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Non-Government Schools

The following is provided for your information. No responsibility is accepted for information provided on web sites created by any school system or individual school.

To access the web site for any school Click on the school name.

For locating schools in country areas, Google Maps, an Australian atlas or regional maps are recommended.

Information about individual schools, including a link to their website, can also be found on the My School website. You can nominate a school or use the search engine using area or postcode and ticking the government sector.

Schools Listing

  • Updated ! Adventist Schools Australia
    Scroll through to the listing for Queensland. Each provides name, Principal, website and brief details of school levels covered.
    This temporary site is in place while we work on an exciting new site.
  • Updated ! Anglican Schools
    Listing of schools under Regional or Metropolitan areas.
  • Anglicans Online : Schools and Education
    Alphabetical listing of Anglican schools across Australia.
  • Christian Schools
    Find schools by using location or school name. Either provides a listing and map. Click View Details for further information on a school.
  • Montessori Schools and Centres
    Search for a Montessori school using the options available. Be sure to read the Please Note section at the top of the page.
  • Non-State Schools Queensland
    Select the Non-state schools tab, then use options covering Search by post code, school name, address, suburb, town or city, Type of school, Affiliation, Gender or Boarding school only.
  • Private Schools in Queensland
    Alphabetical listing of private schools providing details for each.
  • Updated ! Queensland Catholic Schools
    Select an appropriate region on the map, choose a Town from the list provided then Click on the school name. A complete school listing and listings for each diocese [PDF], are available from the School Directory page.
  • Private Schools Directory
    To find schools, use options on the front page or use those from the Search for Schools menu.
  • Rudolf Steiner Schools
    Links to, and details of, all Steiner schools in Queensland.
  • Uniting Church Schools
    Alphabetical lists for “Schools”, “University Colleges” and “Theological Education”. Select Education from the top menu.

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