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Parent Involvement

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Any parent who has a child in a school, has some level of involvement, whether it is talking with teachers, getting reports, attending functions, … .

Many parents seek a greater involvement. They are also being urged to do so. The level of involvement is fluid depending on desire, time available, confidence and capacity. Schools should embrace parental involvement and work with the benefits this brings.

It may include working in a canteen; hearing children read; accompanying excursions; using particular expertise in school settings; belonging to parent groups; being a member of a School Council; involved in policy and curriculum developments; involved in staff selection; representing the school; … . The options are almost endless. By working together in a positive, effective manner, both parties benefit.

This page covers ways in which parents can achieve greater involvement, advice about involvement from Education Departments and other groups and information from multiple sources.

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Other Information

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    Reading Rockets. Multiple sections. Links to suggested resources.
  • Updated ! National Network of Partnership Schools
    Using ‘research-based approaches to organise and sustain excellent programs of family and community involvement that will increase student success in school’. Success stories, research, PD, publications, Teachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork [TIPS], more.
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    ‘Project to improve parent school partnerships in American schools’. Check items from the Parents and Schools items in themain menu.
  • The Impact of Parental Involvement on Children’s Education
    2008. ‘A 12-page UK guide providing a summary of research evidence on the impact of parental involvement on children’s education’. Download a copy here. Archived.

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