Conferences & Events

conference [n.]

1. an event, sometimes lasting a few days, at which there is a group of talks on a particular subject. 2. a meeting in which especially business matters are discussed formally. 3. a group of sports teams that play each other in organised competitions.
Synonyms include : congress, convention, forum, institute, round-table, seminar, summit, symposium, ...

Cambridge Dictionary

Conferences are still being affected by the impact of Coronavirus [COVID-19]. Many have become virtual conferences [Online, Zoom, Live stream, ... ], others have opted to have a hybrid combination of face-to-face and virtual presentations. Some, unfortunately, do not appear to have finalised a choice. These are the conferences we know about. We will continue to update any changes as we become aware of them. We regret to say, however, there is no absolute assurance of accuracy, though we will continue to be as accurate as possible over future months. You will find the number of changes found in updating links in the last few days has been quite amazing.

We have omitted some conferences to be held early in 2021, as information available indicates a face-to-face format only. These are overseas with no option to travel there at this time. We will, however, maintain a separate listing of these and if there is a possibility of attending either face-to-face or through a change of presentation method, these will be added as we become aware of such changes. We have also removed a number of conferences after reading numerous concerns about their validity..

Please note : We normally update a number of pages on the first day of each month. This is not the case in January. As far as possible we included all known January conferences prior to Christmas and the Conference pages updates again today, 17 January 2021. Normal service will be resumed as from 1 February 2021.

Multiple educational conferences occur virtually every day. These cover almost every educational topic and level.

Pages list conferences and related events at regional, state/territory, national and international level. Each listing contains date, title, a brief comment and the venue. They are listed in date order.

Australian conferences/events are given priority but not to the exclusion of relevant conferences, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, but also in other parts of the world. This is likely to increase with many international conferences moving online, either partially or fully.

Information is added as far ahead of actual dates as possible and updated where this is required. In light of the ongoing situation, it is strongly suggested that you monitor any still indicating face-to-face conferences - some may have undergone change.

The Past Conference Page lists conferences that have been completed. These are only listed by date and title.
Each monthly listing is only maintained for a period of six months to allow access to papers and reports.

Use individual links below to access specific listings for each month.

July 2021
Date Event

The Future of Education

‘The Conference brings together teachers, researchers, practitioners and project managers from all over the world to share findings, expertise and experience about innovative teaching and learning methodologies, through oral presentations, poster sessions, and social events’.

In case participants are not able to attend on-site, online, interactive, attendance/presentation opportunities are available. Participants attending/presenting online will benefit from a discounted fee.

Venue : Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, Florence, Italy / Online.


National Education Summit [Melbourne]

‘National Education Summit Conferences are designed and presented by Australian educators and offer up-to-date, meaningful and innovative content for Australian teachers and schools’. Individual conferences will be listed separately.

Venue : Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Wharf, Victoria.


The Education Show [Melbourne]

‘The Education Show will showcase the latest cutting edge learning and teaching resources along with programs, support services and technology to educators from across Australia. Visitors can also attend the Free Education Program, as well as the Free Spotlight Stage where exhibitors will provide in depth information about their service, program or resource. The Education Show is a key event of the National Education Summit’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Wharf, Victoria.


ICED 2021, International Congress on the Education of the Deaf

‘The Congress theme remains The Power of Connection. We hope you are able to join us for the rescheduled Congress in 2021 either in person or virtually. ICED is the peak international forum for sharing evidence-based practice, research and ideas about education of Deaf/hard of hearing students’.

Venue : Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane, Queensland.


Updated ! SEA National Teachers’ Conference 2021

‘Exploring Being responsive to our times through the conference themes [both listed and detailed on the site. The themes, which thread through the conference, are a pathway for Steiner educators to explore what is most important in their lives and in their work’

If COVID-19 travel restrictions are still in place, we will be running this conference online for registered participants.

Venue : Samford Valley Steiner School, Samford, Queensland.


ANZSC 2021 - Australian and New Zealand Statistical Conference

‘The aim of this conference is to bring together a broad range of researchers and practitioners across a variety of statistical disciplines to facilitate the exchange of theory, methods and applications. With four societies working together there will be strong program components of interest to a wide diversity of academic, government, and industry colleagues’.

Venue : Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Good Coast, Queensland.


MERGA Conference 2021

‘The theme for MERGA43 is Excellence in Mathematics Education : Foundations and Pathways. This theme provides an important platform for participants to consider the critical nature of our research and the ways we can use our findings to influence the field of mathematics education and educational policy throughout Australasia’.

Venue : Virtual Conference.


2021 AATE/ALEA National Conference

Challenge & Change : Contemporary Literacy and English Teaching. ‘Our conference theme asks us to : consider the changing nature of our practices; bring a critical eye to our work; and think creatively about how build a future for literacy and English teaching that creates a better world for our students - a world in which they are active, critical and creatively literate citizens’.

Venue : TBC, Brisbane, Queensland.


2021 ATEA Conference

‘The theme for the conference is Strong Foundations, Future Innovations, allowing reflection on the complex, contested and vital work of teacher education in order to chart a course and prepare for the unknown and unforeseen future. The conference will explore research based on the breadth of teachers and teacher educators across all sectors from early childhood through to higher education’.

Venue : Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland.


Updated ! 28th International Conference on Learning [The Learner Research Network]

Special Focus - Universalism or Particularism : Knowledge and Power in the Process of Decolonisation Revisited. The Learner Research Network is brought together around a common concern for learning in all its sites, formal and informal, and at all levels, from early childhood, to schools, colleges and universities, and adult, community and workplace education’.

We will offer a blended conference experience. You can present both ways, or change your mode of the presentation if your preferences change. The choice to participate virtually could also be a moral decision. If we are forced to postpone, the online engagement will still go ahead, and your registration will allow you to join the conference in person in a later year.

Venue : Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland.


30th National VET Research Conference ‘No Frills’

‘The theme is Past informing the future. How has the VET landscape changed in 30 years ? Let’s celebrate the milestones and achievements. This is a great opportunity for practitioners and researchers alike to share their research and knowledge through presentations, focus sessions and discussion groups’.

Venue : Online ... with some exciting extra ‘frills’ included !



‘HERDSA is a scholarly society for people committed to the advancement of higher education and promotes the development of higher education policy, practice and the study of teaching and learning. This year we have decided to focus more broadly on what the name of the Society does – Research and Development in Higher Education. The conference then becomes inclusive of the many aspects of higher education and the diversity of people and interests that make up our community’.

Venue : Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland.


Montessori 3-6 Workshop [Montessori Australia]

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Zoom presentation [from Victoria].


ICBMG [International Conference on Business, Management and Governance] 2021

‘The conference aims to provide a forum for researchers, scientists, engineers, and scholar students from both industry and the academia to share their newest research findings and results. The conference topics include : Accounting Advertising, Management Business & Economics, Business Ethics, Business Intelligence, Business Information Systems, Business Law, Business Performance, Management Business Statistics, Chain Management Communications’, and more.

Venue : The University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia.


Annual Conference of the International Association of School Librarianship/International Forum on Research on School Librarianship

‘Main Goals of the Conference : to learn about current school library practice and research; to discuss the mission, vision, and role of the school librarian in a digital society; to explore and discuss ideas for transforming school library programs; to learn about school library programs in Texas and the region; to create global connections for future collaboration’.

Venue : Virtual Conference.


Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Biannual Conference 2021

‘The 2021 AWGSA conference will bring together activists, academics, students, community leaders, artists, researchers and policymakers to think through the idea of ‘unknowing’ in a multitude of ways, drawing on one or both of the two key frames outlined’.

Venue : Flinders University City Campus, Adelaide, South Australia.


Brisbane Tertiary Studies Expo and Queensland Work and Skills Expo

‘TSXPO is a fantastic opportunity to find all of the information you need to kick start or redirect your career and find information all under the one roof ! TSXPO is suitable for a range of visitors including – High school students and their parents, Mature age and post graduate students, Career seekers of ALL ages, and Employers looking for staff training’.

Venue : Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane, Queensland.


Sunshine Coast Daily Careers Expo

‘A must for anyone interested in starting, changing or upgrading their career including – high school students and their parents, mature age and post graduate students, career seekers of ALL ages, employers looking for staff training and others’.

Venue : Venue 114, Bokarina, Queensland.


2021 Joint APPA & NZPF Trans-Tasman Conference

‘The conference theme Leading Today For Tomorrow : Creative…Courageous... Connected encapsulates the joys, challenges and demands of contemporary leadership. The keynote speakers and workshop presenters will inspire and challenge our thinking and bring us fresh ideas about leadership. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to mix with 1 200+ primary school leaders from our two countries as well as some other international guests’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


EI Collaborative [National Education Summit]

‘Emotional Intelligence affects how we manage behaviour, navigate social complexities and make personal decisions to achieve positive results. Workshop 1 is best suited to emerging leaders and teachers. Workshop 2 is best suited to school leaders’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


Innovation for the STEM Classroom [National Education Summit]

‘The continual advances in technology are changing the way students learn, connect and interact every day. Skills developed by students through STEM provide them with the foundation to succeed at school and beyond. Join Australian teachers and learn the latest innovations in STEM and how to implement these into your classroom practice’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


Schools and Students of the Future Conference [National Education Summit]

‘A one day conference to provoke thinking around the future of school, students and education. This event is designed to rapidly and powerfully network leaders as well as equip them with latest research, trends and some of FSA’s most useful tools in reframing the role of school to serve the needs of students now and into the future. Aimed at school leaders such as Principals, Deputies and Directors of learning and innovation’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


World Gifted Symposium [National Education Summit]

‘At the National Education Summit Melbourne we present the following two dynamic sessions, we encourage you to attend both. For all educators seeking to or who have identified gifted students in their classroom or school. The World Gifted Symposium workshops are free thanks to the generous support of the VAGTC’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


National Education Summit [National Education Summit]

Incorporates a range of conferences listed [on one, or both, these dates], as well as an Education Expo and more.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


Additional Needs Symposium [National Education Summit]

‘Making classrooms inclusive, covering positive behaviour, inclusive classrooms, the spectrum and anxiety. Academics, Experts and Health Professionals will share their knowledge and provide practical strategies for educators to implement in the classroom at this two day Symposium. It will bring educators together with the common goal of working towards making classrooms inclusive for all students’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


Berry Street Model Conference [National Education Summit]

‘The Berry Street Education Model provides teachers with evidence-based strategies for working with struggling students. This one-day workshop will leave teachers feeling empowered and inspired to teach the de-escalation and self-regulation skill that our students so desperately need. Teachers will learn strategies for struggling students that they can use in their classrooms the next day’. Attend on your choice of either day.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


Free Seminars [National Education Summit]

‘Build your knowledge with 2 days of interactive Free Seminars delivered by experts in teaching and learning. Attend as many of the free seminars as you like and collect valuable PD hours as you go. Register to Visit the Free Expo and choose the Seminars you would like at attend. Get in early as places are limited’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


ISTE Certification for Educators [National Education Summit]

‘The ISTE Certification for Educators is a rigorous professional certification aimed at ambitious educators and coaches who are ready to step up to the challenge of taking their professional practice around the use of education technology to the next level. Find out more about the Melbourne event. Cost includes two day face-to-face workshop with lunch, five weeks online instruction and portfolio review’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


Wellbeing for Future Focused Schools [National Education Summit]

‘This Conference will cover the importance of wellbeing for both academic and social development together with areas of concern and strategies teachers can be equipped with to ensure positive outcomes for their students’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


Updated ! ABAA Conference 2021

23 July : Pre-Conference Workshops; 24-25 July : Annual Conference.Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : World Square Rydges Hotel, Sydney, NSW.


Designing Learning Conference [National Education Summit]

‘A one day conference to introduce teachers and school leaders to a process of design, focused on designing powerful learning experiences. Aimed at classroom practitioners including teachers, pre-service teachers, casual teachers and leaders such as directors of learning and innovation’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


Libraries New Millennium [National Education Summit]

‘This conference is best suited to innovative classroom teachers, teacher librarians and those on the executive looking to build capacity at a school level or within the individual classroom. As Supporting Association and Co-Host the School Library Association of Victoria [SLAV] offers dynamic, inspiring opportunities for teacher-librarians, librarians and library team members to build their essential role in engaging and developing lifelong learners’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


2021 Learning & Development Leadership Summit [Melbourne]

‘Victoria Learning and Development Leaders Summit will gather senior L&D; OD leaders across industry sectors. The program is designed to generate high level peer-to-peer conversations. Keynote speakers, guest panellists and specialists will share their journeys, innovative approaches, latest thinking, business cases and success stories’.

Venue : TBC, Melbourne, Victoria.


National Education Summit Virtual 2021

‘The 2021 National Education Summit Virtual incorporates four conference streams plus the Education Show Virtual Exhibition. We have gathered together Australia’s best and brightest educators and have invited international teachers to share their ideas and knowledge with you’.

Venue : Virtual Summit.

Beginning of July 2021

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August 2021
Date Event

Updated ! International Symposium for Innovation in Rural Education [ISFIRE] 2021

Educating for cultural sustainability : innovation for the future. The Pre-symposium Emerging Rural Scholars Summit will beheld on the 2nd August 2021’. Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Now a Virtual Symposium.


Montessori Music Workshop [Montessori Australia]

‘Montessori Workshop for Educators exploring the Montessori Music Curriculum’.

Venue : Zoom Presentation.


Updated ! International Kodály Symposium 2021 [Kodály Australia]

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Now an Online version using Zoom. Previously to be held in Katowice, Poland.


Updated ! AHRI National Convention and Exhibition 2021

Reinventing future workforces. ‘This four-day event will empower you to change work, shape culture and lead ethically to create sustainable workplaces for the future. From a dedicated public sector conference to motivating and inspiring keynote sessions, vibrant networking events to hands-on Masterclasses, Convention will be filled to the brim with quality content and learning for you to take back to your business or organisation’.

Now a Hybrid event. Choose your experience; An immersive, face-to-face networking and learning event, or follow the action, join online group sessions and visit the virtual exhibition.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria.


2021 SASPA Annual Conference

‘This year’s conference is planned as Part 1 of a 3 Part conference series – a trilogy – designed to help us to problematize the issues of equity and inclusion as they relate to our interests in an excellent education for all. Whilst the 2022 and 2023 conferences will be geared more to sharing professional practices that balance the equity and excellence agendas in education, our 2021 conference is intended to provide opportunities for us to explore current thinking’.

Venue : The National Wine Centre of Australia, Barossa Valley, South Australia.


2021 Anglican Schools Australia Conference

‘The theme of the 2021 conference is Intersection. Anglican schools, grounded in faith, recognise the dynamic relationships of faith and learning in a broad, vibrant education. The 2021 conference will explore what it means for Anglican schools to be at the intersection of faith and learning. The Conference Program will be launched in early 2021’.

Venue : Crown Promenade, Melbourne, Victoria.


HGSA 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting

‘The theme From Promise to Precision : Beyond a 2020 Vision will emphasise recent developments in genetics and genomics, encompassing improved diagnostic precision coupled with the realistic promise of targeted therapies, and preparing the genetic healthcare workforce to meet these challenges. The program will cover various aspects of human genetics and genomics’.

Venue : Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, South Australia.


ACER Research Conference 2021

Excellent progress for every student : what will it take : Research Conference 2021 will provide insights into reforms to curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and professional learning that better support teachers’ efforts to meet individual learning needs and so ensure every student makes excellent progress.’.

Venue : International Convention Centre, Sydney, NSW.


AILA 2021 Congress

The dynamics of language, communication and culture in a changing world’. Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : A [partly or mostly] face-to-face event or a fully virtual event [to be finalised].


The National Nursing Forum 2021 [Australian College of Nursing]

‘The Australian College of Nursing’s signature annual leadership and educational event bringing together nurses, students and other health professionals from around the country and across the globe. The theme for the NNF is Champions of Change which will be explored in the keynote plenary sessions and throughout the program’.

Venue : National Convention Centre, Canberra, ACT.


2021 Excellence in Early Childhood Education & Care Conference

‘With two Keynote Presentations and three streams of breakout sessions on each day, the program is designed to cater for the needs and interests of everyone involved in early childhood education and care. We are also thrilled to unveil several exciting initiatives in 2021 which we hope you will agree will add to your enjoyment and learning from the event’.

Venue : TBC, Victoria.


2021 Bowen Basin Symposium

‘This is the premier event run by geoscientists, for geoscientists and associated personnel, who study, explore, evaluate and mine the occurrence of coal throughout the Bowen and other basins in Queensland’.

Venue : Mackay, Queensland.


New ! WorldSkills Australia National Championships & Skills Show 2021

‘Over three action-packed days, you’ll have access to an exciting array of interactive events, workshops and activities. Witness over 50 exhilarating skills and trade competitions, get immersed in cutting edge VR and tech at the new STEMhub, or Try’a Skill out for yourself at one of our demo areas’.

Postponed from 29 April - 1 May 2021.

Venue : Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Perth, Western Australia.


SNAICC National Conference 2021

‘We look forward to again gathering with our delegates and speakers from around the country to discuss our challenges and share our knowledge and experiences in raising happy, healthy and confident children in our communities. A must attend conference for anyone working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and family services’.

Venue : Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Broadbeach, Queensland.


Tertiary ITC Conference 2021

‘We welcome and encourage your input to the conference program ! Is there someone or something you recommend or would like to see ? Let us know. Please note we are still working to confirm workshops for Monday 30 August 2021 so please also keep that date free’.

Venue : University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Beginning of August 2021

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September 2021
Date Event


‘The 2021 AGOSCI Conference will provide an inclusive forum for the sharing of stories and evidence-based practice with a focus on beginning communicators. We will create a space for open collaboration between AAC communicators, families, exhibitors, educators and allied health professionals’.

Venue : Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Tasmania.


Movement - Brain ● Body ● Cognition

‘Our previous conferences have brought together researchers, clinicians and therapists from the fields of education, medicine, sports and rehabilitation sciences, as well as from occupational, physical therapy and psychology. This site will give you all the needed information for your registration, and for abstract submission, if you wish to present your work and research’.

Venue : La Sorbonne, Paris, France.


Educate Plus 2021 Adelaide

‘With over 80 experts and thought leaders from Australasia and beyond, imaginations will be sparked with relevant topics, discussions and workshops. Adelaide 2021 will IGNITE ideas, passion and energy; highlighting new techniques, technology and approaches, preconceptions will be challenged and new thought processes will be inspired. Join us to find out more. Pre-Conference Monday MasterClasses and Workshops will be held 6 September 2021’.

Venue : Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, South Australia.


GPTEC 2021

‘GPTEC 2021 will encourage thought and discussion around seizing the opportunities that will be brought about by the changes on the horizon for general practice training and education. The conference will bring the best aspects of both colleges to the fore, so the RTO network can look to the horizon for clarity as we continue to develop a sustainable general practice workforce’.

Venue : Darwin Convention Centre, Darwin, Northern Territory.


Updated ! 2021 AASE National Conference

‘The theme for the 2021 AASE National Conference is Looking Through the Kaleidoscope. The Conference streams will cover the key areas of Collaborative Practice, Classroom Practice, Research and Practice, Wellbeing and Practice and Innovation and Practice. The Conference will provide an opportunity for educators, academics, professional support staff, families, community members and key stakeholders to come together to collaborate, share knowledge, network and learn together’.

Venue : Hilton Hotel Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia.


New ! ECA Reconciliation Symposium

This event was postponed rather than cancelled in 2020; we are committed to running it on 14-15 May 2021 in Darwin.. The ECA Reconciliation Symposium brings the matter of reconciliation in early childhood into the spotlight and works towards a better future for all Australians’.

A second postponement, this time from 14-15 May 2021, at the same venue.

Venue : Darwin, Northern Territory.


2021 APACS National Conference

Initial information only. More details to come soon.

Venue : Brisbane, Queensland.


Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference [AEGC] 2021

‘Under the conference theme of Geoscience for a Sustainable World, the AEGC will attract a large number of international and national delegates and organisations from across the spectrum of Australasian geosciences representing industry, government and academia. We expect to be able to include dedicated streams for Australian basins, resourcing a sustainable energy challenge, data, innovation and technology, high-quality resources for future generations, and developing the future workforce’.

Venue : Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland.


ALLA 2021 Conference

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : QT Hotel, Canberra, ACT.


ASBA 2021

Innovate, Motivate, Integrate. ‘The ASBA2021 National Conference Committee is confident that ASBA2021 will provide vibrant networking opportunities for delegates, exhibitors and sponsors. It is also a wonderful opportunity for delegates to see current trends and view products and services from a range of businesses supporting the education sector’.

Venue : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Wharf, Melbourne, Victoria.


Updated ! 2021 HEIA National Conference

‘We would like to maintain the current [2020] schedule of presentations, site visits, tours, etc. and hope that all invited speakers and venues will be available to participate in the 2021 conference. We sincerely hope that the postponement will provide certainty for your forward planning and that we can all work together and come together to participate in and celebrate our professional learning at the 2021 conference’.

Venue : Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland.


Updated ! AAEE Biennial Conference 2021

‘This intergenerational, inclusive and inspiring event ensures delegates will be immersed in the latest thinking and exposed to the best information and resources. With sustainability professionals and educators from all sectors, including education, government, NGOs and community groups, ours is an audience that values authentic ideas and ways of working. Conference Theme : Mandjoogoordap : Changing Tides’.

Venue : Mandurah, Western Australia.


ACTA International Conference

‘The ACTA International Conference is a biennial event that encourages discussion and application between international TESOL learners and educators’. Pre-conference Workshop on 27 September 2021.

Venue : Hilton Brisbane, Brisbane, Queensland.


Australasian Road Safety Conference 2021

‘The conference attracts a wide range of delegates from a range of portfolios, industries and backgrounds. This includes senior advisors, policy makers, researchers, practitioners, law enforcement officers, senior managers, community leaders, and students’.

Venue : Melbourne, Victoria.


ACEL National Conference 2021

‘We look forward to presenting a highly engaging ‘in person’ conference in 2021, in line with ACEL’s reputation in delivering high quality professional learning events and conferences’.

Venue : The Pullman Albert Park. Albert Park, Melbourne, Victoria.


aes21 International Evaluation Conference

‘Evaluation has the power to be a lens that transforms the way we see the world. As evaluators, as people, we wear many lenses that shape what we see and how we focus our vision. Our lenses can help us to reflect on the wisdom of our elders; to refract our knowledge and learning in ways that enable us to embrace diversity in our communities; as well as to refocus on the future and create shared visions that resonate. Join us in 2021 as we come together to build clarity and insight, and to share our visions for the future of evaluation’. Conference Workshops - 27 and 28 September 2021.

Venue : Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland.


ASME XX111 National Conference 2021

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Hobart Tasmania.


OEA’s 2021 National Outdoor Education Conference [NOEC]

‘The 3 day conference will also have an optional activity day on Saturday 2nd October. With the theme of Expanding Horizons : Looking up and out and a major emphasis on outdoor experiential learning, it promises to be a cracking event’.

Venue : Fairmont Resort, Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW.

Beginning of September 2021

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October 2021
Date Event

Gold Coast 2021 [Australian International Education Conference]

‘AIEC will offer a bespoke program built to meet the needs of the international education industry, designed from invited and submitted proposals. Program sessions will cater to all sectors, will cover a broad range of topics and are suitable to industry veterans as well as newcomers to the industry. Attendees at the sessions will gain important and relevant knowledge, and discovered best practices, industry insights, innovative approaches and trends’.

Venue : Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Broadbeach, Queensland.


Times Higher Education Teaching Excellence Summit 2021

Building knowledge, transforming skills. ‘The Teaching Excellence Summit covers two full days of interviews, debates and discussions, and networking events including a gala dinner, drinks reception, lunches and social events. In order to raise higher education teaching standards in China and beyond, this summit will explore the latest innovative methods and best teaching practices from around the globe’.

Venue : Nankai University, Tianjin, China.


Updated ! 2021 Oral History Australia Conference

‘The conference theme is Oral History in Troubling Times : Challenges and Opportunities. Our conference theme invites you to reflect on the challenges and issues of undertaking oral history in troubling times, and to consider how oral history can illuminate the lived experience of troubling times both in the past and in our contemporary world’.

While we plan to meet in solidarity and optimism, if that proves impossible we will run the conference online.

Venue : Launceston, Tasmania.


Little People Big Dreams

‘This Conference will provide participants with a range of national and local presentations that will highlight innovation, the latest research and best practice, and opportunities to interact with colleagues from across the NT. This conference is designed for teachers, educators, parents, policy makers and sector leaders with themes relating to the full range of children’s learning and development from birth to 12’.

Venue : DoubleTree by Hilton Esplanade Darwin, Darwin City, Northern Territory.


Women In Leadership Summit 2021

‘WILS 20212 is an educationally-focused event that helps you along your leadership path. Featuring inspiring keynotes, career-focused case studies, cutting panel discussions and interactive workshops, your leadership journey starts and continues with us. We’ll inspire you to become an authentic leader, equip you with the skills and strategies to add maximum value to your organisation and show you how to cultivate meaningful change for future generations’.

Venue : Livestream Event.


Updated ! 13th International Congress on Plant Molecular Biology [IPMB2021]

‘This Congress will bring together over a thousand plant biologists from around the world who are making the latest discoveries on how genes, proteins, metabolism and physiology influence plant growth’.

This will now be held in Cairns from 23-27 October 2022.

Venue : Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns, Queensland.


APAC 2021, Asia Pacific Autism Conference

‘More information to come shortly, watch this space ! In the meantime, fill in the expression of interest form to be kept up to date with information on APAC 2021’.

Venue : Perth, Western Australia.


FDCA 2021 National Conference

‘Known as Australia’s premier family day care conference, the FDCA National Conference has a proud history of bringing together stakeholders from the family day care and early childhood education and care sector to connect and discuss key issues that are impacting the sector’.

Venue : Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Tasmania.

Beginning of October 2021

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November 2021
Date Event

Updated ! World Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Education [WIPCE] 2021

‘WIPCE brings together Indigenous representatives from across the globe to share strategies and developments for Indigenous education and attracts experts, practitioners, scholars, students and communities. As a result, WIPCE is the largest and most diverse Indigenous education forum in the world’.

Venue : Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, South Australia.


NSJLE – National Symposium on Japanese Language Education

‘The theme of the National Symposium on Japanese Language Education 2020 is Be Inspired Be Inspiring. We have convened presenters lead by our keynote speakers to inspire educators to become leaders in their field or context to ensure that students and the wider school community connect with and highly value Japanese language and become aware of the pathways available for those with Japanese language skills as well as providing innovative, stimulating and relevant classes’.

Venue : State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria.


SIGMA Biennial Nursing Convention

‘Featuring outstanding plenary speakers, networking opportunities, over 800 oral and poster presentations. Join more than 2 000 Sigma members and global leaders in nursing’.

Venue : Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.


Australian Evidence Based Practice Librarians’ Institute 2021

Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Waurn Ponds Estate, Geelong, Victoria.


Updated ! AARE Conference 2021

‘We will be working with SIG convenors to prepare a program of events supported by AARE during 2020 and 2021, which will highlight world-class research and support collaboration and capacity building. We will update you with further information as it becomes available’.

Venue : Now a Hybrid event - Online and in Melbourne, Victoria.


ANZAM Conference 2021

‘On behalf of ANZAM and your host, Edith Cowan University, we invite you to join us in Perth to spark a renaissance of bold new management scholarship that can begin to restructure our relationship to life, to the planet, and to our work’.

Venue : Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth, Western Australia.

Beginning of November 2021

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December 2021
Date Event

2021 ANZSSA Conference

Postponed from 2020. Initial information only. Monitor regularly for further updates.

Venue : Perth, Western Australia.

Beginning of December 2021

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Date Event
7-9 March

Principals’ Conference [Queensland]

‘The event enables extensive networking between principals, regional directors, education stakeholders and conference partners and typically features keynote and guest speakers ranging from academics to media personalities and includes plenary sessions and group discussions, as well as a networking function for delegates’.

Venue : TBC, Queensland.

25-27 March

Updated ! ASDG Interim Scientific Meeting 2022

‘With the theme of HomeGrown : Our Scientists take the stage the meeting will showcase current experts and emerging leaders of diagnostic genomics in Australasia’.

Venue : Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney, NSW.

17-22 July

ISME – 35th World Conference

‘It will be held in and around the riverside Southbank precinct, and many of the sessions will be in the world leading Brisbane Convention Centre’.

Venue : Brisbane, Queensland.

Beginning of December 2021

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