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Teachers suffer all illnesses common to any community. They may have high levels of stress and can have problems that affect specific areas such as the voice. They can also succumb to common afflictions normally found in children.

Information is provided on areas such as stress and burnout, the causes of these plus there is a section on care of the voice.

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Stress Management


Teacher Stress

Provided by the National Union of Teachers in the UK.

  • NEA - Stress !
    ‘Part of your job is to stay healthy and sane, especially in those first few years. Keep this in mind : For the sake of your health and your students’ performance, you should take steps to reduce stress’.
  • Tips for Coping With Stress
    ‘Coping with stress is easier when you identify stress triggers, manage time well and beat burnout’.
  • Understanding and Managing Stress
    Australian Psychological Society.

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