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nutrition [n., mass noun]

1. the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth : a guide to good nutrition; 2. food or nourishment : “a feeding tube gives her nutrition and water”; 3. the branch of science that deals with nutrients and nutrition, particularly in humans.
Derivatives : nutritional [adjective], nutritionally [adverb].
- ORIGIN late Middle English : from late Latin nutritio[n-], from nutrire ‘feed, nourish’
Oxford Dictionaries

Nutrition looks at the nutritional component of food from proteins to water, lack of nutrition and its role in dietary conditions, nutritional labelling, requirements at different stages of the life cycle, food consumption data in Australia and overseas.

This page covers information on all the above areas. It includes portals, courses, programs, guides, interactive activities, discussion activities, specific resources government bodies, more.

Information about Food Technology and Recipes is found on these pages.

Australian Information

Australian Sites

  • Australian Guide to Healthy Eating
    ‘The “Australian Guide to Healthy Eating” is a food selection guide which visually represents the proportion of the five food groups recommended for consumption each day’. Dietary Guidelines, documents, resources.
  • Australian Institute of Sport - Nutrition
    Advice from people totally involved in the well being of many of Australia’s top athletes. Extensive information about nutrition.
  • Better Health : Health
    A range of topics covering eating healthy foods, keeping our bodies working and preventing disease. Among the sections are the following.
  • Food & Nutrition Australia
    Their Nutrition Lounge ‘provides useful and practical information on a wide range of nutrition issues and topics’ in addition to their other sections.
  • Food Standards Australia New Zealand
    What these are and how they are implemented in both countries to protect all of us. Covers everything from standards development, recalls, nutrition calculators to primary production.
  • Food Watch
    Looks at foods and gives you a mass of information indicating their health level for you.
  • Healthy Eating
    HealthInsite. ‘The Food and Nutrition topic covers a range of subjects from the nutritional benefits of particular foods to food safety and medical conditions affected by diet’
  • National Health & Medical Research Council
    Annotated links to other sites, listed in four major directories. Australian government body.
  • Nutrition
    Queensland University of technology. Links.
  • Nutrition Australia
    All the nutritional advice you could want. What’s better is that it is an Australian site.
  • Nutrition Society of Australia
    Sections for nutrition Students, Newsletters & Publications, What Nutritionists Do and Useful Links.
  • Nutrition Week
    This is the national site. Select from the State/Territory links along the top for specific details of activities.
  • Sanitarium Australia
    Check the Sanitarium Nutrition Service [top menu] and the Ask us About Nutrition question process [lower left]. Recipes, Facts on Foods.
  • Smart Eating For You
    Dietitians’ Association of Australia. FAQs, Healthy Eating Self-Assessment, Links, Nutrition Information A-Z, Recipes, Smart Eating Tips, more.
  • Welcome to the Healthy Weight Guide
    ‘The Healthy Weight Guide can help you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight using information and tools that will guide you’.
    Annotated links to programs, age relevant material, more.

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Government & Quasi-Governmental Sites

Other Australian Sites

  • Go for 2&5®
    ‘Eating plenty of fruit and vegies not only contributes to good health, but also protects against a number of diseases and helps maintain a healthy weigh. Here you can find out about the benefits of fruit and vegies, nifty ways to get more fruit and vegies into your day, plus some super simple tasty recipes’.
  • Dairy Australia - Education
    Information for all educational levels, teacher resources, downloads, more.
  • Healthy Eating
    The Heart Foundation. Covers a range of range of food and nutrition facts. Links to other material such as food labels, Healthy Recipes and more. There is a related section on Active Living that will also help with health and a longer life.
  • Nutrition Education and Life Skills
    Australian Indigenous HealthInfonet. ‘Details and links [where available] relating to relevant programs, projects, lessons learned are collected here’.
  • Nutrition Education Materials Online
    Queensland Health. ‘Use this site to access NEMO recommended resources, newly developed resources under review, other resources, useful links, contacts’.

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Other Information


  • Gluten Free Blog
    Blog entries, recipes, links to diet news, other news, recipes of all kinds, more.
  • Healthy Eating & Nutrition News
    ‘Latest health, healthy eating, nutrition news, data, studies & research from around the world for nutritionists and those interested in healthier lifestyles’.
  • Integrative Nutrition Blog
    ‘Find posts on everything from the future of nutrition to why you should eat your greens’.
  • Little Stomaks
    ‘Science-driven information on how to best feed and nourish your little ones’.
  • Mark’s Daily Apple
    ‘Learn more about getting back to the basics of nutrition and living primally’.
  • Nutrition Data
    Topics in directories for Tools, Topics, Help. Articles, links [some included here], Ask Monica, more.
  • Nutrition Secrets
    ‘Real research. Credible sources’. Daily additions cover many nutrition topics in an easy to read format.
  • Sustainable Table
    ‘The Daily Table’. Entries, tweets, flickr, links, more. Healthy, sustainable food choices.

Other Sites

  • Fatworld
    ‘FATWORLD is a video game about the politics of nutrition. It explores the relationships between obesity, nutrition and socioeconomics’.
  • FoodandHealth.Communications
    Free handouts, other material, some of which is fee-based. Check the Free Resources section for other material.
  • Food and Nutrition Information Centre
    US Department of Agriculture. Topics A-Z, Resources Lists [Excellent], Databases, Spotlights, Browse in different ways including by subject from the list provided.
  • Healthy Food Finder
    ‘We created this food finder tool to help you discover new healthy foods. Using the tool, you can sort foods based on various criteria [e.g. protein content, iron content or calories], filter foods into groups [e.g. fruits, vegetables or grains] and compare the nutritional profiles of different foods’.
  • Nourish Interactive
    ‘Your free one stop resource for fun nutrition games for kids, interactive nutrition tools and tips for parents and health educators to use to promote healthy living for the whole family’.
  • Nutri Facts
    Find constituent parts of several thousand products from this US based site, recommended daily allowances of various items.
  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating Advice
    Everything from organic foods to weight loss, all that comes between.
  • Nutrition Facts
    Software. Includes 7 500+ items with extensive information included for each. Requires Net Framework 2.
  • Nutrition Facts About Food [Indobase]
    Multiple sections provide a wide range of nutritional information. You can also link to Indian Recipes by using the top menu.
    US government. Covering every aspect of nutrition. FAQs, browse by subjects, special topics, spotlighted topics.
  • Nutrition Tools and Calculators
    ‘Nutrients identifier tool, Calorie burn calculator, Food lists by selected nutrient. The data is based on the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference’.
  • The Blonz Guide
    ‘A compilation of sources, assembled in the hope that it will help you find the quality information you seek. My focus is to list science-reliable [nutritional information] sites’.
  • The World’s Healthiest Foods List
    ‘Selected because they are among the richest sources of many of the essential nutrients needed for optimal health. By eating the World’s Healthiest Foods, you’ll get all the essential nutrients that you need for excellent health, including vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, fibre, more for the least number of calories’. Done alphabetically.

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