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Fees & Payments

This page has been archived and is no longer being added to or maintained.

The following information is provided on an “as is” basis. It is only intended to help parents find information about fees & payments. The information does not cover Preschool costs.

There is always some level of fees & payments, whatever school, college or university is attended. Most parents/students are aware of core fees & payments, but should also be aware there are other payments to consider such as uniform, excursions, sport, performances, other school involvement, service fees, building funds, more. At the school level, there may be payments linked to parent bodies. All vary from voluntary to necessary.

There are possibly other fees & payments we have omitted. Ensure you are aware of all those which will affect you and/or your child.

To access specific information as to range and amounts, it is essential to go to an individual school or university, as these will vary from one site to another, even within the same system. For government school systems, you can find some information on the Enrolment Information pages. Some systems offer assistance with fees & payments. If your circumstances cause difficulty in meeting payments, discuss this with the school, and see what assistance is available.

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