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Agricultural Technology

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Agricultural Technology covers understanding of Australian agricultural areas from grains to livestock, the sustainability of agricultural enterprises, management, production and sales. Biosafety and ethical management are components in this area. Practical components [obviously not included here] form integral parts of this study.

This page provides information on all the above areas. It includes portals, courses, programs, sites for specific resources, more.

Production & Sustainability

Production & Sale of Agricultural Goods

Includes exchange of goods, sale or exchange of services.

  • Check the section on Specific Industries, for further information about this aspect.
  • Australian Farming and Cropping
    Overview, history, links, more.
  • Market Access & Trade
    Department of Agriculture. Agreements, access, various measures, export destinations, more.
  • The Meatrix
    ‘Offers information on the issues surrounding factory farming, as well as alternatives to conventionally-raised meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs’. Watch online movies, use interactive material, read information.

Sustainability of Agricultural Systems

Includes viability of Australian systems.

  • Agriculture and Food
    CSIRO. Sustainable farm management, Digital Agriculture, Animal Science, and more.
  • Updated ! Ecological Footprint
    ‘Global Footprint Network is an international think tank working to advance sustainability through use of the Ecological Footprint, a resource accounting tool that measures how much nature we have, how much we use and who uses what’.
  • Updated ! SARE Learning Centre
    ‘Books, videos, top project reports, online courses, fact sheets, and much more. Searchable by type of product and topic’.
  • Sustainable Agriculture [Wikipedia]
    Farming and natural resources, economics, methods, off-farm impacts, international policy, urban planning, criticism, references, links, more.
  • Sustainable Agriculture : The Basics
    What is it; sustainable v. industrial; Quick Facts; related information.
  • Sustainable Table
    ‘Serving up healthy food choices. Works to educate consumers, increase demand for sustainable food. Multi-sectioned. Introduction to sustainability, shop sustainable, sustainable schools, the issues, sustainable kitchen, more.
  • Updated ! Toward a Sustainable Agriculture
    ‘A curriculum for high school students. The curriculum consists of 5 modules’. USA.
  • UNESCO : Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future - Module 15 : Sustainable Agriculture
    ‘Introduces the main goals of sustainable agriculture and examines a range of sustainable farming practices and case studies’.
  • What is Sustainable Agriculture ?
    ‘Overview, Concept Themes, Farming and Natural Resources, Plant Production Practices, Animal Production Practices, The Economic, Social & Political Context’. University of California.

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Specific Industries

Specific Industries

  • Australian Dairy Farmers Limited
    ‘National voice of Australia’s dairy farmers providing for the continued growth of internationally competitive, innovative, sustainable dairy farm businesses’.
  • Australian Pork Limited
    ‘Organisation supporting and promoting the Australian pork industry’. Information for producers, processors, exporters, researchers, consumers. Publications, Education Toolkit, grain prices, links.
  • Australian Wheat Board
    ‘Australia’s leading agribusiness and one of the world’s largest wheat marketing and management companies’. Information, seeds, crop shaping, prices.
  • Australian Wool Exchange
    Representing ‘the majority of first-hand wool traded in Australia each year. Includes wool brokers, exporters, private treaty merchants, processor, wool producers, associates’. Links to other organisations, software, more.
  • Australian Meat Industry Council
    ‘Represents retailers, processors, exporters, smallgoods manufacturers in the post-farm-gate meat industry’. Industry Links, Technical Information, information on Human Resources, Industrial relations.
  • Discover Dairy
    ‘Developed by Dairy Australia to engage and educate teachers and students about the Australian dairy industry and the nutritious products it produces’.
  • Graincorp
    ‘Servicing the needs of the domestic and international grain markets from producers to buyers’. Latest news, links, growers’ page, buyers’ page, latest prices.
  • Welcome to Cotton Australia
    ‘Peak body for Australia’s cotton growing industry’. Information, fact sheets, news, library, information on efficient and sustainable development, Cotton Classroom.

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Other Information

Australian Associations

Other Sites

  • Updated ! Aglinks Resources
    Links lksted in 9 different sections.
  • Updated ! Agriculture in the Classroom
    The Directory [Matrix] includes both a Teacher Centre and Student Centre. Includes resources, lessons, more. US Department of Agriculture.
  • New ! Agriculture K-6 Resources [NSW]
    ‘This advice about teaching agriculture is organised into NSW Primary School Stages of Learning and subdivided into Learning Areas, with suggested activities and links to online resources’.
  • Updated ! Agricultural Technology 7-10 [NSW]
    Provides ‘Programming Tools and Templates, Course Plans and Units of Work, Assessment and Report and Teaching Ideas’. Updated ! Agriculture for Senior Years are here. NSW.
  • Agriculture, Farming and Food Home
    State & territory information, services across agricultural, fisheries, forestry, other industries.
  • New ! Agriculture in Education Video - Scootle
    ‘This is a selection of the videos produced by the Agriculture in Education program. The videos were produced by project partners AgriFood Skills Australia and the Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia’.
  • APSnet Education Centre
    K-12 resources and information, illustrated glossary. Concentrates on plant pathology.
  • New ! Australian Curriculum - Agriculture in education [a teacher’s point of view]
    Victoria. ‘This is a video about the value of a unit of work focusing on agriculture and food production as part of an integrated approach to Implementing the Australian Curriculum. It is presented by year 6 teacher Tathia Shield Wells and includes footage of her students making butter and growing vegetables ’.

Care and use of Animals

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