The following is not a complete listing of every world, or Australian, special day or event, only those felt likely to be of value to schools. Some major religion-specific dates are found here, but a more complete listing can be found through the Multifaith Calendar page.

Calendar events are given in date [then alphabetical] order listings for each month.

Where the date is not known at this time, we have used the code “TBC” [To Be Confirmed]. The actual date will be added as soon as it is known.

The date/events given for the months already completed this year, provide 2023 dates, where these are known.

“Year of …  ” Information

The following is a list of “Years” allotted to 2022. They include international nominations as well as others such as the “Chinese Year of …”. Every effort has been made to include all major nominations.

The first group are Officially Nominated Years [International, e.g. United Nations, Chinese Calendar, … ]; the second “United Nations Decades of” ; while the third are those declared by a range of other bodies. A group of “Future Years of …” has also been added.

“Year of …  ”

“Decade of …  ”

“Other Years of …  ”

“Future Years of …  ”

Listed in the same groupings and order as above. Others will be added as we become aware of them.

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January 2024
Date Event
1 New Years Day
1 Public Domain Day
4 World Braille Day
TBC National Mathematics Summer School [ANU-AAMT]
8/1-2/2 AMSI Summer School [ANU]
TBC National Youth Science Forum - Week 1 [Digital]
TBC Aboriginal Cultural Showcase
15 Wikipedia Day
21 World Religion Day
TBC National Youth Science Forum - Week 2 [In person]
18-19 Updated !Student Free Days : Qld
22 Students begin Term 1 : Qld
TBC National Youth Science Forum - Week 2 [Online]
24 International Day of Education
26 Australia Day
26 Teachers begin Term 1 : NSW [Development Day today and on 29 Jan. as well.]
26 Yabun : Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures [NSW]
27 Holocaust Memorial Day
TBC Teachers begin Term 1 : Vic
28 Data Protection Day
28 World Leprosy Day [Can be held on nearest Sunday if it does not fall on one]
29 Teachers begin Term 1 : ACT [Development Day today]
TBC Catholic Schools Week NSW
30 New Students begin Term 1 : ACT [Continuing students on 31 January]
30 Premier’s Be Active Challenge starts - SA
30 Premier’s Reading Challenge starts - SA
29 Teachers begin Term 1 : NT
29 Term 1 begins : New Zealand [Can start between 29 Jan. and 7 Feb.]
30 Premier’s Reading Challenge starts - SA
30 Students begin Term 1 : NT
30 Updated !Students begin Term 1 : Vic
30 Term 1 begins : SA
31 Updated !Continuing Students begin Term 1 : ACT
TBC Remote Teachers begin Term 1 : NT
31 Students begin Term 1 : NSW [TBC]
31 Students begin Term 1 : WA
31 Teachers begin Term 1 : WA

Beginning of January

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Beginning of February

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March 2023
Date Event
1 First Day of Autumn
1 New !2023 HSC written examination elective surveys open
TBC Updated !Premier’s Reading Challenge starts - VIC
1-7 Updated !Hearing Awareness Week
1-31 Australian Women’s History Month
1-31 Bandaged Bear Appeal
1-31 National Epilepsy Awareness Month
3 Girls’ Day - Japan [Hina-matsuri]
3 School’s Clean Up Day
3 World Day of Prayer
3 World Wildlife Day
4-12 Updated !National Seaweek
5 Clean Up Australia Day
5-11 World Glaucoma Week
6 Labour Day : WA
6 Purim [Judaism] [Sunset, 6 March – nightfall, 7 March]
8 International Women’s Day
8 Updated !World Maths Day
9 Updated !Australian Reading Hour
9 World Kidney Day
11-21 Cultural Diversity Week [Vic]
13 Adelaide Cup Holiday
13 Canberra Day
13 Commonwealth Day
13 Eight Hour Day : Tas
13 Labour Day : Vic
13-17 Catholic Education Week [Vic]
13-19 Brain Awareness Week
13-20 Coeliac Awareness Week
14 International Pi Day
15 Ides of March
15 Silver is Gold Seniors Expo - COTA ACT [This replaces Seniors Week]
15-27 NAPLAN Online Test Window 2023
16 National Close the Gap Day
17 National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence [Bullying noWay !]
17 St Patrick’s Day
19 Updated !Sustainable House Day
20 World Storytelling Day
20-26 Harmony Week
21 Autumn Equinox
21 Eliminating Racial Discrimination Day
21 Harmony Day
21 International Day of Forests
21 International Day of Nowruz
21 World Down Syndrome Day
21 World Home Economics Day
21 World Poetry Day
22 World Water Day
23 Beginning of Ramadan
23 World Meteorological Day
24 Earth Hour Schools Day
24 National Ride2School Day
24 World TB Day
25 Earth Hour
26 Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness
27 World Theatre Day
End of Term 1 WAKAKIRRI Dance Challenge [Registrations close]
End of Term 1 WAKAKIRRI Primary Challenge [Registrations close]
End of Term 1 WAKAKIRRI Secondary School Challenge [Registrations close]
31 Term 1 Ends : Qld

Beginning of March

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