Professional Development

Professional development [n.]

Professional development may be used in reference to a wide variety of specialised training, formal education, or advanced professional learning intended to help administrators, teachers, and other educators improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness.
The Glossary of Education Reform

Professional Development is an integral component of teacher development. At best, it is a process that works individually with the strengths and needs of a specific teacher to create higher capability and understanding. Continuing or Continuous Professional Development, Staff Development and Mentoring are other common terms used in this area.

For many years, professional development was carried out face-to-face - in the workplace, through activities provided/required by employers, as part of the activities of a range of associations and/or professional bodies and in some cases through further, individual study [e.g. additional degree].

Involvement with overseas groups and activities was reasonably limited. This has undergone significant change. Particularly with the increasing availability and use of technology and also because of the impact of circumstances as are occurring at present.

Instead of meetings, workshops conferences - we now need to consider Live Streamed Webinars, Virtual Events, Zoom Workshops, Online Summits, Digital Seminars, Asynchronous Events, On Demand Programs, . . .

You can take part in professional development from virtually anywhere on the planet without leaving home or place of work. You can also access presentations from educators who previously you would only know by name or research. The breadth of what is available is almost limitless.

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the Standard for Principals provide a basis for much of the formal professional development requirement in all states and territories.

Other Sources of professional development for each state links to resources usually only found in that state/territory. Additional resources are found in the Australian listing on the second page.

This page looks at nationally available Australian PD sources. It also has sections on International sources, Leadership Development and On-demand Programs.

The Second Page looks at looks at nationally available Australian professional development sources. It has sections on Leadership Development, On-demand Programs, links to associations and other resources/programs. The new second page has now been uploaded.

The following pages also include links to this area Conferences and Beginning Teachers.

Australian Capital Territory

  • Professional Learning - ACT Teacher Quality Institute
    ‘Continuing professional learning is an integral part of teacher development. Teachers, like other professionals, make a career-long commitment to learn new skills, explore new ideas and build knowledge, all for the benefit of their students. All ACT teachers must complete a minimum of 20 hours professional learning each year to maintain their registration. The ACT requirement mirrors provisions for maintaining teacher registration across Australia, with direct links to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers or Standard for Principals’.
  • ACT Education and Training Directorate
  • Professional Learning
    Home page for the ACT Government system. This includes links to the following and more :
  • Hedley Beare Centre for Teaching and Learning [HBCTL]
  • Human Resources Management [B.8]
    ‘The Directorate promotes a culture where teachers and school leaders expect and are expected to be active in professional learning. Quality professional learning activities are offered’. 2017-8 Annual Report
  • People, Practice, Performance
    ‘The School Performance and Accountability Framework has school improvement at its centre, with the National School Improvement Tool [NSIT] its core feature’. 2017 Update.
  • Professional Learning and Events Calendar
  • Professional Teaching Framework
    Lists ‘Indicators of Professional Knowledge, Indicators of Professional Practice, Indicators of Professional Relationships and Indicators of Professional Attributes’.
  • Teacher Scholarships
    ‘The ACT Teacher Scholarship Program provides financial support to ACT teachers and school leaders within the Education Directorate to undertake further education, training and/ or research aligned to current Directorate priorities that will lead to an improvement in student learning outcomes’.
  • Other Sources

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New South Wales

  • My Maintenance - NSW Education Standards
    ‘ Maintenance of accreditation requires a teacher to demonstrate how their practice continues to meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the relevant career stage. Maintenance of accreditation is a requirement for all teachers accredited at Proficient, Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher level. Each maintenance period is either 5 years for teachers working full-time or 7 years for teachers working part-time or casual. Teachers must complete at least 100 hours of professional development [PD] in each maintenance period to support their practice and ongoing professional growth’.
  • NSW Department of Education
  • MyPL
    ‘MyPL allows all staff within the Department of Education to manage their professional learning. It is available in the DoE staff portal’. Multiple sections cover all aspects.
  • Other Providers - Creative Arts
    An annotated listing of groups within NSW and other areas of Australia who provide quality professional development in the areas of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts.
  • Professional Learning
    ‘Professional learning is a key component of continuous improvement’. Multiple sections from Leadership to Future-focused professional learning.
  • Updated !Professional Learning Policy for Teachers and School Staff
    Online, background, links to related documents. Last updated October 2021.
  • Quality Teaching Rounds
    ‘Quality Teaching Rounds brings together the strengths of professional learning communities, instructional rounds and the Quality Teaching model’.
  • NSW Institute of Teaching
  • Free and Low Cost Registered PD
    ‘A list of endorsed professional development providers running free/low cost NESA Registered professional development courses. For more information on the free courses and how to register, please contact the course providers’.
  • Great Teaching, Inspired Learning – A Blueprint for Action
  • NESA Learning
    ‘Primary and secondary teachers in NSW can complete courses at their own pace, in their own time and from any device. Hours will be counted towards your Teacher Accreditation maintenance’. Courses vary from year to year.
  • NESA - Professional Development
    ‘Professional Development includes processes, activities and experiences that provide opportunities for teachers to extend their learning and support their accreditation against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers [the Standards]’. Different types of professional development are linked.
  • Other Sources
  • ACHPER Professional Learning Calendar
  • Continuing Professional Development - The University of Sydney
    ‘Our activities are endorsed and postgraduate credit transfer is optional for some of our courses’. Select from the menu on the left.
  • Difference Differently
    ‘Together For Humanity offers a number of NESA registered Professional Learning courses. The courses all align with the Australian Professional Teaching Standards for teachers and are free’.
  • Updated !ECTARC Training and Professional Development
    ‘ECTARC offers a wide range of professional development workshops to the early childhood sector. Educators can choose to participate in an online workshop or attend a face-to-face inservice workshop. Please click on the links for course details or to enrol online’.
  • Gifted NSW - Professional Learning For Schools
    ‘Gifted NSW has teamed up with professionals working in the gifted field to oversee, collaborate and partly fund Gifted Professional Development for schools, thus making it accessible and affordable. Workshops are designed to be single hour presentations so that they may be incorporated into a regular staff meeting within a school, though follow up and customised presentations can certainly be discussed’.
  • ICTE Solutions Australia
    ‘We provide online professional development for teachers in Early childhood and Primary Education. Learn how to Teach and Assess ICT Capability [General Capability in the Australian Curriculum] from our Online PD courses [Teacher, Early Childhood, Primary Teachers, Literacy Course, Leadership Courses, Formative Assessment]. You should also check their ICT Teaching Strategies covering professional development in technology integration’. NESA and TQI approved.
  • Lexis Education
    ‘Lexis Education is a leader in the delivery of train-the-trainer professional development courses addressing language, literacy and learning across the curriculum. All professional development courses are intended for classroom teachers and are based on the train-the-trainer model’.
  • MCA Australia - Teacher Professional Development
    ‘Our NESA-accredited professional learning programs are for early childhood, primary and secondary teachers and educators. We share our artist-led approaches and resources for developing creative learning experiences through contemporary art’.
  • Northern Beaches Community College
    ‘Professional development is critical to developing our workforce capability and furthering our skills within the workplace or for future job roles. With a range of courses on offer individuals can enrol in a course or speak to the college about tailored courses to meet their learning requirements’.
  • NSW & ACT Independent Education Union
    Links to professional development and training.
  • Professional Learning Events - University of NSW
    ‘A comprehensive range of short courses for students, teachers and researchers who are interested in updating or acquiring additional skills’ especially in gifted and special education.
  • Professional Teachers’ Council
    Access Professional Development Events here.
  • Teacher Training Australia
    ‘An Australian organisation established to provide high quality professional development courses for classroom teachers. Our presenters are either practicing teachers or experts from industry. All our courses and presenters are vetted by our team of curriculum experts to ensure the quality and relevance of the material presented’.
  • The Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation [CESE]
    ‘CESE offers registered professional learning for NSW public school staff. Professional learning includes face-to-face workshops, as well as our ‘CESE publications’ online courses, designed to connect education research with school context’. You might also check their Professional Learning Clearinghouse which ‘provides teachers and school leaders with easy access to robust education research on effective professional learning and classroom teaching strategies ’.
  • Training Services NSW
    Professional development opportunities in the training sector.
  • UNSW Global Professional Learning
    ‘Structured in a flexible modular format, our professional learning can be delivered via customised face-to-face seminars or webinars. Courses that include a practical component can be tailored to best suit the needs of your school. We also offer public webinars* at set dates throughout the year’.

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Northern Territory

  • Evidence Guide - Teacher Registration Board
    ‘Professional Learning Requirements [p.6] : To meet the professional learning requirement for Registration Renewal, fully registered teachers are required to have completed a minimum 100 hours of professional learning over the five year period prior to the application for registration renewal. The mandatory minimum 100 hours of professional learning must be a variety of experiences of professional development/professional learning that renews, enhances, develops and/or changes professional practice; and links to the Standards [Australian Professional Standards for Teachers]’.
  • NT Department of Education
  • New !eLearn - Department of Education
    ‘eLearn is an interactive website providing high-quality resources to support teaching, learning and school and system improvement’.
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  • Professional Learning
    Link to this area on the Departmental Intranet.
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  • Catholic Education Office
  • Professional Development
    ‘Access a range of professional development activities through the Catholic Education Office in Darwin and support staff employed by the Department of Education’.
  • Other Sources
  • AISNT, Professional Learning
    ‘Creates and delivers high quality Professional Learning including seminars, hands-on workshops, study tours and licensed/partnership training initiatives’.
  • Professional Development Framework [Teacher Registration Board]
    ‘The Framework provide guidance for all Northern Territory teachers around working individually and collaboratively to improve the quality of their teaching practice, and empowers teachers to achieve professional growth, improve professional standing and progress within the teaching profession’.
  • Teacher Registration Board NT - Professional Learning/Development
    ‘Teacher professional learning is an ongoing process supported by planned learning activities and programs designed to enhance professional knowledge, practice and engagement’.

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  • Continuing Professional Development [CPD] Requirements - Queensland College of Teachers
    ‘CPD is an annual requirement for teachers with full registration whether your situation is Teaching full-time, Teaching part-time or Doing supply or contract teaching. You must complete at least 20 hours of CPD for any calendar year in which you teach 20 days or more. There is no CPD requirement for any year in which you teach fewer than 20 days. You must demonstrate a balance across the following areas - Employer/school directed and supported CPD, Teacher identified CPD, a range of types of CPD activities and completion of at least the minimum annual amount required’. Part of the larger Continuing Professional Development for Teachers section of the site.
  • Education Queensland
  • Events and Resources
    ‘The following websites will help you access professional development opportunities and resources related to the vocational education and training industry’.
  • Professional development and support - Early Childhood
    ‘Early childhood education and care educators can access professional development services and resources through organisations including listed industry groups and peak representative bodies’.
  • Updated ! Professional Learning Opportunities [Department of Education]
    ‘A wide variety of professional learning opportunities are available to departmental staff through internal and external providers’.
  • Staff Professional Development Days
    Detailed information re development days [dates, fixed/flexible, student arrangements,...]; when they need to be organised; FAQs, more.
  • New !Teacher Learning Centres
  • Updated ! The Learning Place
    ‘The Learning Place is the department’s comprehensive eLearning environment providing secure access to an innovative range of digital tools, resources and online spaces for teaching and learning, collaboration and networking’.
  • Queensland College of Teachers
  • Teach Queensland
  • Other Sources
  • ACHPER Qld - Events & Workshops
    Select relevant workshops by using the options available on this page.
  • Autism Queensland - Professional Development & Parent Education
    ‘Autism Queensland delivers ASD-specific workshops and specialised training services for a range of audiences including Parents & Carers, Educators, Teacher Aides &/or School Officers, OHSC & Vacation Care staff’ and others.
  • GLC Professional Learning Programs
    ‘The GLC provides a selection of Professional Learning (PL) programs for pre-service, early years, primary and secondary school educators. The aim of our PL programs is to strengthen the capacity of educators to effectively implement Global Citizenship Education’.
  • Professional and Executive Education [Queensland University of Technology]
    Covers a wide range of areas one of which is Education.
  • Professional Development and Events
    Information, links to related information. Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.
  • Professional Development for Training Staff [Queensland Government]
    ‘The following websites will help you access professional development opportunities and resources related to the vocational education and training [VET] industry’.
  • Professional Learning and Consultancy - Lady Gowrie Qld
    ‘Lady Gowrie Qld offers a range of Professional Learning Sessions for Early Childhood Professionals that meets the requirements of the National Quality Standards, Early Years Learning Framework and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines’.
  • Professional Learning & Events [Independent Schools Queensland]
    ‘ISQ Connect&Learn is an online platform enabling member schools to register for credible, research-based face-to-face events, live webinars and online learning offerings’.
  • QCAN
    ‘Webinar Wednesdays; Conference; Symposium; Collaborative Learning Opportunities; In-Service Training; Online Learning Portal’.
  • QELi
    ‘QELi is a peak professional leadership institute, serving the state, Catholic and independent education sectors. All our programs are able to be customised for groups within schools, systems and sectors’.
  • UQx [The University of Queensland]
    ‘Browse free online courses in a variety of subjects. The University of Queensland courses found below can be audited free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee. Select a course to learn more’. Relevant courses in leadership, working in teams, psychology, Deep Learning, more.

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South Australia

  • Catholic Education South Australia [CESA]
  • Professional Development
    ‘The Catholic Education Office co-ordinates and facilitates opportunities for teaching and non-teaching staff to participate in a large range of professional learning opportunities. A variety of options can be found on the CESA Registration Centre’.
  • Department for Education & Child Development
  • Filmpond
    ‘Build your own media platform to plan, create and share your stories. Empower your community to create highly engaging and authentic films’.
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  • Professional Experience Placements in SA government Schools, Preschools and Centres
    Experiences offered ‘as a support to undergraduate and post graduate students ’.
    ‘The program aims to further develop participants capacity as leaders and identify areas for improvement. Detailed reports from the activities identify specific learning opportunities for individual development needs’.
  • Teaching for Effective Learning Framework
    ‘Identifies the characteristics of effective teaching and learning to establish broad domains of teacher action and relevant pedagogy’.
  • Other Sources

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  • Professional Learning - Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania
    ‘The Board needs to confirm you have participated in professional development over the last cycle of registration. At this stage there is no set requirement around how much professional development,just engagement in professional development activities. Relevant professional development activities are all those activities and practices which contribute to a teacher’s professional competence, directly or indirectly enhancing teaching and learning. You can list one of two key activities in TRB Online and then if audited by the Board provide your evidence of your participation in professional development. If you have engaged in professional development in the last five years you have met the Board’s professional development requirements’. Scroll down to the bottom of the first page.
  • The Department for Education
  • Good Teaching Guide - A Guide for Staff Discussion
    ‘The purpose of this guide is to raise the debate across schools to gain a common understanding of what makes a good teacher. It is the foundation of the Good Teaching series’.
  • PEIRS Program
    ‘The PEIRS program encourages pre-service teachers to undertake school experience in participating rural and isolated schools by providing support for accommodation and travel’. Download a Brochure here.
  • Professional Learning
    ‘Empowering our staff by providing them with quality professional learning is a priority of the department’. A number of current programs are listed.
  • Professional Learning Institute
    ‘The Department’s Professional Learning Institute offers a number of courses for school leaders and teachers’ including Empowering Support Teachers, Principal Induction, School Improvement Through Inquiry and more.
  • Other Sources

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  • Professional Development - Victorian Institute of Teaching
    ‘As a registered teacher or early childhood teacher, you will need to engage in at least 20 hours of professional development activities each year to renew your registration. VIT uses the term professional development in reference to teacher registration and the renewal process, and recognises that it can also be referred to as professional learning. Teachers refine their professional knowledge, skills, practice and values as described in the Code of Conduct and Ethics and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. As professional learning can take a variety of forms, the professional learning framework outlines these opportunities to support teachers on their professional learning journey’.
  • Catholic Education Offices
  • Department of Education and Training
  • Other DET Information
  • Independent Schools Victoria
  • Victorian Institute of Teaching
  • Other Sources

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Western Australia

  • Professional Learning - Teachers Registration Board of Western Australia
    ‘The minimum number of hours of professional learning activities that will be required for the renewal of teacher registration are as follows : Full Registration - 100 hours [over 5 years]; Limited or Provisional Registration granted for 3 years - 60 hours; Limited or Provisional Registration granted for less than 3 years - Calculated on a pro rata basis for the period since the registration was last granted or renewed, to the date of application at the rate of 20 hours for each year’. Information about types of Professional Learning Activities and various links are also available from this page.
  • Department of Education
  • Career Progression - The Department of Education
    ‘As your career progresses there is a range of professional learning to support your development and aspirations. We have a strong focus on professional learning and development and encourage our staff to participate in learning that is responsive to the diverse requirements of schools, regions, professional support networks and learning communities’.
  • Leadership Institute
    Home page. Programs for different groups- Aspiring Principals; Principal Career Stages; Department Leaders; Emerging Leaders; Middle Leaders; Newsletters.
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  • Catholic Education Office
  • Other Sources
  • ACHPERWA - Professional Learning
    Forums/seminars/professional learning opportunities/conferences, other information.
  • AISWA Professional Learning
    ‘These PL experiences include school-based training, seminars, hands-on workshops, conferences, network meetings, study tours, online courses, licensed/partnership training initiatives and one-on-one consultation’. Some courses available to non-members.
  • Greenhouse Education - Professional Development
    ‘Each course is designed to bring you specific, relevant information, targeted at exploring the issues currently faced by the Early Education and Care profession in Western Australia. These courses run for 2-hours and can be delivered at our campus in Ocean Keys or onsite at your centre’.
  • MAWA Events and Activities
    ‘Teacher Professional Learning’ provides many opportunities. ‘MAWA now offers Zoom Meetings for all MAWA delivered PL. MAWA provides a consultancy service where Professional Officers will work with your Mathematics department and/or individual teachers within your school or within your network clusters’.
  • One World Centre
    ‘Through a range of workshops and consultations designed to meet the needs of the people we work with, the OWC provides professional learning opportunities that foster responsible and skilled global citizenship for a sustainable world’.
  • Professional Development [School Curriculum and Standards Authority]
    ‘The School Curriculum and Standards Authority hosts a range of events that support teachers. These include assessment seminars, consensus moderation and professional development events’.
  • Scitech - Professional Development Programs for Educators
    ‘Our interactive STEM workshops can be booked by your school or network, and be delivered at Scitech or onsite’.
  • SDERA Professional Learning
    Building The Capacity of Educators. ‘Face-to-face workshops and webinars are free to all educators from public, Catholic and independent schools, and early childhood education and care services. Workshops are available around Western Australia and support for teacher relief is provided’.
  • Signature Leadership Program
    ‘A year-long intensive, experiential leadership program’. Includes school leaders.

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