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Famous World Figures

People from all across the world; from past and present; each excelled and/or influenced in one or more major fields such as leadership, exploration, the arts, science and technology, industry or culture. Each has had a significant influence on the development of the world as it is today.

There is also access to portals on people in specific areas of achievement such as astronauts, scientists, composers, inventors, mathematicians, Nobel Prize winners, artists, … .

The final section provides access to biographical collections of all kinds. These includes famous birthdays, ‘dead or alive’, celebrities, audio clips, quotations.

The individual listings are given in alphabetical order, using the following format - Surname, Title [if applicable], First Name[s]. An indication of area[s] and achievement[s] is provided.

This link gives access to similar information about Famous Australians, including Indigenous Australians.

Famous World Figures
Name Fame
Akbar the Great Muslim emperor of India
Alexander the Great Macedonian King, conqueror
al-Rashid, Harun Abbasid Caliph, said to be the emperor in the Arabian Nights
Amundsen, Roald Polar explorer, first to South Pole
Archimedes Mathematician, inventor
Aristotle Greek Philosopher
Armstrong, Neil Astronaut, first to walk on the Moon
Assisi, St Francis of Soldier, saint, founder of a religious order
Atatürk, Kemal Army Officer [Gallipoli], First President of Turkey
Babbage, Charles Mathematician, philosopher, inventor
Bach, Johann Sebastian Composer, musician
Bacon, Roger Mathematician, Philosopher, Scientist
Battuta, Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Moroccan explorer, geographer, scholar, author
Bede, The Venerable Anglo-Saxon Chronicler, possibly greatest British Historian
Beethoven, Ludwig von Composer, musician
Berners-Lee, Tim World wide web inventor
Bolívar, Simón Liberator, political leader
Bonaparte, Napoleon General, emperor, conqueror
Boole, George English mathematician, founder of the algebraic tradition in logic
Brahe, Tycho Danish astronomer
Braille, Louis Developer of Braille writing for the blind
Brin, Sergey Inventor, Engineer, Computer Programmer [Google with Larry Page]
Buddha, Gautama Philosopher
Cabral, Pedro Álvares Portuguese explorer, navigator and military commander
Caesar, Julius Roman Emperor and general
Cai Lun Inventor of paper
Carnegie, Andrew Magnate, philanthropist
Charlemagne [Carolus Magnus] King of the Franks, Emperor of the Romans
Chaucer, Geoffrey English writer and poet
Christ, Jesus Pivotal figure of both Christian and Muslim religions
Churchill, Sir Winston Politician, British leader in WW II
Clarke, Sir Arthur C. British novelist, science writer
Columbus, Christopher Explorer to the New World
Confucius Philosopher, political figure, educator
Copernicus, Nicolaus Astronomer, mathematician
Coubertin, Pierre Fredy, Baron de Father of the modern Olympics
Cousteau, Jacques Photographer, Inventor, Explorer, Film maker, Oceanographer
Crick, Francis British molecular biologist, physicist - DNA structure [Nobel Prize with James Watson]
Curie, Marie Dual Nobel Laureate [Physics, Chemistry]

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Famous World Figures
Name Fame
Cuvier, Georges French naturalist and zoologist, founded vertebrate palaeontology
Daguerre, Louis Artist, chemist, links with photography
Dampier, William Buccaneer, pirate, circumnavigator, hydrographer, author
Darwin, Charles Scientist, Theory of Natural Selection
Da Vinci, Leonardo Artist, inventor, genius
Dewey, John Academic, Educator, Philosopher
Dunant, [Jean] Henry Established the Red Cross
Einstein, Albert Theoretical Physicist [Relativity], Nobel Laureate
Edison, Thomas Alva Inventor
New ! Elizabeth I British Monarch
Erasmus, Desiderius Famous, influential humanist
Fibonacci, Leonardo Pisano Mathematician [Middle Ages]
Fleming, Sir Alexander Scottish biologist, pharmacologist and botanist, Nobel Laureate [Penicillin]
Freud, Sigmund The Father of Psychoanalysis
Fröbel, Friedrich German pedagogue, created the concept of the “kindergarten”
Gagarin, Yuri Russian Cosmonaut, first man in space
Galen [Claudius Galenus] Roman Physician, writer, philosopher
Galilei, Galileo Mathematician, astronomer and philosopher
Updated ! Gandhi, Mohandas Lawyer, “non-violent” philosopher, independence fighter
Genghis Khan Founder of the Mongol Empire
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Poet, playwright, novelist, scientist, philosopher statesman, theatre director, ...
Gutenberg, Johann Goldsmith, printer. First to use movable type
Hammurabi Babylonian King, established a famous Legal Code
Hannibal Barca Carthaginian general
Herodotus Greek Historian
Heyerdahl, Thor Writer, Academic, Archaeologist, Explorer
Hillary, Sir Edmund Conqueror of Mount Everest with Tenzing Norgay
Humboldt, Alexander von Naturalist, explorer
Joan of Arc “Maid of Heaven”
Kepler, Johannes Astrologer, Astronomer, Mathematician
King, Martin Luther Minister, campaigner, Nobel Laureate
Kublai Khan Mongol general, first emperor of Yuan Dynasty [China]
Lincoln, Abraham American President at the time of the Civil War
Linnaeus, Carolus Scientist, “The Father of Taxonomy”
Luther, Martin Priest, Theologian, Reformer
Magellan, Ferdinand Sailor, navigator, explorer
Mandela, Nelson Activist, prisoner, President of South Africa
Mao, Zedong Communist Chinese leader
Marx, Karl Philosopher, Communist Theory [with Engels]
Mendel, Gregor Priest, geneticist

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Famous World Figures
Name Fame
Mercator, Gerardus Cartographer/mapmaker, mathematician, philosopher
Michelangelo Artist & sculptor [also Biography]
Min, Ho Chi Vietnamese Communist freedom fighter
Mohammed Prophet, Initiator of the Muslim religion
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Musician, composer, child prodigy
Napier, John Mathematician,
Newton, Sir Isaac Mathematician, scientist
Nightingale, Florence Nurse, women’s rights proponent
Nobel, Alfred Scientist, inventor, established Nobel Prizes
Nostradamus Apothecary, seer, clairvoyant
Oppenheimer, J. Robert Physicist, “Father of the Atomic Bomb”
Osman Founder of the Ottoman Empire
Pascal, Blaise Theologian, Philosopher, Mathematician, Physicist, Scientist
Pasteur, Louis Chemist, inventor of vaccination
Petrarch Scholar, poet, humanist
Picasso, Pablo Painter A second Pablo Picasso page is found here.
Polo, Marco Traveller, merchant, explorer
Pythagoras Mathematician
Rhodes, Cecil Mining magnate, politician
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques Writer, political philosopher, educator
Russell, Bertrand Philosopher, mathematician, educator, social critic, political activist
Rutherford, Ernest Physicist, Pioneer of Nuclear Physics
Saladin Sultan of Egypt and Syria
Schliemann, Heinrich German archaeologist [Troy]
Schweitzer, Albert Doctor, Nobel Laureate
Scott, Robert Falcon Antarctic explorer
Shakespeare, William Dramatist and poet
Socrates Greek Philosopher
Suleyman the Magnificent [Sulieman] Ottoman emperor, “Kanuni” [the Lawgiver]
Thucydides Ancient Historian
Updated ! Turing, Alan Mathematician, codebreaker, pioneer of computer science
Twain, Mark American writer
Wales, Jimmy Donal Internet entrepreneur, founder of Wikipedia
Wallace, Alfred Russel British naturalist, explorer, geographer, anthropologist, biologist
Updated ! Washington, George First American President
Wilberforce, William Politician, helped abolish the Slave Trade
William the Conqueror Norman conqueror of England
Wright, Wilbur & Orville Inventors, heavier-than-air flight

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