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Sports are specified activities, involving either individuals or teams and some level of competition. There are a number including swimming, several football codes, netball and cricket that dominate the sporting scene in Australia.

This page looks at a range of sports commonly found in education throughout Australia as well as in the wider community. It includes information about coaching, techniques, rules, field dimensions, more.

Related pages are found through these links.

Help with coaching can often be gained by contacting local clubs or regional, state & national associations or bodies for that specific sport.

Coaching, Rules & More

Links to coaching help, rules, general information about equipment. A General Information section followed by individual sports.

General Information

  • ASC Learning Portal
    ‘Access online courses developed by the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport’. You need to register [free] to gain full access.
  • BBC Bitesize Sports Training Videos
    Multiple sports, then individual skills within each. For example, Cricket has 15 on different aspects. Archived but still available.
  • Updated ! Coaching - Coaching Topics
    Tools and Tips; Education and Accreditation; Videos; Manuals and DVDs; Contacts.
  • New ! Education
    ‘Recently, the ASC developed two new resources designed to support national sporting organisations to develop and deliver quality sporting experiences for the school environment’. These are the New ! Curriculum Alignment Guidelines and the New ! Teacher Professional Learning Guidelines.
  • Everyrule Sports Rules
    Find rules which need to be followed in individual sports. Most sports are played in Australia. A-Z listing.
  • Updated ! Officiating in Australia - Officiating Topics
    Tools and Tips; Education and Accreditation; High Performance; Videos; Manuals and DVDs; Contacts.
  • New ! Sporting Schools
    Multiple topics and issues covered here.
  • Play by the Rules
    ‘Provides information and online learning about how to prevent and deal with discrimination, harassment, child abuse for the sport and recreation industry’.
  • Sportquest
    Careers; Sports resources; Webinars; Sport Governance; SIRCuit. Canada.
  • Updated ! Sports Fitness Advisor …
    Elements of Fitness; Sport Specific Fitness [20+ sports]; more. UK.

Individual Sports


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Australian Rules



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Football [Soccer]



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Rugby League

Rugby Union

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Rugby
    ‘The basics, How the Game is played, Interactive content with online quiz, Examples with diagrams, pictures and videos’. IRB.
  • Updated ! Coaching
    Use the links provided to access resources about coaching in Australian Rugby.
  • Improve your Rugby Coaching
    ‘Over 700 Drills, Techniques & Session Plans plus powerful tools to help you become a better coach’.
  • Laws of Rugby

    You need to be able to log in to access this site but registration appears to be free.


  • Learning to Ski
    ‘This step-by-step skiing guide will take you through all the basics. We cover skiing technique in-depth from beginner to advanced with lots of handy tips for skiers of all abilities’.
  • Updated ! Ski Tips
    Tips, techniques by a Canadian expert.


    Become a qualified coach.
  • Swimming Rules [FINA]
    These are the specific rules for Swimming. Other groups of rules for different aspects can also be via the FINA site.
  • Updated ! Schools Information [Royal Life Saving Society]
    Information covering In the Classroom, At the Pool and Out and About. Information for Families, Training and more via the top menu.
  • Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety
    Austswim. ‘Course provides candidates with essential competencies to teach swimming and water safety™ to persons from four years of age in swimming pools and confined natural shallow water venues’.

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  • Updated ! Coach Education
    Tennis Australia. Options at multiple levels.
  • Oncourt Offcourt
    A listing of YouTube videos on specific aspects of the game and how to improve each.
  • Updated ! Schools
    Tennis Australia. ‘Tennis offers your students the chance to learn valuable life skills in a fun and encouraging environment. With participation options for schools of all sizes’.
  • Tennis Coaching/Tennis Drills
    ‘Click any of the links for explanations, information and coaching videos’.
  • Tennis Drills HQ
    ‘Give[s] tennis coaches and players from around the world the best free resources in terms of tennis drills and game based training scenarios that will help players of all levels’.


Water Polo

  • Polo Articles
    Articles cover a huge range of drills from many sources. Drills go down to very specific actions within the game.
  • Water Polo Tips & Drills
    Eteamz. ‘Full of useful drills, tips, games and more for coaches, players, and parents’.
  • Water Polo
    From JES. Describes a range of water polo plays and skills. These can be downloaded in .zip files.
  • Water Polo Rules [FINA]

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