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Professional Development

professional development [n.]

professional development may be used in reference to a wide variety of specialised training, formal education, or advanced professional learning intended to help administrators, teachers, and other educators improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness.
New ! The Glossary of Education Reform

Professional Development is an integral component of teacher development. At best, it is a process that works individually with the strengths and needs of a specific teacher to create higher capability and understanding. Continuing or Continuous Professional Development, Staff Development and Mentoring are other common terms used in this area.

Information can be accessed using either the page number boxes above or the links that follow.

This page looks at other Australian information. It has sections on Leadership Development, resources, programs and associations.

The First Page looks at Professional Development information from all Australian states & territories.

Other pages with connections to this area include Beginning Teachers and Teacher Assessment.

Australian Information

  • ACER
    Workshops, many having world renowned speakers. Part of the ACER Institute.
  • Apple Teacher
    ‘The Apple Teacher professional learning program is now available free of charge to Australian educators. Apple Teacher is a free professional learning program designed to support and celebrate educators using Apple products for teaching and learning’.
  • Asia EdNet
    ‘A national collaborative project for all educators interested in studies of Asia and Asian languages’.
  • Australian Arts Alive - Teacher PD
    ‘Professional Development sessions can align with student workshops or be undertaken as a separate element’.
  • ALIA Training
    Australian Library and Information Association. Includes MyPD.
  • Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership
    ‘Provides national leadership for the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments in promoting excellence in the profession of teaching and school leadership’.
  • Australian Montessori Teacher Education Foundation
    Training activities are listed on the main Montessori site.
  • Big Picture Education Australia
    ‘A not-for-profit network of educators implementing a distinctive design for schools in a range of different community settings Our purpose is to influence vital changes in education’. Provides events, workshops and online courses
  • Catch Up Australia Training
    ‘We now also offer online training for Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy so we can train schools all across Australia. You can join forthcoming training’ using the details and dates on this page. Scroll down the page to this section.
  • CSER, University of Adelaide
    ‘They have developed a number of open, online courses designed to assist teachers in addressing the new Digital Technologies learning area. While explicitly connected with the Australian Curriculum, these courses are open to anyone who wishes to learn more about how they could teach Computational Thinking at these levels’.
  • Dhinawun Consultancy
    Fee-based consultancy for Aboriginal Education, culture and learning.
  • Digital Technologies : An Introduction
    ACARA. ‘Members of the Digital Technologies Advisory Group discuss the features of the curriculum’. Also has links to Design and technologies : an Introduction, from the same group. Youtube video.
  • Updated ! Dimensions
    ‘Dimensions is a site developed and hosted by the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers [AAMT Inc.] to assist with the professional learning of mathematics educators. It includes professional learning materials [learning modules] and related classroom resources along with an online community [discussion forum]. Users must register before they can access all the tools within Dimensions’, however this appears to be free.

Education Services Australia

  • Curriculum Leadership
    ‘Electronic journal for leaders in education’. Now discontinued but with over 400 editions still available to access online.
  • Digital Technologies Hub
    ‘Professional learning. Increase your capacity to teach Digital Technologies’. Multiple webinars covering people new to Digital Technologies, 6 specific areas and other professional learning. Worth visiting to see what is available, then making use of them.
  • Student Wellbeing Hub - Professional Learning Modules
    ‘These self-paced professional learning modules provide an in-depth introduction to the National Safe Schools Framework. They will build your understanding of the key elements of a safe, supportive and respectful school community that focuses on the wellbeing of all its members. Whether you are a school leader or teacher, specialist professional or pre-service teacher, these modules offer you practical suggestions for prioritising wellbeing in your school’.
  • Global trends in professional learning and performance & development
    ‘Provides an overview of innovative practices worldwide’. Download a copy here.
  • Jenny Mackay Cognitive Skills Training
    For Teachers & Managers. Courses, seminars, etc. are fee-based.
  • Language Learning Space
    ‘View the latest Professional Learning topics for language teachers. Log in below to explore the Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese sites’.
  • Learning with Blogs and Wikis
    ASCD. Article from Educational Leadership.
  • Learning Resources
    ‘Empowering Learning for the 21st Century’.
  • Literacy Solutions
    ‘A Queensland business servicing local, national and international clients’.
  • MindMatters
    ‘A resource and professional development program to support Australian secondary schools in promoting and protecting the social and emotional wellbeing of members of school communities’.
  • Monash University - Short Courses
    ‘Our range of non-award Professional Development Programs are specifically designed for teachers, school leaders and support staff. Every year we offer over 60 professional development programs - from the nuts and bolts of supporting literacy strategies in Primary schools to developing Leadership skills for Principals’.
  • ORIGO Education
    For specific In-school Professional Learning information, visit this section of the site.
  • Pearson Academy
    Offer professional development for teachers.
  • Pearson Upcoming Courses
    ‘Provider of professional development for teachers throughout Australia’.
  • PETAA - Register for Courses
    ‘High quality, practical professional learning courses in English and literacy teaching for primary school teachers’.
  • Professional Development [Gowrie Victoria]
    ‘Gowrie Victoria plans and delivers professional development to meet your needs based on extensive needs analysis, including feedback from early childhood education and care services. We often schedule additional professional development throughout the semester, to meet sector need’.
  • REACH Education Consultancy
    Yes we know it is from New Zealand ! ‘An agency created specifically to support schools in working successfully with gifted learners’. Of most interest might be their Online Course [Certificate in Effective Practice in Gifted Education], a valued professional development course. Schools might also consider The REACH Gifted PLD Package.
  • Reflecting on Professional Learning
    ‘You may choose to use the following optional template developed by the QCT to validate your professional reading, listening and viewing activities’.
  • Solution Tree Australia
    ‘Solution Tree Australia has acquired HBPLS previously listed, HBMIA, and HBPLC. We’ve come together to bring you more services and resources for improving professional learning’.
  • Teacher Professional Development Services
    Workshops, in-service and consultancy. Now with an expanded online presence designed to help ‘all education professionals. Online modules contain the same learning material as our popular workshops, with the flexibility and convenience of learning at your own pace from work or home on any device’.
  • Teacher Training Australia [TTA]
    ‘Established to provide high quality professional development courses for classroom teachers. Presenters are either practising teachers or experts from industry’.
  • Teachers TV Australia
    ‘Australian equivalent of the successful UK initiative.
  • Teaching & Learning Toolkit
    ‘Summarises the global evidence base on 34 different approaches to lift learning outcomes in schools. You can view all approaches, see approaches relevant to primary or secondary schools or look at approaches by school management area’.
  • Tender Bridge
    ‘Offers a dynamic database of funds schools can apply for to resource their projects and offers professional learning for schools in the area of grant-seeking and how to build a culture for partnering within schools’.

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Leadership Development

Check State/Territory listings for specific leadership development programs.

  • American Association of School Administrators
    Assisting ‘school system leaders at all levels’. There are sections on Leadership Development and Weblinks that may prove useful.
  • ACER Leadership Centre
    ‘Has a national focus on providing practical support to the professional learning and work of current and aspiring educational leaders’.
  • Australian Council for Educational Leaders
    ‘Offers the opportunity to participate in leadership programs, topical seminars and workshops’.
  • Be inspired by Great Principals
    ‘These case studies provide valuable insights into the role, strategies principals have taken to prepare for leadership and advice for aspiring leaders early in their career or about to embark on their first principal role’.
  • Improve leadership with the Principal Standard
    Unpack the Principal Standard, Leadership Profiles, How the Principal Standard was developed. Download the Principal Standard.
  • Centre for Leadership for Women
    ‘Empower[s] women to recognise and develop their own leadership potential’.
  • Connected Principals
    ‘The shared thoughts of school administrators that want to share best practices in education. All of the authors have different experiences in education but all have the same goal; what is best for students’.
  • Educational Leaders
    ‘New Zealand Ministry of Education’s website for school leadership. Find materials, tools, resources, news, and discussions’.
  • Leadership Development
    ‘Intensive leadership courses will develop your leadership skills, teach you how to develop leaders around you and how to build aligned, inspired and passionate teams that consistently deliver results’. They also have related programs for schools [students and staff].
  • Leadership Profiles [AITSL]
    ‘A set of statements that describe the Principal Standard in more detail. They’re based on real insights from practising school leaders, and show how effective principals act as they progress professionally’.
  • Leadership Directions
    ‘Leadership Directions delivers short courses for frontline managers and leaders across Australia’.
  • Leadership Management Australia
    Provider of courses in a range of development areas including leadership.
  • Principals Australia Institute
    ‘Provides quality professional learning, leadership development and support to principals and school leaders’.
  • Reading List 2017 [AITSL]
    ‘This reading list contains practical advice on how to make the most of a professional leadership network, and includes information on online access to supportive networks’.

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Other Information

  • Teachers Without Borders
    Helps build partnerships designed to create up-to-date educational understanding for practitioners in developing countries.

Resources & Programs


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