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Hebrew [עברית]

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Hebrew is a Semitic language that is also considered to be a language of the Jewish culture. It is an official language of Israel, used there and by Jewish people living in other parts of the world. It can trace its history back to the 10th century BCE, though it was only revived at the beginning of the 20th century. It is written using a Hebrew alphabet, with writing going from right to left. Both a more formal squared script and an everyday rounded, cursive script are used.

Leshon HaKodesh or The Holy Tongue is the term used by Jewish people to describe their language.

This page gives access to courses, Hebrew/English/Hebrew dictionaries, grammar, vocabulary activities, tutorials, podcasts, current events, cultural information, free and fee-based software, other resources and information.


Language Courses


  • Foreign Services Institute - Hebrew Basic Course
    PDF student text, 60 MP3 audio presentations to go with the 40 units of the course.
    ‘Created for those seeking an easy, fun, interactive and most important free way to learn the Hebrew language. Filled with colourful pictures and audio files. Best for beginners and those who want to expand or improve their vocabulary’.
  • Hebrew 101
    ‘Learn Hebrew Online for Free’. Includes the Foreign Services course, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, writing system, more.
  • Hebrew for Beginners
    ‘If you are looking for a jump-start into the Hebrew language, “Teaching Myself Hebrew” is a series that I have been doing for the past couple of years’.
  • Hebrew Lessons
    A ‘new Audio Course for those who want to be fluent in Hebrew’.



  • The Online Hebrew Tutorial
    Lessons [with separate appendices], exercises [with answers], resources, further information. Now available in PDF format rather than bookmarking.

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Language Tools






  • Hebrew Basic Phrases
    Android, Free. ‘Select an English phrase and view its translation and how to pronounce it in the foreign language’.
  • Hebrew-English v.v Dictionary
    Apple, Free; In-app purchase. ‘Comprehensive bi-lingual dictionary with up-to-date vocabulary, including slang and useful expressions’.
  • Learn Hebrew Ma Kore]
    Apple, Free; In-app purchase. ‘Quickly learn essential vocabulary, phrases, and grammar concepts’.
  • Learn Hebrew Writing
    Android, Not Free;. ‘A Simple ’n Easy, on-the-go learning App for Hebrew Writing’.
  • Nemo Hebrew
    Apple, Free; In-app purchase. ‘The most essential words and phrases of the language, each with native speaker audio. All audio is downloaded to the device ’.

Free Software

  • FoundationStone
    ‘Application, support materials designed to allow the most efficient learning of its Hebrew vocabulary. The Online Hebrew Tutorial [see above] is part of the download’. Not for young children.

Other Sites

  • Akhlah
    ‘The Jewish Children’s Learning Network’. Multiple sections. In the Hebrew for Children section there are Aleph Bet, Children’s Dictionary, Worksheets, Phrases, Vowels, more. Others cover Holidays, Israel, Torah, traditions, more.
  • Hebrew Virtual Keyboard
  • Learn Hebrew Resources
    Resources range from the Alphabet to Hebrew writing. 16 sections included with Tutorials, texts, blogs, games, more.
  • Links to online Hebrew Language Resources
    Omniglot. Multiple sections with links for specific topic areas in each.

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Language Usage



  • Digital Dialects : Hebrew
    Games covering the basic numbers.
  • English Hebrew Dictionary
    ‘For anyone looking to increase their Hebrew vocabulary. Find over 10 000 thematically organised terms in a broad range of topics’.
  • Hebrew Vocabulary Guide
    Audio files for all sections. ‘Intended to encourage active learning and allow users to actually hear and practice speaking the language ’.
  • Learn Hebrew Online [Loecsen]
    ‘Find on this website the method of how to learn vocabulary, useful expressions and good pronunciation to speak Hebrew ’.
  • Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio
    ‘54 topics with 1 200 Hebrew phrases and sentences. Presented as images with nciku [vowels]. English translations and transliterations. Includes 152 Hebrew study sheets for learning offline’.
  • Learn Hebrew Signs
    ‘Modern Hebrew in Everyday Use. A resource to learn Hebrew words in a fun way’.

Other Sites

  • Hebrew
    The Alphabet, lessons on grammar and vocabulary. From Wikibooks.
  • Wikijunior : Languages - Hebrew
    Writing system used, how many people speak the language, where it is spoken, the history of the language, some famous authors or poets using the language, basic words in the language, a song/poem/story to learn in this language, references.

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Other Information


  • Culture of Israel
    History, language, education, literature, visual arts, music, dance, museums, cuisine, references, links, more. Wikipedia.
  • Culture of Israel Quiz
    Short quiz with links to other Culture information.

Other Sites

  • Ancient Hebrew Resource Centre
    Introduction, alphabet, vocabulary, language, culture, learn Hebrew, lessons with audio, video, more.
  • Hebrew at Stanford : Multimedia
    ‘Designed not as an online course but as tools to enrich and support other courses and programs’.
  • Hebrew Language
    History, Hebrew in Judaism, Modern Hebrew, development, Modern Israeli Hebrew, Aramaic, Phonology, Grammar, writings system, references, links. Wikipedia.
  • Hebrew Today
    ‘HebrewToday offers easy-to-read Hebrew newspapers by subscription. Each issue available with audio narration in clear, correct Hebrew pronunciation, as well as Hebrew-English dictionaries and English explanations for each article’.
  • Jim Becker’s Hebrew Page
    Collection of links for Hebrew. Culture, grammar, games, dictionaries, search engines, more.
  • Learn Hebrew Sites
    A fairly lengthy listing of sites for all aspects of the Hebrew language.

Podcasts, Blogs, Videos

  • HebrewPod101
    ‘A painless and free way to bone up on the language and culture in a relevant, real world way ’.
  • Hebrew Podcasts
    ‘Enrich your mind with self-study lessons of contemporary Hebrew. Each lesson has a short Hebrew dialogue that’s explained and further practised’.
  • Learn Hebrew Pod
    Multiple audio lessons at different levels. Worth using.
  • SBS Podcasts : Hebrew
    ‘Podcasts of news stories, sports, entertainment’, more.

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