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association [n.]

1. a group of people organised for a joint purpose. 2. a connection or cooperative link between people or organisation. 3. a mental connection between things. 4. the state of occurring with something else; co-occurrence.
- ORIGIN mid 16th century [in the sense ‘uniting in a common purpose’] : from medieval Latin associatio[n-], from Latin associare ‘to unite, ally’
Oxford Dictionaries

While most teachers would have an affiliation with a union, many also have links with one or more professional associations. These may range from curriculum areas to leadership, technology to non-government school groups. These provide support, discussion forums, sharing of skills and knowledge, professional development and also contribute to more effective curriculum implementation, teaching, learning and leadership/administration.

This page looks at associations and groups for learning and curriculum areas at both state/territory and national level.

This page has been archived and is no longer being maintained.

The Second Page looks at associations and groups for Principals, Executive, leadership development, support staff, non-government schools, higher education, educational research and more, also at state/territory and national level.

Parent associations are found on the Parent Involvement page.

Unless considered essential, no annotations are provided as association titles are considered self-explanatory.

Learning Areas

Early Learning

English Language

Other Associations


Gifted & Talented


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Physical Education & Health

Other Languages




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Social Sciences

Business & Commerce




Other Associations

Special Education

For a wide range of other associations related to the Special Education area see the relevant pages in the Special Education section of the site.

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Technology & Computing

Computing & ICT

Home Economics

Design & Technology

State associations include :

    ‘Institute of Industrial Arts Technology Education’.
  • Queensland [INTAD]
    ‘Industrial Technology and Design Teachers’ Association’.
  • South Australia
    ‘Design and Technology Teachers Association’.
  • Tasmania
    ‘Design and Technology Teachers Association’.
  • Victoria
    ‘Design and Technology Teachers Association’.
  • Western Australia
    ‘Design and Technology Teachers Association’.

Other Associations

The Arts



  • Ausdance
    Includes links to all state associations, conferences, resources, more.




The Arts

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