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Sign languages are used by people with hearing impairments, their families and those who educate and work with them. There are individual sign languages in many countries around the world.

Auslan, Australia Sign Language, is the official sign language used in Australia. It is similar to British and New Zealand Sign languages, but different from the English language in both structure and vocabulary forms. There is often variation in the language relating to both place and person [age and education]. Auslan also includes Fingerspelling.

Signed English was used for some time but is now considered undesirable. Sign Language has been used in Australia since at least the middle of the 19th century.

This page gives access to Auslan courses, dictionaries, grammar, vocabulary, tutorials, other resources and information.

A second section of the page provides links to other sign languages from around the world. These are only provided for your information.

Hand sign for Auslan, courtesy of Auslan Signbank.

Dictionary, medical and health dictionary, grammar examples on video, videos of deaf people using Auslan, links to classes, information on the deaf community in Australia.
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Auslan - Australian Sign Language

Auslan - What is it ?

  • All About …
    Auslan history from SignPlanet.
  • Auslan
    Recognition, status, history, Auslan in relation to English, variation, standardisation, written and recorded Auslan, further reading, references, links. Wikipedia.
  • Australian Sign Language - Auslan
    A general introduction with several embedded links to resources and organisations.
  • History of Auslan
    Auslan Signbank article.
  • Sign Language - Auslan
    Better Health Channel, Victoria. Introduction, evolution, different elements, structure, learning, where to get help, more.
  • What is Auslan ?
    Overview, then links to further frequently asked questions.

Learning Auslan

  • Updated ! Community Classes
    Courses, locations, costs.
  • New ! Auslan Classes [DeafNT]
    ‘DeafNT is now pleased to be able to offer Auslan Classes in Darwin’.
  • New ! Auslan Classes in Australia
    ‘The following list only includes individuals and organisations who provide Advanced Auslancourses in Australian Sign Language’.
  • New ! Auslan Classes [WA Deaf]
    ‘WA Deaf Society runs Basic and Intermediate Auslan Courses year round, offering the opportunity to learn about Deaf Culture, along with an introduction to this beautiful language’.
  • Auslan Language Centre
    Western Australia.
  • Auslan, VicDeaf
    About Auslan, courses, costs, tutoring, more.
  • Australian Sign Language
    Where did sign languages come from ?, How do children lean sign languages ?, Sign language variation, Fingerspelling, Early exposure to sign language.
  • Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association
    “Becoming an Interpreter”. Select link from “Interpreting” in the main menu.
  • Auslan To Go - Lite
    Apple, Free. ‘An offline mobile dictionary based on the printed book The Auslan Dictionary for Teachers, Parents and Professionals : 2012 Edition. This Lite version includes 100 unique signs, each clearly illustrated in line art, and the full version includes over 2 000 signs’.
  • New ! Certificate II in Auslan [TAFE NSW]
    ‘An introductory course to the language of the Australian Deaf Community, provided by teachers who use this unique form of communication every day’. Similar institution in other states would have courses like this.
  • Deaf CanDo
    South Australia. Use the “Sign Language” link for details.
  • Deaf Children Australia
  • New ! Deaf Society NSW - Learn Auslan
    Beginner and Accredited Courses. Information on becoming an interpreter.
  • Learn Auslan Sign Language
    Listing of courses and places where they are run. Done by states. Other information.
  • TasDeaf
    Auslan classes can be found here. Click on “Services”.


  • Auslan Basics
    Links to multiple Auslan videos.
  • Auslan Corpus
    ‘he Auslan Corpus consists of the movies in the Auslan Archive together with linked linguistic annotation files’.
  • Auslan Fonts
    True Type fonts, activity sheets, cards, ideas. Auslan Resources.
  • Auslan Play Books
    ‘Twenty six “Colouring in Pages” including an Auslan Sign of the subject, its written description of how to do the sign and a black and white pictures that children can play with. The written text is in dot format and can be traced around to assist children in their writing’. Prompt Education. Fee-based. They also have other books being continually added to their stock.
  • Auslan Resources
    Includes the Auslan Fonts link provided above, lesson plans and activities for Primary children, resources for VCE Auslan courses, links to other resources, Auslan information.
  • Updated ! Auslan Resources on Pinterest
    50+ resources have been pinned.
  • Auslan Services
    ‘A leading provider of Auslan interpreters’. Information on Auslan and Auslan training.
  • Auslan Translation Videos : The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
    Australian Government Department of Social Services. Different usage.
  • Australian Baby Hands
    ‘Using AUSLAN based sign language your baby can tell you what they want when they want it’. Information for parents, products, classes, more.
  • Aussie Deaf Kids
    Covers a wider area than this, but some aspects, especially relating to schooling would be of value.
  • Bilby Publishing
    Annotated links to sign language materials, including an Updated ! Auslan Course at Home and an Auslan Dictionary, that is fee-based.
  • Dictionary of Auslan
    ‘This edition includes full colour images and variation signs from across Australia. It contains notes regarding Auslan grammar and structure, such as Grammatical features, Conventions for numbers and counting, fingerspelling, and a History of Sign Language in Australia’.
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  • Getting Started with Key Word Sign [Auslan Edition]
    All details provided.
  • RIDBC Auslan Tutor
    ‘Portable video-based Australian Sign Language [Auslan] teaching resource developed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch’. Only works with these. All details from the site. Free and Fee-based versions.
  • SignPlanet
    Kids & Carers, Teachers & Trainers, Baby Sign, Classes, about. A huge site. One sample is the Adults Desk where you can take a tour. Extensive material, resources and ideas.
  • New ! The Auslan Shop
    DVDs to books, multimedia to novelty items, courses to games.

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Other Sign Languages

Other Information

  • Updated ! Baby Sign Language
    ‘Baby sign language is a great way to help you communicate with your pre-verbal baby. Baby sign language helps babies that are ready to communicate, but can’t talk bridge the gap to full speech’. Basics, dictionary, flash cards, blog, more.
  • New ! NFB Early Childhood Initiative Program
    ‘Featuring programs designed to provide children and their families support and guidance to master the skills needed to achieve independence for a lifetim’.
  • Updated ! Handspeak
    Use hand signs to talk to each other. More than 3 000 signs.

Other Sign Languages

American Sign Language

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