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Recipes are found in print, online and through direct contact. They range from simple to haute cuisine, come from Australia and every other world region and country. Each helps change the eating patterns of people as they become known, introducing people to tastes and preparation methods not previously considered. Recipes also cater to special needs relating to health and diet.

This page covers recipes and special foods, initially from Australia, then from diverse regions and countries. It includes Bush Tucker, children’s recipes, recipe blogs, recipes involving specific foods and recipes for specific conditions. Some sources cover general areas, others specific topics.

Information about Food Technology is found on this page.


Australian Recipes

  • Aussie Cooking
    19 sections including one on Native Foods.
  • Australian Cuisine
    Try some of these genuine Australian recipes featuring some of our native animals as well as regular Aussie tucker.
  • Australia’s Food and Wine
  • Australian Lamingtons
  • Australian Recipes
    A collection covering all occasions and requirements.
  • New ! Australian Recipes
    ‘Celebrate the best of Australian produce with this true blue recipe collection. This collection features all the traditional classics such as bush damper, pavlova and macadamia pies to the more modern stylings of Tim Tam cake or Iced Vovo tart’.
  • New ! Australian Recipes and Australian Food [SBS Food]
    ‘Modern Australian cuisine has been embraced in Australia as we search for a unique food culture to call our own, yet unashamedly takes its inspiration from countries all over the world. Australian food culture has been as influenced by South East Asian cuisines as it has by Italian home cooking and American fast food’.
  • New ! Classic Australian Recipes - Kidspot
    ‘Make the most of classic Aussie dishes including Anzac biscuits, damper and pavlova to make every day a celebration of all that’s Australian’.

Bush Tucker

For additional Bush Tucker information, see the listing on the Food Technology page.

  • Cheap & Easy Recipes
    Recipes with the addition of Food Facts, tips, resources, choosing produce, more. Check the Conversion Chart which will help translate other measures to metric for you.
  • Doyle’s Seafood Recipes
    Recipes anyone can use.
  • Food in Australia
    Provides a brief background and history then a range of recipes, several of which are completely new to us.
  • Updated ! Good Food
    Covers cooking, eating out, food news, wines and other drinks and more.

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Country & Regional Recipes

Recipe Source

Sites covering recipes from around the world.

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Special Diet Recipes

Sites providing assistance with special diets such as allergy assistance, gluten free, dairy free, more. All relate to health issues.



Gluten Free

  • A Celiac Recipe Site
  • Gluten-free Recipes
  • Celiac News & Gluten Free Diet Resources
    Food, products, recipes, Gluten Free Diet, videos, news, books, more.
  • Updated !
    Go to the Site Index at the bottom for sections on recipes, foodstuffs.
  • Updated ! Gluten Free Collection
    Multiple sections cover all aspects of gluten free food types and recipes.
  • Gluten Free Cookery
    ‘Information for Coeliacs and the full text of Gluten-free Cookery - The Complete Guide for Gluten-free and Wheat-free Diets’.
  • Updated ! Gluten Free Eating Directory
    ‘Search for detailed information about businesses that cater well for gluten free diets. Look up eateries and shops. Find gluten free products, manufacturers, services, publications, accommodation. If you have coeliac disease, gluten intolerance, dermatitis herpetiformis or just prefer not to eat gluten, this site is for you !’

Other Special Diets

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Other Information


  • Delish
    “Best of the Food Blogs”. ‘Here it is : the crème de la crème of food bloggers. We’ve scoured the Web and found the tastiest, most delectable, most must-read food blogs of them all’.
  • Foodblogs
    Directory of Food Blogs and Recipe Blogs. ‘ keeps track of hundreds of food blogs [or foodie blogs, as they are often referred to] from around the world’. Also has posts with recipes and ideas and much more.
  • Updated !
    ‘I’m sharing over 2 500 of my favourite recipes and theme menus with you’.
  • Updated ! StoneSoup
    A blog by Jules Clancy with books for a cook, menu index, recipe index, weights & measures, more.
  • The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen
    ‘We offer the latest information on Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease along with healthy gluten-free recipes using whole foods’.

Cakes, Sandwiches, Sweets

Children’s Recipes

  • All Recipes - Kid-Friendly Recipes
    ‘Browse more than 640 family favourite recipes. Pizza, meatloaf, chicken noodle soup, fried chicken, more’.
  • Cooking with Kids
    Seasonal recipes suitable for children to use.
  • Easy Recipes for Kids
    If young people want to cook, then this is a good place to start learning the basics.
  • Updated ! Kids Recipes []
    ‘Take the pain out of cooking for picky kids with these recipes they’ll all say yum to ! For more advice on kids and food, check out our articles on Updated ! feeding growing appetites and how to get Updated ! kids helping in the kitchen’.
  • Recipes For Your Children and Kids to Cook
    ‘They have been tried at least twice by our resident child cook who is currently nine years old. The recipes clearly say where adult help may be required but the final judgement is up to you. Only you know your child’s abilities. Each recipe has step by step pictures. Just click on any recipe for complete instructions’.

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General Sites

  • Updated ! ABC Recipes
    About 1 000 recipes from leading chef’s recipes to recipes for children.
  • New ! All Recipes
    Thousands of recipes in sections such as beef, vegetarian, etc.. New recipes added all the time and can be emailed to you. Australian version of the site.
  • Arielle’s Recipe Archives
    Check out the 4 000+ recipes listed in archives from African to Variety Meats. Covers areas not often seen in other listings.
  • Chef2Chef
    If you want anything to do with recipes this has to be the site. Nearly 300 000 recipes, 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 minute recipes, Free Recipe Club, links to things including Top … , humour, nutri-guides, most requested recipes, emails, converters, calculators, culinary foods of the month, a “boot camp” for beginners.
  • Updated ! Chef’s Pencil
    ‘The online cookbook for entertaining and gourmet recipes’. Recipes, chef information, glossary.
  • Updated ! Cookstr
    ‘Amazing collection of recipes from great chefs and cookbook authors. Find a recipe for a favourite dish, discover something you’ve never made before’. Also Chef and Recipe of the Day.
  • Updated ! Epicurious
    1 000s of recipes in various genres.Drinks section, shopping opportunities.
  • Updated !
    Recipes, cookbooks, menus, Food Community and more. Popular categories, Top Searches, Top Rated Recipes, Chef of the Day, specialist recipes, more. Very extensive.
  • Food Network
    Extensive recipes including quick, weekly, “slimmed down”, Top 10, links to US television programs, chefs, holidays, table decoration, wines, drinks.
  • Good Cooking
    Mass of recipes in directories for specific topics. Specific recipes, dictionaries, techniques covered.
  • Gourmet Garden
    Recipe finder with an emphasis on, but not exclusively to, gourmet recipes. Other information.
  • Updated ! Insect Recipes
    Recipes using various insects. Don’t know whether I would want to try them.
  • Just Recipes
    Well organised site that should provide a recipe for virtually any occasion.
  • Pressure Cooker Recipes
    ‘Pressure cooking is easy and rewarding. As such, there’s a wealth of pressure cooker recipes available both on the Internet and in traditional cookbooks. Our expert team of writers have assembled their favourite pressure cooking recipes just for you. If you’d prefer to view an instructional video, check out our pressure cooker videos page’.
  • Updated ! Recipe Finder
    ‘Online recipes at your fingertips’. NineMSN in Australia.
  • Recitopia
    The base for a recipe sharing community of some 100 000 people in 140 countries. Take a tour of the site.
  • Salad Recipe : Salad Recipes
    For those who just like salads, salads with other foods, or are vegetarian by nature, this is a great site.
  • Updated ! SBS Food
    Recipes, food blog, Food Art, what’s in season, Glossary, Ask a Chef, Food Safari information and links, restaurants, programs, more.
  • The Info
    Part of a larger site. Several databases accessed from this site. Many recipes in the databases.
  • Updated ! Top Secret Recipes
    How to make things taste like all the fast foods you can name. Why ?
  • Ucook
  • Vegetarian Recipes and Lifestyle
    Recipes, ingredients, diets, lifestyle and more.
  • Updated ! Winter Stews
    Less popular these days but worth a try. A number of recipes, warm and filling for winter.
  • World Wide Recipes
    Free recipes and kitchen tips. Join to receive a Free Recipe e-mailed to you every day [go to the Link page].
  • Yahoo!®7 Food
    While there are videos, converters and some other general information, this is a site primarily about recipes from around the world.

Healthy Recipes

  • New ! Healthy Eating - PCC Community Markets
    ‘Our passion is for great food and cooking and we’re here to help you eat colourfully, boldly and with the seasons’.
  • Updated ! Healthy Recipes
    Work by diet type, courses, main ingredient, particular meal, type of preparation. The Mayo Clinic.
  • Updated ! Healthy Recipes [Better Health]
    Developed and presented by Better Health Victoria. All forms of food. Multiple filter options.
  • Healthy Recipes [3]
    Select by meal, course, specific ingredient. Access special recipes that are healthy.

Simple & Quick Meals

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