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Technology is the core understanding on which all other technology programs are founded. It is presently a mandatory course for most technological studies. It gives an introduction to areas such as Built Environments, the Design Process and Information and Communication skills. Students develop a good knowledge of materials, tools and techniques and develop understanding of how these combine to allow completion of projects with safety. It generates understanding of the impact of technological advancement and innovation. Practical components are a significant part of study.

This and other pages will be replaced by the Technologies component of the Australian Curriculum in the near future. At present, this is awaiting final endorsement. The material below is provided on an interim basis and will be fully revised once the Technologies content, Design & Technologies and Digital Technologies, is implemented.

This page covers information on the above. It includes portals, tutorials, activities, sites for specific resources, tips & tricks, communication skills, programs, more.


Additional links are provided on the Design & Technology page.

General Information

  • Design and Technologies Curriculum
    Joanne Villis. Done for Primary year levels. Teaching Ideas, Year Level Overviews, Band Level Overviews. An extensive number of resources to use across the Design and Technology area. This site will save you a lot of work.
  • Design Technology Teaching Ideas
    12 potential teaching units listed, annotated. Primary school level.

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Built Environments


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Information & Communication

  • Codecademy
    ‘Learn to code interactively, for free’.
  • Digital Technologies : An Introduction
    ACARA. ‘Members of the Digital Technologies Advisory Group discuss the features of the curriculum’.
  • Digital Divas Club
    ‘This school based program will build girls’ ICT skills and confidence, increase girls’ motivation to continue studying ICT and enter the ICT workforce’. At present, only operating in Victoria. Course materials available from site.
  • Joanne Villis, SlideShare
    For this area check the “Resources for Teaching Students to Code” slideshare. Links for more than 80 resources by grade level.
  • Photoshop Tutorials []
    Extensive number of tutorials for multiple versions, tools, plugins, resources, more. A second Photoshop Tutorial site is found here.
  • Scootle
    Resources to ‘Investigate how data are transmitted and secured in wired, wireless and mobile networks … ’. 1 100+ are included. Also applies to other topics in this aspect.
  • The Hour of Code
    ‘The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics’. A related site is
  • Tutorial Hero
    An absolutely vast collection with tutorials for a significant range of programs and operating systems. Start from the Tutorial list on the right and go from there.
  • Tuts+ Free Code Tutorials
    Select from the “Free Tutorials” menu at the top. Tutorials for Design, Code, Web Design, Game Development, Computer Skills, more.

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  • Course Plans and Units of Work
    Collection from NSW Department of Education and Communities.
  • Design Resources
    Scootle. 1 500+ resources to assist in investigating ‘the ways in which products, services and environments evolve locally, regionally and globally … ’.
  • Units of Work
    ‘The document contains two Stage 4 sample units of work. Toy Maker [end of Year 7] and Lights, Camera, Robo Action’. Part of a Support Document from BOS NSW.
  • 3D Printing Professional Development
    ‘The following links may be useful for professional learning or as teaching resources’. DEC, NSW.

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Other Information

  • ANU Art History Server
    ‘Art & Architecture mainly from the Mediterranean Basin, Japan, India, Cambodia’.
  • Design & Technology Association [UK]
    Sections covering Primary, Secondary, ITE in Design & Technology, Health & Safety, Publications, Research, more.
  • Funny Safety Training Videos
    A collection of 200 videos covering safety aspects for a wide range of situations including technology and construction. Each has humour but also a serious point to make. Could provide a good starter for safety lessons.
  • Links4Learning : Technology
    ‘Provide ready links to helpful sites to support your subjects’ in all 4 areas covered on this page.
  • STEM Connections
    ‘Free service of ITEEA in an effort to support educators from around the world who share the belief that technological literacy is a critical component of an education in today’s world’. USA.

Impact of Technological Advancement

Effects on environment and society.

Materials & Tools

  • Notes on Workshop Techniques
    ‘The objective has not been to produce a technical dissertation. This is like basic information for the Model Engineer modified by ideas and tips I have found useful over the years’.
  • Virtual Machine Shop Library
    ‘An introduction to CAD/CAM systems, cutting tools, lathes, milling machines, measurement, other machines’. Includes some videos.

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