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Reporting is the second, essential part of the assessment process. Without it, assessment loses most of its credibility. Reporting can be to one or multiple groups. In education, this can be the system, the school, its staff and in schools and other settings, students and their families.

There are multiple ways of doing this - regular, printed reports; documentary evidence; electronic reporting; personal meetings, more. Each has positives and negatives depending on the situation. Combinations of these may prove the best option. Promptness in reporting is an essential characteristic.

This page looks at reporting processes in all states & territories. Other Information covers software, aids such as rubrics and provides connection to databanks of report card comments. This page should be linked with the Assessment pages.

States & Territory Information

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

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South Australia


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Western Australia

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Other Information

General Information

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Report Card Comments

  • Check the Reporting Resources page for links to multiple examples of these, But also note the warning that accompanies the listing.

Reporting Software

Software and online packages available or used in Australia.

  • Accelerus - Reporting Just Got Easier
    ‘Accelerus is the new reporting software application for schools from Semaphore Consulting. Accelerus Features : Easy to use teacher interface; Fast processing of school reports; User-defined academic structure; Comment banks’ and much more. This is a newer, advanced version of Markbook listed below.
  • EasyReporter
    Links with OASIS.
  • Reports Online
    ‘Reports Online supports you in many areas of your teaching life by helping you to write your reports’. Cloud and desktop based. Relates to Australian Curriculum.


Their creation, effective use of rubrics for assessment, more. For further information on Rubrics see the Reporting Resources page.

  • Updated ! Guide to Scoring Rubrics
    ‘Explore in depth the different types of scoring rubrics, how to make one, as well as an analysis into how scoring rubrics enhance learning’.
  • RubiStar
    ‘A free tool to help teachers create quality rubrics’. Register to gain full access.
  • Rubric Links
    This site has a collection of links to creating rubric information and to language rubric sites.
  • Rubrics
    Multiple videos covering all aspects. Select those you consider provide value for you.
  • Rubrics & Rubric Makers
    Links to rubrics by category, rubric tools, printable rubric collections, learn all about rubrics [links], more.

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