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Physical Impairment

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A physical disability can be described as a condition that permanently prevents normal body movement or control. Physical disability may also be referred to as “physical impairment”. There are many possible causes of physical disability, including inherited or genetic disorders such as muscular dystrophy, conditions present at birth such as spina bifida, serious illness affecting the brain, nerves or muscles such as meningitis, accidents leading to spinal cord injury or accidents leading to brain injury.
The impact of physical disability can be influenced by the severity of the condition or injury causing the disability, but also by a person’s physical environment and the accessibility of their community

The spectrum of impairments range from asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and cancer to more obvious physical conditions such as spina bifida and genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome. In their own fashion, each can be as damaging as any other.

Inclusion is the preferred educational option. School systems make every effort to do this. If it is not possible, they use either special classes or special schools with curriculum and staffing modifications.

This page looks at associations working in this area, selected educational sites and learning technologies including tips and strategies.


Australian Sites

State Bodies

International Sites

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Education Sites

Check other relevant state/territory links on the main Special Education page.

Selected Schools & Teaching Centres

  • Adelaide West Special Education Centre
    ‘A Reception to Year 13 specialist public school for students with physical and associated disabilities’.
  • Belmore School
    ‘Specialist school for children with physical disabilities and health impairments’.
  • Glenallen School
    ‘A specialist school for students aged 4.8 to 18 years who have a physical disability and/or significant health impairment’. Victoria.
  • Regency Park School
    ‘South Australian Government school for students with physical and related disabilities’.

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Physical Technology

Includes sites for information and resource suppliers of adaptive and other technology.

In addition to the equipment, etc., listed below, also check the Special Education Resources page.

Tools, Techniques & Strategies

Classroom Strategies

Access strategies developed in British Columbia covering the conditions noted.

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