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This page has been archived and is no longer being added to or maintained.

Resources for all areas of Social Science including Geography, History and Economics/Commerce. They cover all levels. Coverage of civics & citizenship, peace & legal studies, and other strands. Check pages in Science and Social Science not curriculum specific [e.g. Antarctica, …]. Unless otherwise stated they are free.

Remember many sites are not Australian. Check carefully to be sure they conform to Australian requirements before use, e.g. spelling, terminology, guidelines, … .

Australian Sites

Associations, Curriculum

  • AC History Units
    ‘AC History Units presents 8 units developed by the History Teachers’ Association of Australia to support teachers in the implementation of the Australian Curriculumm : History’. Years 2-10.
  • Australian Geography Teachers Association
    Select “Resources” from the top menu then choose from the options. Both free and fee-based resources.
  • The History Teachers’ Association of Australia : Resources
    Competitions and useful links for teachers. Check their AC History Units at the link above.
  • For Your Classroom
    VCTA. Resources, Resource Shop, activities, Handy links.
  • Links
    History Teachers’ Association of NSW. ‘Attempts to provide weblinks to sites of use to our members’. There are also a range of resources available to members.
  • Resource Shop [HTAV]
    Multiple groupings including primary and secondary, teacher packs, sample exams, more.
  • Australian History
    ‘Download free content from La Trobe University on iTunes’. 21 podcasts ranging from The First Fleet through The Myall Creek Massacre to Memories from Vietnam.
  • Australian History Pictures
    ‘More than just pictures, they show and tell the story in rhymes and notes of the first 100 years of Australian history’.

Education Departments, Boards, Museums, Schools, …

  • Australian Social Science Data Archive
    ‘Access to data relating to social, political and economic issues’. A related Historical Data Archive is found here.
  • Civics and Citizenship Education
    Includes background, national activities, For Teachers, Teaching and Learning Activities, Parliament@Work, more.
  • Classroom Resources
    ‘Teaching resources for primary and secondary. Includes background information, student activities, full-colour cut-out 3D models and posters’. Geoscience Australia. Social Sciences and Science. Don’t forget to check their Publications.
  • Discovering Democracy Units
    An annotated listing of 46 teaching resources and 10 teacher reference materials. Slideshows, explores ideas, timelines, more as part of these.
  • Ergo
    ‘This website is provided by the State Library of Victoria and is designed for Victorian students and their teachers’.
  • Fun and Educational Websites for Kids
    A compilation by Education Queensland of annotated links to sites for SOSE [Social Science area]. Other subject areas are also included on this page. Scroll down for SOSE websites. Education Queensland.
  • Governing Australia
    The App Store. Free. ‘Learn in a fun and easy to understand way how the government works in Australia. This app covers a lot of content but you won’t have to do too much reading. Instead we’ve focused on using simple conversational language, with lots of fun illustrations, animation, photos and videos. We also have recap questions to enhance your understanding and learning’.
  • History [NDLRN]
    ‘This selection of digital curriculum resources is designed to assist teachers to find, use and adapt teaching and learning materials that are aligned to the history subject area of the Australian Curriculum’.
  • History Units
    Copacabana Public School. Units across stages; links to history units from other schools; State Library history units; Australian Curriculum units; AC History units.
  • Human Society and Its Environment - K-6 Educational Resources
    Board of Studies, NSW. As well as curriculum documents, there are also units of work, resources, background sheets, visual texts, more. Information about move to Australian Curriculum.
  • I am Australian - Exploring Australian Citizenship
    Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Resources for Primary students. Provides links to material for teachers and students. A similar package for Secondary students is found here.
  • Kidsview
    Parliamentary Education Office. ‘A collection of animations and interactives which make learning about parliament fun and accessible’.
  • Learning and Teaching Support
    DET, Victoria. Select Economics, Geography or History links from the menu on the left.
  • Look, Listen & Learn
    ‘Each set includes a DVD and an interactive CD-ROM, as well as full-colour books [printed or electronic]. Students can view, listen to, and read material, then complete tasks that reinforce learning and encourage critical thinking and discussion.
  • Maps and 3D Models - Geoscience Australia
    Everything including Maps of Australia, Hazards, Interactive 3D Models, Marine and Coastal.
  • Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House
    ‘Visit our Exhibitions page for more information about the new Democracy exhibitions. For information about daily tours and activities, visit the Tours and Activities page’. Check their Resources page to download a series of kits.
  • National Museum of Australia - Classroom Resources
    Resources listed for History, or by curriculum areas, year level, format, more. Check out the Australian History Mysteries. Primary and secondary material.
  • Racism. No Way
    ‘Anti-racism activities - Years 4-12’. DEC, NSW.
  • Teaching Resources [MoneySmart]
    ASIC. ‘A range of financial literacy education resources for teacher and parent use’.
  • Vrroom
    ‘Easy access for students and teachers to selected records from the National Archives collection. Search topics for diverse and surprising records about Australia’s history. Explore classroom resources that align to the Australian Curriculum : History, Civics and Citizenship’.
  • Year 5/6 : Australian Government [Australian Curriculum]
    Keilor Views Primary School. An extensive ‘unit focusing on Australian government and how rules and laws are made’.

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International Sites

Economics & Commerce

  • Economic Education Web
    ‘The mission of the Economic Education Website, is to provide support for economic education in all forms and at all levels. Select from the menu to find exciting material for teaching economics’.
  • Practical Money Skills for Life
    ‘Tips, interactive tools and easy-to-use calculators to help maintain financial health and well being. Divided into six topics which can be viewed in any order and any pace.’

General Sites

  • Asia Society [Resources]
    ‘Lesson plans, scholarly essays, primary resources - find it all here and build student understanding of Asia and the world’. Check the section called Asiakids that has stories, art, language, games, more.
  • BrainPOP - Social Studies
    Multiple Units. ‘BrainPOP engages students through animated movies, learning games, interactive quizzes, primary source activities, concept mapping, and more’. USA. Fee-based.
  • Classroom Activities
    A range of activities based on the theme of tolerance. Teaching Kits about tolerance are found here.
  • Google Arts & Culture
    ‘Explore collections from around the world with Google Arts & Culture, created by Google Cultural Institute’.
  • The British Museum
    Targets resources for students 7-11 and covers primarily history topics. Some relate to visits to the museum, but others have PDF and/or Word downloads, e.g. Anglo-Saxons, The Parthenon. Another page for Students 12-16 has topics suited to that level, while a third covers Age 16+.
  • United Nations CyberSchoolBus
    In many languages. World countries, peace studies, special days of the year, human rights, cities, more.Presently down for maintenance. Check back regularly.


  • Geography For Kids - By
    ‘Online geography textbook written for kids. Focusing on the surface, the atmosphere, the oceans, as well as the distribution of plants, animals, and people. Select a topic you would like to learn about by clicking on a link’. USA.
  • Geography Ideas
    Links, some to other sites, some to PDF files. UK.
  • Geography
    Library of Congress. Annotated links to multiple sites providing resources and support for teaching Geography. USA.
  • GeographyIQ
    World map, with sub-maps, that includes information about each country. It ranks countries using various factors. Currency converter. USA.
  • Geomania
    A good introduction to Geology and related areas. long term site. USA.
  • Helping Your Child Learn Geography
    US Department of Education. Activities designed to teach the elements of geography to students. Archived. USA.
  • Internet Resources for use in Geographical Studies
    ‘An extensive list of resources on maps - interactive, online, and printable - countries and continents, states, and landforms’.
  • - Quizzes
    Try your skill with a wide range of geography, travel and culture quizzes.
  • Mapmaker Interactive
    National Geographic. ‘Supports interactive mapping on tablets. New features have been added to help you view and customise maps’.
  • Mapping Our World
    ‘This unique interactive website works with maps and globes to transform pupils’ understanding of the world’ UK.
  • Outline Maps
    Outline maps to print and use. USA.
  • National Council for Geographic Education -Resources
    All education levels are covered. USA.
  • Teaching Geography
    Links under specific geographical headings. UK.
  • The Geography Site
    Links, resources covering all areas of Geography, related learning. Not updated for a while. UK.

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  • BBC History
    Free short online courses; present emphasis on World War 1; news; British History, Ancient History; Historic figures; history for kids; On the Day; more. UK.
  • Best of History Web Sites
    ‘Award-winning portal created for students, history educators, general history enthusiasts. One example covers Modern History’. Also has links for Geography and Social Sciences. USA.
  • Big History Project
    ‘A collaboration designed to bring big history to life for high school students. Designed to create and refine a world class curriculum and online experience that will be freely available to schools worldwide. If you are an educator, register to see our courseware and content’. International. A second link is found through the Khan Academy.
  • Educational Resources
    Penn Museum. A mix of guides, activities, more. Check linked sections for other material. USA.
    ‘Online history lessons, revision, games, worksheets, quizzes, links, more’. UK.
  • Smithsonian’s History Explorer
    ‘Offers hundreds of free, innovative online resources for teaching and learning American history. Resources focus on learning history by “reading” objects for the stories they hold about the nation and its many peoples’. USA.
  • Spartacus Educational
    British History; American History; World War I; World War II; France; Germany; Russia. UK.
  • TimeMaps
    ‘The TimeMaps : Atlas of World History is a free teaching resource that tells the story of human history’. App also available, but fee-based. UK.
  • Women in World History
    ‘Information and resources to help you learn about women’s history in a global context’. Includes lessons, biographies, Q & A, essays, more. USA.

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