Special Education

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Special Education covers the education of children with particular needs. Gifted students, who also have specific needs, are treated separately.

Special Education provides programs and support through several methods. This can be through the regular classroom, with support of modified curriculum or additional human resources, placement in special classes within regular schools, which may be smaller in size, allowing for more individual attention or, if impairment is significant, it may mean placement in special schools, again with smaller class groups and other modifications.

In addition, there are other resources such as transport, building modifications, Individual Education Plans and technology, all designed to make learning as easy, enjoyable and effective as possible.

Even collection of data has changed, as can be seen through the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability process.

All systems prefer an inclusive approach wherever possible, taking into account the level of impairment involved, the special needs of an individual student and the needs of other students who may be affected.

This page looks at general information from all Australian states & territories.

You might also consider inclusions on the Special Education Resources page for possible options.

This page does not attempt to target specific impairments or disorders. These can be found from a variety of other, specific sources.

States & Territories

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

  • Disability, Learning and Support
    ‘Programs and services available in schools offer students personalised support to meet their individual needs’. Related sections include :.

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Northern Territory


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South Australia

  • Updated ! AIS - Special Education
    Targeted program for Special Education in S.A. Independent Schools.
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  • Better Pathways
    ‘Supports students to engage with their education and explore wider opportunities for their futures. This is done through one-on-one support with a dedicated Pathways Worker. This program is delivered in collaboration with the Department for Education and Child Development ’.
  • Catholic Schools Special Education
    Overview, links to special schools, contact point.
  • Children with Special Needs [Department for Education]
    Information for families and students, Contact details. Related links include :


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Western Australia

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