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The Antarctic

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The Antarctic is probably the most desolate continent on the planet. It is a continually changing area, especially now with global warning. Australia has had a long connection with it, not only through exploration but also through scientific research. Australia has laid claim to the largest part of the continent, though other countries also have claims to significant areas. The Antarctic has now become a tourist venue as well.

This page looks at The Antarctic - the continent itself, its exploration and those who explored it, Australia’s links both past and present, Antarctic images, the Aurora Australis, print material, student activities, more.

The Antarctic


Last great unexplored area. People, especially from England, Australia and Scandinavian countries were involved in the early explorations.

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General Sites

  • Antarctica
    Etymology, history, geography, geology, climate, population, biodiversity, politics, economy, research, effects of global warming, ozone depletion, references and external links. Wikipedia.
  • Antarctica [2]
    The CIA World Factbook.
  • Antarctica Exploration
    Multi Domain Assessment Task. ‘Developed by teachers for teachers’. Created in Victoria, it is designed primarily for Level 5 Geography studies. Everything you need is enclosed including downloadables, a clear explanation of process, tasks, contents, more.
  • Antarctica Online
    Australian Antarctic Division. Information from the Australian Antarctic Division established by the Commonwealth government. Check Antarctic Stations run by Australia. For specific vision, check the Antarctic Webcams from the four different stations they operate. You can also check Australian Legislationabout the Antarctic at this site.
  • Antarctica The Musical
    Dogmatic Productions. #8216;Antarctica The Musical is an integrated unit of work written for Primary school students and is particularly relevant to the Stage 3 curriculum. Using drama, music and humour, it explores the formation, history and ecology of Antarctica’.

Antarctic Treaty

  • ATS - Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty
    Antarctic Treaty, Environment Protocol, Information Exchange, Tools & Resources.
  • Handbook of the Antarctic Treaty System
    ‘This Handbook reproduces material with respect to the Antarctic Treaty system, including the Antarctic Treaty itself. It is hoped that this Handbook will be of help both to those familiar with the Antarctic Treaty System and to newcomers who want to learn about Antarctica and the System’. Available [in sections] in PDF format.
  • British Antarctic Survey
    News, information, weather, wildlife. Their section on Life in the Polar Regions is really worth seeing.
  • Classroom Antarctica
    Two main sections. One for teachers, one for Kids. For teachers, 8 units, classroom resources. Mouse over each and see a short descriptor. Kids’ topics include Who’s eating who ?, Feathered Friends, Slippery Characters, Cover Pages, more. PDF version.
  • Discover Antarctica
    National Geographic. Multiple sections from an ice glossary to exploration.
  • Discovering Antarctica
    ‘Take a journey through this site to discover Antarctica for yourself. Each section features activities, images, video clips and fact sheets, to help you learn about this distant, frozen wilderness’. Royal Geographical Society.
  • Hurley’s Antarctica
    State Library of New South Wales. ‘Hurley was an exceptional photographer and his Antarctic visits covered a substantial part of the heroic age of Antarctic exploration’.
    ‘Joint Australian Centre for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica. Promoting activities, both nationally and internationally, that will facilitate our ability to operate an Antarctic Observatory and maximise the science that can be produced’.
  • March Of The Penguins Study Guide
    ‘A film that audiences of all ages will enjoy, although it is particularly suited to primary school and lower secondary school students. Teaching and learning activities have been developed to assist teachers of students in the middle years to promote the achievement of a variety of learning outcomes across the discipline based areas of Science, Humanities, Society and Environment, Human Society and its Environment, English, The Arts’. Free and downloadable.
  • Mawson’s Huts
    Multiple sections covering from his trips to Antarctica through the present conservation efforts to maintain his huts.
  • NASA Quest
    Archived but sections are still usable. Student and Teacher material.
    Information, graphics about the Arctic and Antarctic, philately, history, including exploration.
    Quite brilliant !
  • Students on Ice
    Student groups taken to either the Antarctic or the Arctic.
  • The Antarctic Circle
    Locations and personalities associated with the Antarctic and allied areas.
  • Traversing Antarctica [National Archives of Australia]
    ‘Traversing Antarctica : the Australian experience reveals how Australia’s connection with the frozen continent has developed over 100 years since the 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition led by Douglas Mawson. A wealth of documentary material from the National Archives unveils this fascinating history. A rare collection of original equipment and diaries from early expeditions is displayed together for the first time as well as inspiring interactive displays and imagery’.
  • Virtual Antarctica
    Join Whiteblack the penguin and find out about the Antarctic, animals to be found there, ice, glaciers, a special section on penguins.
  • Warnings from the Ice
    Accompanying a PBS program. ‘Over the last half-century, the coastal ice on the Antarctic Peninsula has been gradually disappearing. A group of scientists heads south to Antarctica in the race to answer questions and heed warnings from the ice’.
  • Welcome to The Antarctic Sun
    News, information. Available in PDF for later use.
  • Wildlife of Antarctica
    Information about Penguins, birds, Seals, Whales from the BBC.

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Other Information

Aurora Australis, the ‘Southern Lights’

Books, Magazines, …


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