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This page provides links to individual Technology and Design areas. There are active pages for both Australian Curriculum subjects - Digital Technologies and Design & Technologies. There is also a range of archived pages covering previous subjects in this area.

These cover subjects such as introductory Technology, Marine & Aquaculture, Food and Industrial Technology.

These Australian Curriculum subjects were endorsed in late 2015. However, States and territories will make decisions about how and when the curriculum will be implemented in their state or territory [ACARA]. Some states/territories have implemented these, for others it remains optional at present. Indications are that all will have fully implemented the subjects by the end of 2018.

Some aspects are common to more than one subject area, e.g. sustainability, design, materials, tools, … . Do not restrict searches to one specific subject area when researching these.

Titles clearly indicate content, so we have not added descriptors. Click on the page title to go to the page.

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