ineffective Educators
    ‘Fun video [of a staged production]. It’s well worth a watch if you have 3+ minutes. It’s that quick.’. Recently revised and updated.
  • ASCD PD In Focus
    ‘PD In Focus® is an award-winning online platform that features hundreds of hours of videos showing research-based teaching practices in action. Updated with new enhancements and designed as a role-based platform, it can be used collaboratively or independently, so educators can experience professional development on their own time’.
  • Teacher Training Videos
    ‘The website offers free step-by-step videos to help teachers [and students] incorporate technology into their teaching and learning. Our main aim is to help teachers who feel overwhelmed by the huge number of technologies available’.
  • TeacherTube
    Educational Videos for the Classroom and Home. ‘Our goal is to provide an online community for sharing instructional videos. It is a site to provide anytime, anywhere professional development with teachers teaching teachers’. Individual videos and collections.
  • Videos for Teachers
    ‘Videos of Successful Teaching Practices in Action’.

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