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Social Science

This page has been archived and is no longer being added to or maintained.

The Social Sciences cover multiple areas with Economics and Commerce, History and Geography at its core. Additional areas include cultural studies, citizenship and government, social systems and more.

It is encompassed by Indigenous and multicultural perspectives, as are other core curriculum areas. At some levels, topics such as Driver Education may be considered a component of this area.

This page looks at the Social Sciences - core and other areas, resources, general information, activities and more.

All Australian History pages form part of this area and can be accessed using this link.

Additional material is found on the Social Science Resources page.

Core Areas

Civics & Citizenship

  • Australian Citizenship
    If interested in Australian citizenship this is where to find the process, rights, obligations it brings.
  • Australian Citizenship Day - Resources
    ‘Australian citizenship curriculum-linked resources for upper primary and lower secondary students’.
  • Citizenship in a Democracy
    Civic & Citizenship for Years 9 & 10. Collection of sound and film pieces from the National Film and Sound Archive. Wide range of examples collected.
  • Civics and Citizenship
    Department of Education & Early Childhood Development, Victoria. Teaching resources.
  • Civics and Citizenship [Australian Curriculum]
    ‘Provides rich and engaging opportunities for developing students’ civics and citizenship knowledge, understanding and skills’. [Available for use; awaiting final endorsement].
  • Civics and Citizenship F to Year 6
    TES Australia. ‘Activities, including cultural diversity activities, lesson plans on human rights, Australian identity interactive activities and other free resources’.
  • Civics and Citizenship [NSW]
    Information and resources from DEC, NSW.
  • Civics and Citizenship Education
    ‘Australia’s pre-eminent civics and citizenship education web portal. This website contains resources, information, activities and links for teachers, students and parents involved in civics and citizenship education’. Australian Government. Discovering Democracy Units related to this can be found here, while Teaching & Learning Activities are found in another section, with Upper Primary activities one example of the sort of material provided. Reading Our Rights, a case study from Claremont College in Tasmania is found here.
  • Civics and Citizenship Links
    Annotated links to multiple topics related to this theme.
  • Civics and Citizenship Links [Parliament of NSW]
    ‘Websites linked below offer valuable information and resources for teaching and learning in civics and citizenship education’.
  • Discovering Democracy
    ‘Welcome to the NSW Discovering Democracy professional development website which promotes civics and citizenship education in government and non-government schools across Years 4-10’.
  • Personal Stories of Australian Citizenship
    ‘Becoming an Australian citizen is a personal choice. Some new Australian citizens share their stories and tell us what led to their decision to become an Australian citizen’.
  • The Government Machine
    ‘Bruce Petty takes a satirical look at the “contraptions” that shape our lives. Beginning with a simple concept, he takes us on an anarchic journey through history as each apparatus builds to its complex contemporary form’. Video clip, activities, other resources. National Film and Sound Archive.


  • Bored of Studies - Notes & Resources
    ‘The Global Economy, Australia’s Place in the Global Economy, Economic Issues, Economic Policies & Management, General, Preliminary Course, Discussion Forum’.
  • Cool Online Economics Learning Resources for Students
    Briefly annotated links covering multiple aspects. Includes games, quizzes, models, more.
  • Dr. T’s EconLinks
    ‘Links for economists, economics students and anyone interested in economics. The directory compiles the best economics sources available, including links to news, data and analysis’.
  • Economic Education Web [EcEdWeb]
    ‘Provides support for education in all forms and at all levels. Select from the menu to find exciting material for teaching economics’.
  • Economics and Business [Australian Curriculum]
    ‘Examines those aspects of economics and business that underpin decision-making at personal, local, national, regional and global levels’. [Available for use; awaiting final endorsement].
  • Economics for High School
    Playlist of 14 videos covering major topics and economic indicators.
  • Economics [Share My Lesson]
    ‘Welcome to the economics page. You will find material on a number of topics including scarcity, goods and services, trade, competition, money and more’.
  • Economics Year 11-12
    TES Australia. ‘Activities for senior secondary school, including demand and supply worksheets, macroeconomic policies lesson plans, financial markets posters, labour markets resources and other ideas for you to use’.
  • High School Economics Topics
    ‘A list of the 51 key economics concepts common to all [U.S. State] requirements for high school classes in economics’.
  • High School Financial Planning Program Web Portal
    US program. ‘For over twenty-five years, this award-winning, free, non-commercial financial education program has been provided to millions of students in thousands of schools throughout the country’. National Endowment for Financial Education®.
  • Money Smart
    Australian Government. Designed to help people understand budgets, set financial goals, get into the savings habit. The Under 25s section has specific advice on buying expensive items, controlling your cash, debt and trouble-shooting and other areas relating to the time period at the end of schooling.
  • Money Smart Teaching
    ‘MoneySmart Teaching was created to support schools that want to include consumer and financial literacy programs in their curriculum. This website provides up-to-date information and resources, including a professional learning package to help you teach students about money matters’. Covers Australian Curriculum material.
  • Teacher Resources
    Includes a range of topics related to financial literacy. Previously done by FIDO [ASIC], now covered by Money Smart.

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  • Australian Geography Teachers Association
    Select “Resources” from the main menu for teaching and curriculum resources.
  • Geography Use the items in the list on the left to target specific areas, e.g. Geographic Technology, Physical Geography.
  • Geography [2]
    ‘Australia’s audio and visual heritage online. The following clips have teachers’ notes related to this topic’.
  • Geography4Kids
    ‘If you are looking for physical geography or earth science basics, stay on this site. It’s not geography for kids, it’s for everyone. An introduction to the earth sciences with topics on the Earth’s structure, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere’.
  • Geography Action
    National Geographic. ‘Annual conservation and awareness program to educate and excite people about our natural, cultural, historic treasures. Each year we celebrate a topic related to conservation and the environment’.
  • Geography [Australian Curriculum]
    Senior Secondary. 4 units providing Unit descriptions, Learning outcomes, Content descriptions. Geography for Foundation to Year 10 is found here.
  • Geography [Scootle]
    1 100+ resources for classroom and teacher.
  • Factmonster
    World Geography links. Multiple directories from Geography Hall of Fame to Geography Bee. 24 directories altogether.
  • GeogSpace
    ‘Offers quality primary and secondary geography resource materials for all teachers of geography’. Core units and Support units.
  • Latitude and Longitude
    What each is, how they are used.
  • Helping Your Child Learn Geography
    Covers essential elements and fundamentals in geography.
  • The Road Map Project
    ‘The Road Map Project brought together experts in geography, education, and research from across the U.S. to create a set of landmark reports focusing on key issues for educational improvement ’. Read the reports, use the teaching resources, mapping material and much more.
  • World Atlas and Maps


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Other Information

Countries & Regions of The World

  • Around the World
    Links take you to countries in all regions of the world.
  • Countries of the World
    Information about every country you wish.
  • Pacific Neighbours : Understanding the Pacific Islands
    ‘Pacific Neighbours : Understanding the Pacific islands has been produced to help students develop their knowledge and understanding of the Pacific region, its history and geography, its political and social development, and its people and their cultures. Designed for students in Years 7-10 in all states and territories of Australia’. This is the introductory document. Check this Pacific Neighbours page for further information.
  • Where is That ?
    Educational game that provides maps from different world regions and has you work on one of five levels with the country/state/capital city.

General Australian Sites

  • A Guide to Government & Law in Australia
    Discovering Democracy Units. ‘Contains the complete text of A Guide to Government and Law in Australia by Dr John Hirst. An exploration of the history, structure and operations of Australian democracy with a concise description of the operations of the Australian system of government and law. The text also has a units index and there are links from the units to relevant sections of A Guide to Government and Law in Australia. Written largely for teachers’.
  • Asia Education Resource Search
    ‘Search all resources on the Asia Education Foundation. website, using the filters on the left side of the page’. Promoting teaching and learning about Asia in Australian schools.
  • Behind The News
    Provides younger students with an appropriate view of world events and news.
  • Facts About Australia
    A series of interesting facts presented through short descriptions.
  • Law For You
    ‘Premier Site for Legal Information. Free and practical information about everyday legal problems and Australian Law’. Select by state for specific information.
  • Legal System and Justice
    Attorney-General’s Department. One section of a much bigger information site on laws and the legal system.
  • Learning and Teaching Resources
    Department of Education & Training, Victoria. Sections covering Economics, Geography and History.
  • Teaching Human Rights
    Australian Government. Information, resources for teachers about all forms of discrimination, harassment, how to combat this. Human Rights information.

General Sites

  • Together For Humanity
    ‘A not-for-profit organisation helping schools, organisations and communities to respond effectively to differences of culture and belief by bringing students, teachers, and those in the community into contact with people from diverse backgrounds in an open, supportive, and enjoyable setting’.
  • Understanding the World Today
    ‘Looks at long term, large scale changes in social, political, economic systems at national, international levels. Links to sites with theories, approaches, data, research’.

Heritage & Australian Culture

Symbols, government, history, etc..

  • Check information included on the Australian Identity & Culture pages.
  • Australian Heritage Commission
    Keeper of the National Estate Register. Photographs, listings of places, news, bibliography, books, articles. more.
  • Australian Studies
    Directory of links for Australian information, culture, life.
  • Convict Creations
    Suggests we have ‘turned culture upside down’ and shows through history, culture, traditions why they believe this. A lot of material provided.
  • Culture and Arts
    Australian Government Portal. Access information about culture, arts and recreation in the Australian context. One section of particular interest [now on a different site] is on Australian Folklore, which forms an integral part of the cultural background of Australia.
  • Teaching Heritage
    Photographs, drawings, timelines, news reports, maps, articles. New South Wales Department of Education. Teaches heritage and culture. Not updated for some time but still usable.

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Driver education, road skills, … .

  • Road Safety Education
    South Australian Police. Provides Road Safety School access for students at Primary level and In-school lectures and displays on a range of areas including road safety and driver education plus more for secondary as well.
  • Road Safety Education [SDERA]
    Western Australia. Three specific areas and age groups
  • Road Safety Programs
    Traffic safety education saves lives. RACV has school programs for children of all ages.
  • Safety & Rules
    Vicroads. Strategies, Road Safety Education for various school levels, statistics, research.

Personal Finance

Consumer understanding, e-commerce, investment knowledge, financial planning.

  • ASX Sharemarket Games
    ‘A free lesson in share investment as you trade online with a hypothetical $50 000 to invest in the sharemarket over a ten week period. The challenge is to achieve the highest valued share portfolio in the nation’. Australian. You need to join MyASX [Free].
  • Financial Literacy Teaching Resource
    ‘Helps teachers to improve their students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of financial literacy. 12 modules have been mapped to the Year 7-10 curriculum in each state and territory’.

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