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Industrial Technology

Due to current circumstances, this page has been updated but will no longer be added to or maintained until further notice.

Industrial Technology covers areas as diverse as automotive, ceramics, electronics, metalwork, timber, OH & S, industrial design, building & construction, tools & techniques, discrimination about quality and more. Practical components [obviously not included here] form a major part of this study.

This page covers information on all the above areas. It includes portals, sites for specific resources, tutorials, activities, tips & tricks, safety information, programs and more.

Specific Areas

Studies in Specific Areas


  • Australian Automotive Links
    Links collated by Auto Skills Australia.
  • New ! Automotive
    From 2018 on. Includes syllabus, associated materials, examination materials, support materials and more.
  • Car Design News
    ‘The leading online resource for automotive design’. Designers, careers, forums, processes, general news, … .

Building & Construction

  • Architecture Resources
    ‘Find links to a range of practical architectural resources and sites that assist with teaching and communicating architectural principles’.
  • Standards Development : Building & Construction
    Standards Australia’s Building & Construction sector. Each part of the sector lists Published Standards plus other information. Ranges from Steel Structures to Specialty Timber Products.

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  • Australian Wood Review
    Pages from the magazine, books, tools, coming shows, competitions.
  • Australian Woodworker Magazine
    Magazine, project plans, resources, bookshop, wood & timber information.
  • Fine Wood Working
    Skills & techniques, tool guide, materials, projects & designs and a gallery [by type, style, form, periods, regions, Inspired By], workshop, magazine, store.
  • Free Woodworking Plans and Projects
    ‘The Internet’s Original and Largest free woodworking plans and projects links database. Free Access. Updated daily, there is a lot to offer’. You will need to change measurements to metric format.
  • Geoff’s Woodwork
    For students doing woodwork. Ideas, helps develop skills. UK based.
  • The Woodturner’s Workshop
    Brian Clifford’s woodturning resources. ‘To provide newcomers to woodturning and those still developing their skills, with useful information. It may be thought of as an on-line magazine. Four main types of information : general information relating directly to turning, information not specific to turning but which turners may find interesting, projects, reference material’.
    ‘Information pertaining to timber, its properties, applications. Downloadable Documents Section, listed under Technical information’. Technical and practical information, timber species information, industry news, suppliers, other information. Page is currently undergoing further development.
  • Woodlink
    Victorian Woodworker’s Association. Links to timbers, suppliers, related arts, Australian Timbers & Forests, general links, health and safety, introduces Australian woodworkers.
  • Updated ! Wood Online
    Linked to Wood magazine. Free and fee-based plans.
  • Woodturning Online
    Learning to Turn, articles, projects, forum, links to resources and related sites.
  • Woodweb
    Resources including software, directory, Wood Doctor, Project Galleries, … . A Vast Knowledge Base, multiple forums with a topic focus, product directory, virtually everything else you could want to know about wood and woodworking.
  • Woodworking
    WannaLearn tutorial. Books, links, free instructional sites.
  • Woodworking Australia
    Links to woodwork in Australia.
  • Woodworking Basics
    Glossary, information on basic tools, essentials, basic workshop tour, ultimate workshop, techniques & materials, simple projects to start with. DIY Network.


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  • New ! Introduction to Plastics Science Teaching Resources
    ‘The Introduction to Plastics area of our website is divided into sections. You will find links to each of these sections’.
    Information on the scientific and industrial aspects of plastics technology. Databases, tutorials, resources, information on applications
  • PlasticsEurope
    ‘PlasticsEurope represents the plastics manufacturers in Europe’. Directories include Discover Plastics, Plastics & the Environment, Plastics & Sustainable Development. An extensive education section that includes an education pack of 8 sections related to plastics and plastics usage.
  • New ! Teaching Plastics
    ‘The HOP™ [Hands on Plastics™] science education kit contains everything you need to implement a thorough and engaging investigation into the chemistry and the characteristics of plastics’. Note the Safety warning at the bottom.
  • Updated ! The National Plastics Centre

Tools, Machinery & Processes

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Materials Safety

    Replaces a previous Cornell site. In addition to the MSDS, there is information on chemicals, reference materials, other data collections.
  • Environmental Health & Safety
    ‘Freeware that provides information on material safety data sheets [MSDSs]. To learn more about a particular item, click on the item name. To download a software product or visit an interactive web site, click on “Download” or “View” ’.
  • Updated ! MSDS Search
    ‘Home to the industry leading online library of safety data sheets, or SDSs [formerly known as material safety data sheets, or MSDSs]’. Free trial available.
  • Where to Find MSDS on the Internet
    Link directories for information of various kinds about MSDSs.

Safety Practices for Work Environments

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Other Information

Other Sites

  • New ! Achieve! Design and Materials Technology - Wood, Metals and Plastics
    ‘Provides a range of practical tasks that explore key concepts to do with the concepts of these materials. The focus is on understanding the unique qualities of these materials and how they can be manipulated to create products’. Fee-based book.
  • Ceramics Today
    Ceramics from antiques to virtual ceramics, everything in between. The History & Archaeology section is particularly interesting.
  • Core 77
    ‘Industrial Design supersite’. Articles, blogs, photo galleries, software & technology, materials, more. Vast collection of information.
  • How Everyday Things Are Made
    ‘If you’ve ever wondered how things are made - products like candy, cars, airplanes, or bottles, or been interested in manufacturing processes like forging, casting, injection moulding, then you’ve come to the right place. An introductory website for kids and adults showing how various items are made. It covers over 40 different products and manufacturing processes. Includes almost 4 hours of manufacturing video’.
    Industrial Technology and Design Teachers’ Association, Queensland. ‘Browse INTAD Web Resources Database’. Access alphabetical groupings of annotated links covering all aspects of both Industrial and Design Technology.
  • New ! Teaching and Learning Resources
    While this Western Australia site is geared towards vocational training, there are multiple downloads which could be used in the secondary setting.

Techniques & Technology

  • Artifice
    Download a free Light Version of their Design Workshop that lets you do wonderful design activities.
  • Ceramic Forming Techniques
    Information on techniques, with a particular emphasis on slip casting. Wikipedia.
  • Updated ! Ceramics and Pottery Tips, Tutorials, and Techniques on Pinterest
    Techniques and ideas from Hand Building to Tool Making.
  • Kelvin
    US based supplier of resources for practical work in many areas of technology, including several specifically in the industrial technology area. The range has to be seen to be believed. Worth at least looking at and drawing inspiration from.
  • This to That
    What glue to stick any two things together.

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