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assess [v.]

1. evaluate or estimate. 2. set the value of a tax, fine, etc. for [a person or property].
- DERIVATIVES assessable, adjective; assessment, noun; assessor, noun. Old French assesser, from Latin assidere ‘sit by [later ‘levy tax’]’
Updated ! Oxford Dictionaries

Assessment is integral to all aspects of learning, not just because it is required, but because it allows us to judge the effectiveness of the learning process both for those presenting the material and for those learning through it. Educators can review, refine and improve what is offered. It allows learners to know how well they have learned and what they have to do to improve future learning. It can be used at every level from early childhood to higher education and be either individual or system wide assessment.

There is no single assessment method which is best for every situation. Some are easier to use, though not necessarily more effective. The assessment format used should always provide the best information to manage ongoing improvement.

This page looks at assessment processes for all Australian states & territories.

The Second Page looks at national information, software, documents, professional development, specific types of assessment and more. Individual Education Plan information can be found via the link provided.

The Assessment pages should be used in conjunction with the Reporting page.

States & Territory Information

Australian Capital Territory

Department of Education and Training Directorate

New South Wales

Board of Studies

Department of Education


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Northern Territory

Department of Education


Education Queensland

Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

  • Assessment Bank
    Accessing Assessments, Australian Curriculum, Queensland Curriculum, Archive, contact details for further information.
  • Assessment : From the Syllabus to the Classroom
    ‘Information about how to use senior syllabus documents to design assessment, provide teaching and learning experiences, and make judgements about achievement in a school-based context’. Video segments.
  • Australian Curriculum Sample Assessments
    Covers P-10 levels for the areas now implemented.
  • Designing Good Assessment
    ‘Outlines principles for designing good assessment. The resource addresses the key question - is the assessment valid, clear and fair ?’ Video.
  • Senior Assessment Hub
    ‘Provides a direct link to the assessment tab on each of the senior syllabus web pages’.
  • Senior Moderation Hub
    General Information, Special Provisions, Forms & Procedures, Reports, Information for Panellists.
  • Student Assessment
    P-12 Assessment Program Overview, policy, P-12 assessment and moderation resources.

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South Australia

Catholic Education Office


  • Assessment and School Reports
    Overview of this area from
  • International Student Assessments
    ‘International assessments are used to monitor the performance of Australian students compared with students in other countries’.
  • Reflect Respect Relate
    ‘A hard copy resource for assessing learning and development in the early years. It is a self-paced package to support educators of children from birth to age 8’.
  • New ! The Wellbeing and Engagement Collection
    ‘The survey gives schools, the community and government an insight into what needs to occur to ensure students experience success and are provided with resources and opportunities to reach their full potential. Includes items from the Middle Years Development Instrument which was developed by the University of British Columbia and was trialled in Australia in 2013’.


  • SACE Board of South Australia
    Senior Secondary. Includes a section on Assessment.
  • SACE International
    ‘An internationally recognised pre-university program. SACE International was previously known as the South Australian Matriculation [SAM] program’. Booklets, documents, overview, more.


Department of Education

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Department of Education and Training

  • New ! Assessment
    ‘Assessment is integral to the teaching and learning cycle to continue improving student outcomes across the Education State. It involves the ongoing process of capturing, analysing and interpreting data about students’ progress and achievement to improve learning’. Relates particularly to Literacy.
  • New ! Assessment [2]
    ‘Identifying, monitoring and recording a student’s learning progress over time, including their strengths and areas for improvement, provides a comprehensive student learning plan to facilitate personalised, quality learning opportunities’.
  • Assessment and Reporting
    Online Assessments, On-demand Assessments, Diagnostic Assessments, plus information on reporting.
  • Updated ! Diagnostic Assessment Tools in English
    ‘Diagnostic Assessment Tools in English are to assess English learning in students in Prep to Year 2. The tools include assessments from Foundation to Victorian Curriculum Level 4 and could be used with students in later years of primary schooling where appropriate’.
  • New ! Insight Assessment Platform
    ‘The Insight Online Assessment Platform [Insight] will help teachers assess the progress of all learners and support more targeted teaching practices ’. Also, see the Insight Platform link in the VCAA section below.


  • New ! Assessment for Learning Tool
    ‘This Early Years Planning Cycle [EYPC] is used to support assessment for learning. The EYPC outlines the process early childhood professionals use, in partnership with children, families and other professionals to collect, analyse and reflect on evidence. This contributes to a detailed, up-to-date, strengths-based picture of children’s learning and development to inform planning and practice decisions. The’.
  • New ! Frequently Asked Questions
    Covers VCE, VET, VCAL and NAPLAN.
  • Insight Assessment Platform
    ‘The Insight Assessment Platform is an Education State initiative aimed at helping teachers assess the progress of all learners and support more targeted teaching practices. The Insight Assessment Platform is the new home for the Department’s collection of quality online assessment instruments, all aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F–10’.
  • On Demand Testing
    ‘An online resource for teachers to use when, where and how they choose. Tests are designed to link to curriculum and standards’.
  • The Victorian Curriculum F–10
    ‘The Victorian Curriculum F–10 sets out what every student should learn during their first eleven years of schooling. The Victorian Curriculum F–10 incorporates the Australian Curriculum and reflects Victorian priorities and standards’.
  • New ! Victorian Assessment Software System [VASS]
    ‘VASS is a web-based system. This means you can access it from anywhere you have internet access’.
  • Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
    Home page. Early Years, Foundation to 10, AusVELS, Senior Secondary, more.

Western Australia

Department of Education

School Curriculum and Standards Authority

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