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Children’s Literature

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Children’s Literature : Body of written works produced to entertain or instruct young people. The genre encompasses a wide range of works, including acknowledged classics of world literature, picture books and easy-to-read stories, and fairy tales, lullabies, fables, folk songs, and other, primarily orally transmitted, materials. It emerged as a distinct and independent form only in the second half of the 18th century and blossomed in the 19th century. In the 20th century, with the attainment of near-universal literacy in most developed nations, the diversity in children’s books came almost to rival that of adult popular literature. 1

Children’s literature covers many forms and types. They include picture books, fiction, classic titles, non-fiction, young children and adolescents, Australian-based, international, more. Many authors write specifically for this area as do illustrators. Some authors combine both roles.

We are more aware of our own national authors but this is becoming less so with globalisation. Children are now being exposed to a larger pool of authors/illustrators and it provides them with the opportunity to experience a broader range of views, attitudes, beliefs and cultures.

This page includes Reading Recommendations [including several non-fiction links], Picture Books, also general literature information including specific stories and literature for specific groups [e.g. adolescents and teens].

The First Page provides links to both Australian and international authors/illustrators of children’s and teen literature and a listing of Australian and international awards specifically for Children’s Literature.

Picture Books

Picture Books

‘Picture books are most often aimed at young children, and while some may have very basic language especially designed to help children develop their reading skills, most are written with vocabulary a child can understand but not necessarily read. Some picture books are also written with older children or even adults in mind’.
Picture Book, Wikipedia.
They can also include “Board Books” and “Pop-up Books”.

Australian Information

  • 15 Australian Picture Books Everyone Should Read
    ‘15 Australian books - and some extra suggestions - that every Australian can enjoy if they want to understand our literature, our country and ourselves’.
  • 2016 Short List
    The Children’s Book Council of Australia. The 2016 Winners are found here.
  • Australian Picture Books
    A ‘blog that helps you get acquainted with books for young children created by Australian authors and illustrators’.
  • Australian Picture Books [2]
    Listing by Australian Online Bookshop. Several hundred are included and available for purchase.
  • Children’s Books - Australian Picture Books
    CJ Dennis to Tim Winton. Listing by bookseller. Provides author, title, brief abstract, price.
  • Picture Books - Reviews
    Several hundred are listed covering a wide range of topics. Also sections for Younger Readers and Young Adult readers.
  • Wombat Stories
    ‘Aimed at educating children on the beautiful wildlife found in their own backyards and provide interactive and practical resources for parents and teachers to make our Wombat Stories a complete learning package as well as a fun and engaging stories for your children’.
  • Worth a Thousand Words : The Top 10 Best Australian Children’s Picture Books
    ‘The best picture books are compact little stories that also feel complete. My selection criteria are also unashamedly subjective. The acid test is my three daughters - if they don’t love the book then all the critical acclaim in the world does not count a jot’.

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Reading Recommendations

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Non-Fiction Books

Teens & Young Adults

  • Web Wombat
    Listed specifically for Junior and Senior Secondary groups. Australia.

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Other Information

Children’s Books

Stories and Books

  • Bedtime Story
    ‘Has selected talented authors and paired them with gifted illustrators, each of whose works have been judged Whimsical, Magical, Adventurous, Humorous, or simply, wonderfully Imaginative. The result is the stuff pleasant dreams are made of’.
  • Between the Lions
    Folktales and fables. Video presentations.
  • Clifford Interactive Storybooks
    ‘Interactive Storybooks ! Phonics fun, games and stories for early readers’.
  • Free Audio Stories For Children
  • On-Line Stories
    Bab Books.
  • Saita Publications
    Publishers of free ebooks which can be read online and/or downloaded to be read offline. Based in Greece.
  • Short Stories
    Want to read something short ? Try one from any of the genres on offer. Suitability indicators included.
  • Storybook Online
    Audio stories, classic tales, interactive stories, stories in progress, original stories, completed stories, more.
  • Storyline Online - Where Reading Is Fun !
    ‘The Screen Actors Guild Foundation records well-known actors reading children’s books and makes graphically dynamic videos so that children around the world can be read to with just the click of a Storyline Online video book image’.
  • Wattpad
    ‘Wattpad is a place to discover and share stories. Wattpad stories are free. Whether you’re online or off, use the devices you already own to carry an entire library wherever you go’.

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