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conference [n.]

1. a formal meeting for discussion or debate. 2. an association in commerce for regulation or exchange of information. 3. a league of sports teams or clubs.
Oxford Dictionaries

Conferences are now being affected by the impact of Coronavirus [COVID-19]. Some conferences appear to be continuing, others postponed and some cancelled. You will see a number of these indicated in the current listings. These are the conferences we know about. At this stage, the only group not apparently affected are those presented online. We will continue to update any changes as we become aware of them.

Conferences re-scheduled within 2020 will have a comment like this included. It indicates the original date, change to venue and other details required.

Update checking of events has been done through to the end of October. However, with continual changes often occurring, there seems little point going further at this time. We regret to say that even with the best will, we can no longer give an absolute degree of accuracy. We will, however, continue to try and be as accurate as possible over the remainder of the year [and beyond].

Conferences have a range of descriptors. These include - conference, congress, forum, institute, round table, seminar, summit, symposium, even webinar and workshop. There are also instances where they combine with other presentations as in a joint Conference & Expo. Many variations are included.

There are multiple educational conferences virtually every day. These cover almost every educational topic and level.

Pages list conferences and related events at regional, state/territory, national and international level. Each listing contains date, title, a brief comment and the venue. They are listed in date order.

Australian conferences/events are given priority but not to the exclusion of relevant conferences, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, but also in other parts of the world.

Information is added as far ahead of actual dates as possible and updated where this is required.

The Past Conference Page lists conferences that have been completed. These are only listed by date and title.
Each monthly listing is only maintained for a period of six months to allow access to papers and reports.

Use individual links below to access specific listings for each month.

December 2020
Date Event

New ! Teaching Matters [University of Tasmania]

‘Teaching Matters is an annual conference to showcase learning and teaching innovation at the University of Tasmania. Teaching Matters provides an excellent opportunity to discuss teaching practice, recognise success in learning and teaching, showcase innovation, and engender enthusiasm for excellence in learning and teaching’.

Venue : Sir Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre, University of Tasmania, Tasmania.


9th Women in Engineering Leadership Summit [Brisbane]

‘Assemble a strong professional network. Discover methods and tools to tackle unconscious bias in a constructive way. Develop your authentic leadership style for better business performance. Leverage your strengths to promote your visibility at work’.

Postponed from 25-28 May 2020. Other details appear the same. Check site for information re streaming (white-edged box near the top of the page).

Venue : Stamford Plaza Brisbane, Brisbane, Queensland.


New ! 14th Academic International Conference on Business, Marketing and Management [AICBMM 2020]

‘The overall objective is to provide a platform and stimulate discussion on various issues affecting business, marketing and management, especially relating to human resources and diversity management, tourism, logistics, supply chain, enterprise, investment, project management and strategic management’.

Venue : University of Cambridge, Newnham College, Cambridge, United Kingdom.


THE Asia Universities Summit 2020

‘The THE Asia Universities Summit 2020 will discover how the spirit of innovation continues today in research, education and collaborations with industry, and how it has been strengthened by scholars and students increasingly crossing national and disciplinary boundaries, as well as building links between industry and academia’.

Postponed from 2-4 June 2020. Pre-Sessions - 30 November 2020. Other details appear the same.

Venue : Fujita Health University, Nagoya, Japan.


New ! ADSA 2020: Acts of Gathering: Goodbye-Hello. Hello-Goodbye

‘ADSA is the peak academic association promoting the study of drama in any performing medium throughout the region’.

Venue : University of NSW, Sydney, NSW.


New ! Curriculum and Documentation Immersion Class

‘This two-day immersion workshop brings together two of Australia’s leading thinkers and facilitators to put the spotlight on curriculum and documentation. Building on our popular curriculum and documentation courses, it provides a unique experience for people wishing to explore more deeply their thinking about these two critical components of quality practice’.

Venue : TBC, Brisbane, Queensland.


International Conference on Educational Policies and Learning Strategies [ICEPLS] 2020

The conference ‘aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Educational Policies and Learning Strategies’.

Venue : TBC, Sydney, NSW.


New ! The ConocoPhillips Science Experience [Adelaide]

‘Flinders University welcomes ConocoPhillips Science Experience students to two and a half days of interactive, fun activities on campus. The program consists of hands-on workshops in our labs, thought-provoking lectures by academic staff as well as a fun activities such as quizzes and competitions. Regional student groups have the opportunity to stay on campus over the three days’.

Venue : Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia.


Design and Technology Teacher’s Association Research Conference [DATTArc]

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour Education Campus, Coffs Harbour, NSW.


New ! International Conference on Mathematics Education [ICME 2020]

‘Bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program. Events will run over a span of time during the conference depending on the number and length of the presentations. With its high quality, it provides an exceptional value for students, academics and industry researcher’.

Venue : TBC, Sydney, NSW.


New ! MAV20 Conference

‘How can we as a community: ignite students’ passion for, and value of, mathematics; engage and support colleagues’ professional growth; and, engage and inform the community as a whole ? Let’s create a 2020 vision to share the positive skills and attributes that mathematics can provide for future generations. At the heart of MAV‘s Annual Conference are teachers. Each year over 1 400 mathematics educators including teachers, academics, policy makers, curriculum experts and resource developers come together to share their collective expertise, experiences and ideas’.

Venue : Virtual in 2020. More information will be posted as soon as it comes available.


9th International Conference on Intercultural Pragmatics and Communication [INPRA 2020]

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Postponed from 12-14 June 2020. Other details appear the same.

Venue : The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus, Brisbane, Queensland.

4 & 18

New ! Needs Analysis and Evaluation

AITD. ‘This online, blended-learning course will help you analyse needs and gaps, and then implementing practical evaluations are the bookends around the instructional design process. Needs Analysis and Evaluation will uncover the stages, tools and techniques used to identify gaps and needs, workshop solutions, and then promote the evaluation skills required to practice a solution’.

Venue : Virtual Presentation.


TEDxCasey [TED]

‘This event type is organised in the city or town in which you live, engages a wide range of local residents, and showcases a diverse array of talks, not limited to one subject. The event is named after the location-based community it serves’.

Postponed from 23 May 2020. Other details appear the same.

Venue : Casey City Council, Narre Warren, Victoria.


ISPIM Connects Osaka Conference

‘ISPIM Connects Osaka will bring together over 250 innovation professionals [from research, industry, consulting and the public sector] from 20+ countries. Connect with top international innovation managers, researchers, and thought leaders, Gain global insights by contributing to local innovation challenges’ and much more.

Venue : KANDAI Me RISE, Umeda Campus, Kansai University,Osaka, Japan.


New ! Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference

‘We heartily invite all the participants interested in sharing their knowledge and research in Recycling and Environmental Sciences. Global meet on Green and Sustainable Chemistry is mainly based on the theme “Green chemistry towards the Development of a Safer and Sustainable Future, free of Corona Virus [COVID-19]”’.

Venue : Webinar.


Using YouTube for Teaching & Learning

‘Join experts from the OLC Institute as we explore an easy-to-use online video delivery platform, YouTube. You will learn how to navigate through the Creator Studio in YouTube as well as organise video content to support your instructional goals in just about any classroom environment. In this collaborative learning environment, you will learn to create a video, determine the best licensing and privacy settings, implement an interactive component to the video and manage closed captioning for accessibility purposes’.

Venue : Asynchronous Workshop.


New ! The ConocoPhillips Science Experience [Adelaide]

‘Discover the diverse and amazing career opportunities in both science and engineering whilst undertaking a wide range of hands-on activities over three fun-filled days. Experience interactive workshops in Animal Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Food Science, Agriculture, Engineering and many more. Come see how much fun STEM can be’.

Venue : University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia.


New ! The ConocoPhillips Science Experience [Perth]

‘Engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work. Students will be able to broaden their experience across fields such as Physics, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics, Forensics, Agricultural Science, Marine Biology, Ecology, Wildlife Biology and Vet’.

Venue : Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia.


New ! What Great Nurse Educators Do ! Conference

‘Attend this popular annual conference and find out about : How to upgrade your assessment of competency; How to resist pushback against new ideas; The legal responsibilities of nurse educators; Getting interprofessional education and training working in your setting; Trends in staff education – results of a recent survey; Planning your future role as a nurse educator’.

Venue : Oaks on Market, Melbourne, Victoria.

Beginning of December 2020

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Date Event
15-16 Jan.

New ! 21st International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

‘We are trying to move away from the either/or of place-based or online conferences. For whichever way you choose to participate, we will offer a blended conference experience. If we are forced to postpone, the online engagement will still go ahead, and your registration will allow you to join the conference in person in a later year’.

Venue : University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ / Online.

19-20 Jan.

New ! Strategy & Innovation Sydney 2020

‘The Forum is simple. . . Our focus is on uniting leading minds, generating unrivalled learning experiences, creating passionate discussion and actual transformation. Two days of keynote presentations, panel sessions and workshops’.

Venue : Doltone House - Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, NSW.

25 Jan - 2 April

New ! Online Teaching Course

‘Intended for educators new to online teaching or those aspiring to improve their skills in this area. The online teaching course will equip participants with the skills and knowledge to become an effective online teacher. The focus of the course is on the theory and practice of online pedagogy, how to facilitate online discussion and collaboration, and support student learning in the online environment’.

Venue : Online.

8-10 Feb.

ALIA Information Online 2021 Conference

‘ALIA Information Online Conference is the biggest event in an information professional’s calendar. The conference program has a multi-sector focus and provides a unique opportunity for organisations to promote and showcase their products and services to a targeted and influential delegate group’.

Venue : International Convention Centre, Sydney, NSW.

13-14 Feb.

New ! Source Kids Disability Expo [Melbourne]

‘Our first Melbourne Expo in 2019 was a huge success with thousands of families and carers taking the opportunity to find and try out products and services for children and young adults with disabilities, listen to talks by advocates and chat with service providers. Want to know what to expect on the day ? Take a look at our highlights video of the 2019 event’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


New ! Autism Conference Series: Achieving Meaningful Inclusion

‘Educators, clinicians, professionals, parents, family members, individuals and anyone who supports a person on the spectrum will benefit from attending this conference. Participants will leave the conference with practical strategies at hand to support individuals in making fulfilling and productive lives the rule rather than the exception’.

Venue : Adelaide Oval, Nth. Adelaide, South Australia.

20-23 Apr.

2021 World Forum on Early Care and Education

Growing a Global Movement for Children : Innovations, Connections, Inspirations. Join early childhood professionals and advocates from around the world who will assemble in Vancouver to engage in work and dialogue to impact the futures of young children and their families’.

Venue : Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

14-15 May

ECA Reconciliation Symposium – .

This event was postponed rather than cancelled in 2020; we are committed to running it on 14-15 May 2021 in Darwin.. The ECA Reconciliation Symposium brings the matter of reconciliation in early childhood into the spotlight and works towards a better future for all Australians’.

Venue : Darwin, Northern Territory.

Beginning of 2021

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