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Behaviour Disorders

Behaviour Disorders are conditions that are more than just disruptive behaviour. They are related to mental health problems that lead to disruptive behaviour, emotional and social problems. Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD] is an example of a behaviour disorder. Children with behaviour disorders typically need a variety of professional interventions including medication, psychological treatment, rehabilitation, or possibly other treatments. 1

As indicated on the Special Education home page, inclusion is a preferred educational option wherever this is possible and every effort is normally made to achieve this. Where this is not possible, special classes or special schools involving curriculum and staffing modification are used.

This page looks at associations, selected educational sites, children’s sites, parent sites, government bodies, conditions, strategies, software, magazines, journals, resources, technology and other information.

The Special Education Resources page provides further options from Australia and overseas.


Australian Sites

State Bodies

International Sites

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Education Sites

Check other relevant state/territory links on the main Special Education page.

Selected Schools, Teaching Centres & Specialist Services

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Attention Deficit Disorder


  • Open Forest
    Offers resources facilitating knowledge and self help of problems around ADHD. They range from research to strategies, checklists and more.
  • Unlocking the Potential of Gifted Kids with ADHD
    ‘Teaching and parenting these twice-exceptional [and easily bored] students takes persistence and creativity, but the hard work is more than worthwhile when their gifts are unlocked’. Interesting article with a number of embedded links.

Autism Spectrum

For further information regarding the Autism Spectrum, follow this link to the Learning Impairment page.

Bipolar Disorder

Conduct Disorder

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

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Resources for Professionals

Tools, Techniques & Strategies

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Other Information

Australian Sites

International Sites

  • IRIS
    ‘Provides resources and tutorials on a wide variety of teaching methods and curriculum, including behaviour and classroom management’.Select the topic from the menu on the right. 89 inclusions at time of addition to this site. USA.
  • Updated ! Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports
    Office of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education. ‘To give schools capacity-building information and technical assistance for identifying, adapting, and sustaining effective school-wide disciplinary practices’. Their Updated ! Research Base is good.

Government Agencies & Bodies

State and federal and both agencies and government-related groups.

  • Emotions & Behaviour
    ‘Topics on issues relating to the emotional health of children and young people, and common behaviour problems’. Child and Youth Health, South Australia.
  • Ngala Parenting Line
    ‘Free Telephone Service providing information and advice for people caring for children and teenagers up to 18 years of age’. Who can call and how they can help.

Magazines & Journals

For all educational journals, see the Education Journals page.

  • Attention Magazine
    Published by CHADD. Available online and in print. At least some articles are freely accessible.
  • Beyond Behaviour
    Table of Contents, but you need to be a member to access material.

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1. Behavioural and Emotional Disorders in Special Education. ThoughtCo : For Educators, 30 Oct. 2009. Web. 5 August 2017.

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