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Greek [Ελληνικά]

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Greek is a language spoken in Greece and Cyprus. It is recognised as a minority language in several neighbouring European countries and is common in Greek emigrant communities across the world including Australia. Around 10-15 million people speak Greek as their first language. It is an official language of the European union.

[Greek] has a long and well-documented history - the longest of any Indo-European language - spanning 34 centuries. There is an Ancient phase, subdivided into a Mycenaean period [texts in syllabic script attested from the 14th to the 13th century BCE] and Archaic and Classical periods [beginning with the adoption of the alphabet, from the 8th to the 4th century BCE]; a Hellenistic and Roman phase [4th century BCE to 4th century AD]; a Byzantine phase [5th to 15th century AD]; and a Modern phase1.

This page gives access to online courses, Greek/English/Greek dictionaries, grammar, vocabulary activities, tutorials, cultural information, free and fee-based software, other resources and information.


Language Courses


  • Filoglossia, Greek for Beginners
    15 chapters. ‘Each chapter consists of dialogue, basic vocabulary, grammar, useful phrases. Each component is accompanied by a variety of exercises’.
  • FSI Greek Course
    Live Lingua. 3 Books, 76 audio tape lessons, Reviews of the first 35 units.
  • Greek
    BBC. Home page for Greek including Talk Greek, a Beginner’s course, Quick Fix, Greek essential phrases, videos. These pages are available, but archived and no longer updated.
  • GreekPod.101
    ‘Get free audio and video lessons, plus vocabulary building tools with a free lifetime account’.
  • Learn Greek
    ‘105 Real Audio files, online student notes, a collection of collaborative learning tools and an online Greek Dictionary and a Greek Spell Checker’.
  • Learn Greek Online Free
    ‘Find texts, exercises and examples at every level. Practise your Greek language skills, watching videos, reading newspapers and online feeds from carefully selected sources’.
  • Modern Greek
    Nearly 40 lessons, vocabulary lists, grammar, more. Wikibooks.
  • Talk Greek Classroom Activities
    ‘Make the most of the classroom activities which accompany Talk Greek’. BBC.
  • Yes Greek [Learn Greek Online]
    19 language lessons covering all aspects.


  • Learn Greek Online [2]
    ‘Online Greek Lessons, through Skype’. A variety of courses are available. There is also an Ask Greek page on the site where questions about Greek are answered.


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Language Tools





  • FREE Greek by Nemo
    Android, Free; In-app purchases. ‘Designed to start you speaking the most useful words in Greek immediately and confidently’.
  • Greek English Dictionary Free
    Apple , Free; In-app purchases. ‘Over 120 000 words and phrases of the contemporary Greek language, along with example sentences, audio pronunciations’, more.
  • Greek Dictionary +
    Apple, Free; In-app purchases. ‘Dictionary, with English and Greek pronunciation. Includes single player and multi-player vocabulary training games’.
  • Learn Greek
    Apple, Not Free; In-app purchases. ‘Designed this app with help of a linguist to help beginners make their learning more efficient and more effective’.
  • Learn Greek 6 000 Words
    Android, Free; In-app purchases. ‘6 000 words with images to illustrate words, phonetic transcriptions and pronunciation recordings by native speakers’.

Free Software

  • International Sideboard
    ‘This Firefox extension is meant for typing non-Latin characters. It displays list of characters sorted by languages’.
  • Wordbase Greek
    Shareware. Used either as a dictionary or a resource for skill development.

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Language Usage


  • A Greek Grammar for Colleges
    Herbert Weir Smyth. Online version of his text. Perseus Library.
  • An Overview of Greek Grammar
    ‘Learn about verbs, nouns, numbers, other parts of speech, and the phrase structure in Modern and Ancient Greek’.
  • Updated ! Greek Grammar
    ‘Modern Greek Grammar. Namely the use of the Greek word classes such as nouns, adjectives, verbs etc. If you are learning Greek and you have trouble using the different cases in Greek or forming the tenses of the verbs then you are at the right place’. Download sections in PDF format.
  • Greek Grammar Index
    23 sections from Gender to More Adjectives.
  • Greek Language and Linguistics : Grammar
    Multi-section, in-depth presentation. Hellenistic Greek.
  • Updated ! Lexiscope
    ‘Amazing tool for verbs, nouns, or anything that can be declined or conjugated in Modern Greek’.
  • Modern Greek Grammar
    General characteristics, accent, verbs, nouns, adjectives, numerals, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, negation, relative clauses, references, links, more. Wikipedia.


Other Sites

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Other Information

Other Sites

  • AusGreekNet
    Links to Greek language and culture sites around the world, Greek language courses and centres in Australia, more.


  • Updated ! Culture in Greece ‘Information about the main aspects of Greek culture today : language, traditions, religion, food, music, more’.
  • Updated ! Greek Culture and Tradition
    Overview with embedded links to specific topics.
  • Traditions in Greece
    ‘Get to know the Greek customs and local traditions : from Crete to Macedonia, from the Aegean to the Ionian islands, the wealth, diversity and colour of this country’s customs and traditions will astonish you’.
  • Greek Language
    History, distribution, characteristics across its history, writing system, references, links. Wikipedia.
  • Greek Language and Linguistics
    Alphabet, bibliographies, blog, dictionaries, epigraphy, fonts, forum, history, Learn Greek, manuscripts, software, more.
  • Greek Language [Britannica]
    Article entry covering history, syllabaries, Ancient Greek, linguistic characteristics, Modern Greek.
  • Learn Ancient Greek
    ‘Textkit’s entire collection of Ancient Greek textbooks. All books are available for full and free download in PDF format’. Answer Keys, Composition textbooks, Lexicon, Latin Reading Texts, Grammar references, Textbooks. Check the Forum.

Podcasts, Blogs, Videos

    ‘A painless and FREE way to bone up on the language and culture in a relevant, real world way’. Or you can go to iTunes for the lessons.
  • Learning Greek Podcasts
    ‘The Hellenic American Union presents a way to learn Modern Greek, fast and easy, by following the activities in the everyday lives of a group of young people in Greece’. 81 lessons available.
  • Updated ! SBS Podcasts - Greek
    ‘Podcasts of news stories, sports, entertainment’, more.

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