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Fees & Payments at Non-Government Schools

  • All independent schools, systemic or otherwise, have some level of fees - whatever they are called.
  • These may include tuition fees, boarding fees [where applicable] or a combination of both.
  • Other fees & payments to consider will also include uniform [see last point], sporting expenses, excursion & performance expenses, payments related to specific skill development in areas such as music, transport, technology, other extra-curricular activities, …
  • Systemic schools belonging to major religious groups or to groups with specific beliefs, e.g. Christian Community, tend to have significantly smaller fees than do preparatory schools which have links to secondary schools, or to secondary level systemic schools or schools belonging to associations such as the Greater Public Schools in NSW.
  • However, there is no set structure of fees which applies across the range of independent schools.
  • Even systemic schools within the same group can have greatly different fee levels, structures and even payment arrangements.
  • The only certain way to be sure what the exact fee structure is, as well as other probable payments, irrespective of the school level where your child is involved - early childhood/Infants, Primary, Junior Secondary or Senior Secondary, is by making contact with that school and gaining exact details.
  • To check if the school has a web site, see the School pages. Follow the Non-Government link for the state/territory, the school group and finally the specific school listing. You can also contact a school in person, by email or by telephone.
  • Depending on the time of the year of your enquiry, you may need to re-check, as many school fees, particularly those for boarding schools, change from year to year. This can be by significant amounts at the most expensive schools.
  • Be aware most independent schools have strong uniform codes, particularly at the secondary level. Some schools have several styles of uniform, all of which are compulsory. Many are involved in sporting competitions. Others have Fine Arts or Technology programs. More now have international activities. These provide quite an expensive addition to a total cost in any given year.

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