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There are serious tests, then there are … . You can access various IQ [Intelligence Quotient], personality and emotional intelligence tests online, though results should be taken with caution unless confirmed by professionals.

Among the others are many designed to give fun and enjoyment, e.g., find which of the Simpsons you are most like, what breed of dog would you be, where are you on the political spectrum, are you really a geek, … .

This page provides access to sites covering many of these tests, from IQ to What Dog ?

Don’t rely on these as gospel ! Enjoy them for what they are.

Intelligence Tests

  • Brainbench
    US site. Only some are Free.
  • Difficult IQ Tests
    ‘You have 140 minutes to answer the 280 questions’.
  • Fun Zone’s IQ Tests [for Kids]
    A fun approach using a variety of tests and puzzles.
  • Emotional Intelligence
    How good is your emotional intelligence ? Try this and find out. A wide range of other tests of various types can be found through the Queendom home page.
  • Free IQ Test
    ‘This free test is a premium psychometric exam and will measure your cognitive performance in several key areas including word analysis and spatial reasoning’.
  • High Range IQ Tests
    ‘This website is mainly devoted to measuring very high intelligence by means of untimed high range IQ tests. Besides my tests, you will find tests by other authors who influenced my work in this way or another’.
  • Intelligence Test
    Less questions and less time for completion but similar to others.
  • International High IQ Society
    About this group. Also an opportunity to take IQ tests for free.
  • IQ Test
    Take the test. Email information sent to you. Buy a certificate for a reasonable fee.
  • IQ Test Experts
    ‘Have queries about IQ, IQ Tests, IQ Scores ? Want to know if you are a Genius or what it takes to be a Genius ? Get all your queries answered here on’.
  • IQ Test Labs
    See how smart you are in only 10 minutes.
  • Mensa Workout, The
    Tests from the association for intellectual achievers.
  • Queendom
    Find out how intelligent you are.
  • The Classic IQ Test
    ‘TestQ’s free online Classic IQ Test is a scientifically accurate IQ test created by PhDs. Previously offered only to corporations, schools, and certified professionals - this personality-based IQ test is now available to you !’

Personality & Other Tests

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General Information

  • 3SmartCubes
    A variety of online tests from IQ to personality, relationships and career aptitude.
  • AllTheTests
    ‘Fun, Personality, IQ tests, Love and Relationship, Quizzes, Fan Tests - everything is possible on’. Also multiple quizzes.
  • BBC Surveys and Psychological Tests
    From Explore Your Memory to What am I Like ?, What Makes You Squirm ? to how moral you are and more.
  • Wally Test
    Start with this as an introduction to lateral thinking tests and Brain Food.
  • David Brown
    ⁼Of the most developed parts, there are optical illusions and fun tests on psychology and personality, which seem to be quite popular’.
  • Dig Deeper
    US site. Several processes relate to African American situations. A number are relevant to people in other countries, looking at levels of tolerance.
  • Fun Tests
    IQ, personality, love and more.
  • Keirsey Temperament & Character Site
    Based on work by famous psychologists, this places you in a grouping with specific characteristics.
  • Mensa Workout
    This is more serious and really will test you. 30 question in 30 minutes.
  • Political Leaning
    Find where on the political spectrum you are most suited - left or right. 60 questions.
  • Psychological and Personality Tests
    Multiple online tests - personality, IQ, fun, vocational, addiction, love and more. ‘This site is intended for your information and entertainment only’.
  • TestQ
    Do the Classic IQ Test or one of the Popular Quizzes from the right hand menu.
  • Test Your E-IQ
    Find your emotional intelligence level.
  • Visual Quotient
    How good are you at seeing optical illusions ? You can also try What’s your Visual quotient ? [Part II] here.

Unusual Tests

  • Anger Test
    Find your ‘anger’ status. Very short testing process.
  • Rorschach Inkblot Test
    ‘The inkblot test [also called the Rorschach test] is a method of psychological evaluation. Psychologists use this test in an attempt to examine the personality characteristics and emotional functioning of their patients. To take the test, click the “Begin Test” button’.
  • The Geek Test
    Are you a geek ?
  • The Simpsons Personality Test
  • What Dog Breed Are You ?
    Will let you know what sort you would be if you were a dog.
  • What Kind of Cat Would You Be ?
    ‘If your personality traits were matched to a particular breed of cat, which would you resemble ? Take our quiz for fun and find out now !’
  • Which Muppet Are You ?
    Are you Kermit, Miss Piggy, Statler or Waldorf ?

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