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Two major groupings of schools exist in Australia. These are the Government Schools, controlled by the State & Territory government Education Departments, and Non-Government Schools that include all other schools [and school systems] not controlled directly by State & Territory governments.

Non-Government Schools include systems, loosely co-ordinated groups and individual schools. Included are Catholic Systems in each state & territory, other religious groups including Church of England, Uniting Church, Islamic and Jewish [to name a few], Christian Schools, international schools and others.

Under normal circumstances, all schools operate using essentially the same curriculum, state and/or national. Students in each state and territory complete the same major examinations. They sit the same qualification at the end of their schooling, irrespective of the type of school they attend. An increasing number of students [though still small by comparison and especially in non-government schools], are now sitting the International Baccalaureate, rather than a state-based qualification.

Government Schools are supported by a combination of funding from state & territory governments and from the Commonwealth. They are staffed through systems operated by each state or territory Education Department.

Non-Government Schools are funded through their own resources, fees and funding from both State or Territory as well as the Commonwealth Government. They select staff individually or as part of smaller systems such as Catholic Diocesan or District groups.

To assist you find a particular school’s information, sites are listed via the state, then links to either Government Schools or Non-Government Schools.

To find the school you seek, select the appropriate link from those provided below, e.g. Victorian Government Schools, go to that page, choose from the links and follow the directions provided.

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