There are three main methods for finding information on this site.

The first of these is to use the DuckDuckGo Custom Search, found on every page.

The second is the Menu available from every page. These go directly to home pages that provide link[s] to specific pages in those areas.

You can also use this Site Map which uses the following icons :

The Home Page of course has []; Section Home Pages []; then Individual pages [].

All pages are listed under section headings [e.g. Teachers], then alphabetically using the first letter as you would say them, e.g. “B”eginning Teachers will be found first in this listing as it begins with “B”. The only exception is for the Australian History pages. These are listed as beginning with “A”. It emphasises the fact they are actually “Australian” History, as some titles may not.

All archived pages [not being updated at this time] are indicated by an [A] following the link.

If you are looking for specific items, the first method may be more effective.

Use the method you find easiest and best for you.

To access items in the listing below, Scroll through the list to the particular topic. Click on the name to go to the page.

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