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Food Technology

Due to current circumstances, this page has been updated but will no longer be added to or maintained until further notice.

Food Technology looks at food preparation and processing, safety practices, food properties, ingredients used in food preparation, methods used, preparation in alternate settings and packaging. It has an Australian emphasis. Practical experience [obviously not included here] forms a significant component of this study.

This page covers information on all the above areas. It includes portals, courses, sites for specific resources, programs covering Australian cooking, chefs, cooking tools and tutorials and vegetarian information.

Information about Recipes is found on this page.

Australian Foods & Cooking

  • Aussie Cooking
    Lots of recipes but other material as well including terminology, substitutes, more.
  • Australian Cuisine
    background, breakfast, dinner, take-away food, iconic Australian foods, seafood, references, links. Wikipedia.
  • Australian Food and Drink Aboriginal food sources, food for Australia’s early settlers, food for Australia’s explorers, multicultural influences, Bush Tucker, links, more.
  • Australian Food Blogs
    General listing and by state. Enough to cover all areas.
  • Bush Food Bibliography
    Part of a larger bibliography. Australian National Botanic Gardens.
  • Bush Food [Bush Tucker]
    From Indigenous Australia. Brief article with some examples.
  • Bush Tucker
    SGAP[Qld]. ‘In this section , we feature some of the Australian native plants that can be used as food. There are a great many plants that fit into this category. Some are quite delicious and some may be just barely palatable’.
  • Bush tucker
    Traditional Aboriginal use; Colonial use; Modern use; Media; specific areas and plant parts; references, links. From Wikipedia.
  • Updated ! Cherikoff Australian Ingredients
    Information for chefs, recipes, glossary, links, more.
  • CSIRO and Food Production
    Food production, healthy foods, food quality and safety, seafood, food processing, more.
  • Updated ! Food in Australia
    Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. ‘Examine how cuisine has been influenced by various cultures and revolved full circle to include indigenous ingredients now known as “bush tucker”. Meet one of our Aboriginal educators and learn about the different methods used to collect and prepare bush food’.
  • Updated ! Native Australian recipes and Native Australian food
    ‘Before European settlers arrived in Australia, there was a thriving food culture, one that happily sustained the Aboriginal people for tens of thousands of years’. This is a modern sampling of some of these.


  • Chefs Australia
    Watch mini-videos of Australian chefs cooking Australian foods and meals. You need to subscribe to YouTube to access these.
  • Dupleix, Jill
    Advice and recipes from a young Australian chef now working in Europe, Contact her via the site. Have restaurant reviews if going to England.
  • Mietta’s - Great Australian Chefs
    Chefs and their work, from Tony Bilson to Jaques Reymond. Browse through restaurant guides, more.
  • Solomon, Charmaine
    ‘Internationally acclaimed best selling cookery author Charmaine Solomon invites you into her virtual kitchen. Known and loved throughout Australia for magazine and newspaper columns, TV appearances and cookery demonstrations and classes over the decades, the rest of the world is getting to know and love her for her cookery books’.

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Cooking Tools

Cooking Courses

Cook Books & Texts

  • Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbooks
    ‘Standard cookbooks from The Australian Women’s Weekly are available in a comprehensive range of titles. Cuisines from around the globe, books with a focus on health and dietary issues, those that feature recipes based on a common ingredient, every other subject imaginable’. Also access their Mini and Trade Cookbooks from the same site.
  • Updated ! Boomerang Books
    Grouped under topic headings from General Cookery to Preserving & Freezing.
    Multiple categories, discounts to club members, more.
  • Cooking Equipment
    ‘Looking for a new kitchen gadget ? Read our trusted round-ups and reviews of kitchen appliances so you know exactly what to buy’.
  • Free Cookbooks
    If you are looking for cookbooks from past years then this is definitely the site. There is a good selection from back into the 19th century. These are both general and from specific areas and styles.
  • MemoWare
    A listing of books available in different formats. Each is rated up to 5 stars.
  • New ! The Cook’s Thesaurus
    ‘A cooking encyclopaedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions’.
  • The Food Lovers’ Cookbook Collection
    ‘Assembled to help guide you through the maze of wonderful food writing that is now flooding the market. Some is recent writing, some almost two hundred years old’.
  • Updated ! The New Food Lover’s Companion
    Sharon Tyler Herbst, Ron Herbst. ‘The New Food Lover’s Companion is a reference guide - not a cookbook - but it includes hundreds of cooking tips plus an extensive bibliography of recommended cookbooks and other food-related literature’. Fee-based.
  • Vegan Cookbooks
    Two cook books are offered, both in PDF format. Details of both are provided for you to read before downloading.

Cooking Techniques

  • Updated ! A Guide to Cooking Techniques
    ‘Aimed to give you explanations and tips on the most commonly used cooking techniques. Boiling and blanching to whipping, stewing, grilling, sauté, freezing, roasting, poaching, more. Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or an experienced cook, this guide will be useful, because learning never stops’. Listed alphabetically.
  • Updated ! How To Cook [Reluctant Gourmet]
    ‘Once you learn how to handle these fundamental techniques, you will be able to handle most recipes. Cooking is not just about recipes, it is about how to take ingredients and make them taste as good as possible’.
  • Learn To Bake
    Bakers’ Corner. Multiple sections provide the Baking Basics, Baking Ingredients, Baking Utensils, Dietary Requirements and Healthy baking. There area also articles, special recipes and much more.


  • Updated ! Cooking Videos [Taste of Home]
    ‘Learn new cooking tips and techniques with hundreds of how-to cooking videos’. 15 separate areas covered.
  • Food Wishes Video Recipes
    Videos which include a range of unusual recipes.
    ‘We built just for you. You’ll learn how to make quick and tasty meals, plus learn the basic cooking skills you’ll need’.

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Other Information

  • 30 Day Gourmet’s Freezer Cooking Online Manual
    If you are into pre-preparation and freezing, even to lunches for children, then you need to check this site. While commercial, it provides information and ideas.
  • BBC - Food
    Well known chefs can be accessed, there are Updated ! recipes, special features, BBC programs, Ingredients glossary, Kid’s section, Ask a Chef, healthy eating, Back to Basics, Cooking Techniques videos, more. BBC site.
  • BBCGCSE Bitesize
    A series of topics in the Food Technology area. For senior students. Each topic has both revision and a test.
  • CAN
    Click on “Education” in the left menu for information about the history of canning, can manufacture, how food is canned, health & nutrition, quality assurance, recycling.


  • Updated ! Delia Online
    Recipes, ingredients, cooking school, search engine allows you to enter ingredients then find a recipe, wine, general foods, other household goods, etc.. Techniques, questions, equipment, what’s in season [UK though], more.
  • Lawson, Nigella
    Official site of “The Domestic Goddess” of British television. Her books, recipes, news, the living kitchen, more.
  • Cold Storage Chart
    Find how long you can keep a range of foods safely under refrigeration or by freezing them. This is part of a Fact Sheet on “Basics for Handling Food Safely”.

Cooking Blogs

  • Food Blog Search
    ‘Search for recipes in more than 3 000 fabulous food blogs !’
  • Photograzing
    A blog full of recipes. Select and click on the image, then follow the instructions. Site now closed but you can still access recipes or go to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Tastespotting
    Operates in the same fashion as the Photograzing Blog above.
  • Cooking Light
    Recipes, Cooking 101, menus, magazine, more. All for healthy cooking.
  • Updated ! Cook It Quick
    ‘We invite you to partake of the following Menu Items to help you prepare healthy foods in a hurry. Consider this a buffet : Help yourself as desired’. Healthy food in a flash.
  • Culinary Media Network
    ‘We travel the planet exploring culture, history and tradition via the plate to learn the passion behind the flavours that excite us. Our audio & video programs, recipes, articles and interviews showcase the best of what we’ve discovered in an unending quest to fulfil our food desires’. Now entitled The Gilded Fork, home of … .
  • Food Forum
    ‘Food is everybody’s business and deserves a key position in every young person’s education. The links between food, diet, health and well-being are indisputable. FoodForum’s aim is also to encourage critical users and consumers of food’. UK based. Specific areas that could be of value include :
  • Curriculum Matters
    ‘This section provides guidance on teaching and learning principles, working within a national curriculum framework, making curriculum links, planning a successful food curriculum, assessing achievement and monitoring the quality of teaching and learning’. Includes templates and resources.
  • Farming and Food production
    CSIRO. ‘Our diverse food and farming research ranges from studying the make-up of our crops and animals to the methods and food processing technologies we develop to produce healthier, safer and more sustainable food’, scientific groups such as The Australian Institute of Food Science Technology.
  • Food In-sites
    ‘Food in-sites has been developed to give you the low-down on what else is out there on the web. We do the slog for you by evaluating food sites and giving them a score so you don’t waste your time’ Listed alphabetically.
  • The F-Files
    ‘The F-files provide a bank of teaching and learning materials. These are produced as case studies and provide actual examples from the food industry’.
  • New ! Food Technology [VEA]
    ‘Help your students develop important life skills in food preparation and healthy eating. Explore our huge range of curriculum aligned secondary videos with time-saving teaching resource’.
  • New ! Food Technology - Activities
    Work samples for a range of aspects, NSW Education Standards Authority.
    ‘‘FoodWise’ is Do Something’s national campaign to reduce the environmental impact of Australia’s food consumption. We want Australians to become more educated and informed about the food that they eat. In short we want Australians to become FoodWise. Do Something’s FoodWise web site gives you practical advice and information on what you can do to solve the problem’.
  • Updated ! Home Economics Victoria
    Curriculum information, Education Projects, Publications, Events Calendar, Workshops & Courses, more.
  • Low-Budget Meals Online
    Recipes, Reviews, Cooking Tips. ‘Dedicated to those who would like to eat like king but have the budget of a starving student’. Recipes, FAQs, tips.
  • New ! Safe Food Australia - A guide to the Food Safety Standards
    ‘You can download a fully searchable pdf and/or print a copy from the links below. Short factsheets have also been developed to help food businesses understand the food safety standards. See our New ! InfoBites’.
  • SBS Food
    Programs, recipes, blogs, videos, Ask The Chef, suppliers, in season foods, food art, more. Programs include :
  • New ! Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia
    ‘Brings to the screen the best and most exciting food this country has to offer, travelling from the farms and plantations of the outback to tropical Kakadu, sharing magnificent meals and wonderful stories, plus recipes both traditional and new’.
  • New ! Food Safari Earth
    ‘Follow Maeve on her journey to uncover the delectable recipes and stories from chefs and home cook heroes from all cultures and backgrounds’.
  • Science of Cooking
    Links cooking and science. Covers nutrition as well.
  • Spices Exhibit
    Background information about a spices used in cooking and for medicinal purposes. In addition to individual information there is information on general topics of interest related to spices and their different uses.
  • Taste
    While dominantly a recipe collection, there is other information including news, features, glossary, forums, … .
  • The Sweet Science of Chocolate
    Chocolate gets the science treatment. From history to nutrition.

Vegetarian Cooking

  • Vegetarian
    Site for both vegan and vegetarian cooking and way of life.
  • Vegetarian Food, Cooking, Books …
    Strongly committed to the world of vegetarianism but covers a broad range.
  • New ! Vegetarian - it’s more than not eating meat
    Kid’s Health. Information, with simple illustrations, covering a range of topics.
  • Vegetarian Diets
    ‘Vegetarians all base their diets on foods of plant origin, but there are different levels of vegetarianism according to how much food derived from animals is also eaten. In Australia there are five major types of vegetarian’.
  • VegWeb

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